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Gym Jam

I was asked often on how I maintain my weight. Sans the big rear, I did seem fit.

“What‘s the secret? Tell us!” a 20 year old colleague pestered.

“Well…”I replied trying to think of how to put the fact in a nut shell without bursting her innocent bubble on the good life. “ I work out ….a lot”

“WOW!  So Gym Jam…eh?”

“Excuse me? Gym Jam?!” I was puzzled by the expression.

“Yah!  You Gym a lot and then eat jam, I mean like no need for extreme food control …”

I smiled.

“What sort of a work out do you have? Am sure it is perfect! …Yoga? Jogging? Any specific exercise? Cardio?”

“ Eh…jogging…half and hour daily…” if you could consider playing peek a boo with two kids, tons of laundry to sort/wash/iron,  the marathon after the school bus every morning and the usual run for everyone’s everything at the last minute as a jogging routine.

“Cool  …what else?”

“Flexible exercises…”  Considering bending, picking up, stretching and crawling for toys scattered all over the house; 15 times a day, as a flexibility exercise. The usual scenario would be cleaning up from one room to another only to find that the kids had decided to go to a clean room to start all over again. Yipee! More Flexing exercise!

“What about cardio? It’s good for the heart”

“My cardio involves walking, climbing and running” Twice a week, Anjali misses her bus! We have a mad dash, running down and up the stairs for things forgotten and then brisk walking to the nearest taxi stand. Yes, its cardio for sure.

“I hate exercises…”

“Me too!”

“Do you do any muscle toning exercises?”

“Twice a week.”  Try pushing a well equipped baby pram uphill and trying to not break into a run down hill after loading it with the grocery shopping! I usually look like a tomato at the end of this so called muscle exercise and often find myself standing under a blistering hot shower to stop those toned muscles from rebelling.

“Do you do any diet control? Banana diet, detox, watch your calorie?! ”

“Actually, I eat small portions of everything. This way I don’t feel hungry.” Left over Tiffin, dinner, anything that can’t be thrown at the end of the day coz I have a guilt attack and most of all any sort of snacks that I can get my hands on at 4’O clock with tea (Oily or non oily). Small portions all through the day!

“You are so good in doing diet control and exercises; I can’t ever get myself to a gym! You have two kids and manage to loose weight and look so fit! “

“Well…eh… motherhood means a lifetime of gym jam!” If only she knew that I didn’t choose the subscription, it chose me…for a lifetime!

“True, you have to get back to shape after pregnancy.”

“Yes.” She should never know that the Gym Jam I had was nowhere connected to the getting in shape aspect! It had more to do with Super Mum compulsion, something every mum suffers from. Perfect dress, ironed clothes, food on time, clean house, etc, etc, etc!

“I envy your life style, time to do everything!” she said with a sigh.

“ Yeh!…envy is surely the right word” I said as I went back to work thinking if only I had her time to not do  any GYM JAM!!!

0 16 March, 2011 Anney's Musings March 16, 2011

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Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.

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  1. Desert Rose

    🙂 Hey you missed weight lifting ….. lifting your one year old when she cries and then your 4 year old when she gets jealous and then both of them togetherr to keep the house peacefull… ROFL…Good one once again Anns

  2. Vidya Sury, freelance writer, blogger

    Anney!! Hugggs

    But I wonder why you left out deep breathing – I did that all the time when I counted to 10, sometimes 20 or 30 to control myself when my little man systematically squashed a bunch of grapes one by one all over the house….or decided to spray oil on all the frames in the puja room…. well, I’d better stop – hate to dig my own grave 😛

  3. Ambi

    (A decidedly feminine audience here… well, what the heck. May be some info to my wifey when she… well, walks the plank.)

    Nice post!

  4. mani

    😀 Envy? OMG! Envy? ha ha ha. Please ask her to come to my home for some togetherness of Gym Jam! I would love it! 😀 Great one Anney! You do exercise our smiling muscles now n often again, at least Anney. thanks

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