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God – Is the concept a fiction?

God… this is a unique concept. I mean there can be no other topic probably which would bring so many people to a common consent and force them to fold hands in Namaste.

But, With the little science knowledge that I have, my brain refuses to believe the fact that this whole system -universe as we call it, is creation of some person called God because such an act is beyond any laws that have been mentioned in physics. Ok so here comes science-doesn’t-know-it-all argument. I can’t counter that possibly. Fine, agreed on that.

So let’s assume once upon a fictitious time, there was a person called God who had unearthed laws of physics which no one since has managed to discover and decided that he wants to create something which will have animals, plants, water, air, sky, human beings, birds, rivers and other godly stuff.  Let us just assume bhai. This guy had the imagination to visualize it all when none of this existed (I know this sounds super cool and I also know I sound super nerd calling this cool). But even then he won’t have created it. He simply would have chosen not to create it. Because let’s face it- it’s too much of a pain in the ass to create something this complicated- so what if you are even competent and sufficiently jobless to do that. But again let’s assume he did it. So how’d have he done it… it’d be fun to imagine.

I suppose God suspended a few balls of some weird substances in null in a concentric circles around one big ball and was having fun playing with the arrangement (analogous to Small boys playing with GI Joe, making them do weird stuff and enjoying their imagination). But after some time, just as the case is with boys that they get bored with one GI Joe and start finding a girl friend for one, he got bored with this game and thought to himself let’s do something cool man and set the ball in center on fire!! “That was wicked” he must have thought to himself. But again as is bound to happen, he got bored with this too. Then he started kicking each of the balls out of sheer boredom and they started revolving around the fire ball in center. As he was kicking it around, God got bored. He thought what the hell… all the balls are rotating in same plane its boring so he kicked the outmost ball in some different trajectory. And this is how the solar system was created.

But when I think of it seriously, I find God no more than a concept. A concept which us humans, confused because we developed that extra Grey matter which other creatures couldn’t, went on to invent. There are a lot of things even now which science has not discovered or is in the process to discover. I like to believe when the ancient man couldn’t find an explanation to anything or couldn’t help or control something (like rains or floods or draught say) he just credited it to God’s account. Because the thought that there are a few things on which he doesn’t have control on was overwhelming for him. He felt insecure. So he created a proxy account by the name of God which was credited with everything Good and Bad.

Good- probably because he was too modest to admit that he did it all by himself (say profit in business) or simply so that he can have someone to blame in bad times.

Bad- Because he didn’t want to feel insecure that anything could happen by chance.

A lot of things were attributed to god- earthquakes, lightening, Fire, Rainfall, good crop and even kids. But as society progressed and evolved it discovered the actual reasons behind this. Similarly even now there are things which we attribute to god and later we’ll discover how silly we were like now feel when we think once earth was supposed to be flat.

For everything else there is entropy which is ever increasing by its nature. When randomness has this ever increasing tendency, anything can happen. Why do we need a God?

But then again I am not an atheist. Because I find it hard to reject a something that everyone around me believes in, with the wave of my hand.

I go to temples or pray sometimes only because my father asks me to.

But I find it hard to believe in this concept because it is the same person, my father taught me science. He taught me to reason and to ask questions (I might as well add that he never taught me to question the superiority of almighty, just in case he reads this. But, dude, I’m just extrapolating your theory of questioning, to the specific case of God).

Maybe Agnostic is the term coined for me typically. But then as I see what am I writing about? God? Something I’m not even sure what’s my opinion on?

Maybe I should get back to doing what I do the best- Getting on streets of Lucknow and admiring what ‘God’ has created 😛

PS: If you are into spirituality, comments are welcome to ‘guide’ me but don’t talk grey! Let the conversation remain black and white. I hate it when those dreamy spiritual guys make it vague and say stuff like “God is that water which will quench your thirst of peace which you have been unable to find within”. I could kick u in the groin dammit!!

PPS: @mani ji- this thing was actually drafted as a comment on your article:P

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Pranjal is a mechanical engineer by profession from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.

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  1. Suresh Rao

    When we started to learn in school, we were not so much ‘educated’ enough to understand calculus,physics or any other advanced subject. Similarly the so called ignorant child became knowledgeable by learning. Even with the advanced worldly knowledge people can never understand the concept of God, because they have specialized knowledge only related to that subject.Which means an economist can never talk on molecular physics if he hasn’t studied that subject.Even our parents or grandparents, friends or relatives have little or no idea about God so what can we learn from them? Only those knowers of that subject can throw light on that subject. They can comment on it too. To understand God we must study the subject first just the way we studied for engineering. Since I am not educated in engineering I cannot comment or answer on that but having experienced God I can talk on that.We all require a teacher to educate us on that topic and books too, hence I teach through scriptures and give you practicals(experiences) too! That is to firm up the knowledge of God! Writing a few words can never give you much understanding so study the subject under an able teacher and then you can say whether there is a God or not! BTW some religions are based on atheistic leanings also and that does not mean they are wrong or right. It is their own take on that subject, just like your beliefs. You are correct in your own way. They too are right from their own point of view. To each his own. The ones who are not keen on any topic should not bother about them and let the ones who care about it do. I am only writing this in response to Lakshmi Rajan’s wish that I pen a few lines on it! I hope I was able to answer you,Pranjal.Have a nice day!

    1. Pranjal

      Sureshji Thanks- It’s an honor to have your comments on my article.
      Let us talk God. As I have said explicitly, that I am undecided on my views on whether or not god exists- because I have got some reasons to believe in Him and more reasons not to.
      I am being a little crude in putting using my words and am hoping sincerely you’ll pardon me if I come across as arrogant.
      You say that God does exists- one can experience god if trained by some God specialist. Isn’t it? Also that you can help me experience God. I’ll definitely try that sometime. But first, please tell me what kind of experience we are talking about here? I mean will I see God, Listen to God or speak to god or touch God or smell God- when I experience God? By what senses will I experience God? Please don’t say that I will just feel him to be around me when I close my eyes because that doesn’t qualify as an experience. The experience should be substantiated by some sense.
      Also one of these two things has to be true- either he exists or he doesn’t. Now if you say God does exist it means that religions based on Atheistic leanings ARE wrong. If I say God exists and I have experienced God and then say someone who has Atheistic leanings is also right and to each his own- then it sort of becomes paradoxical, doesn’t it? I mean if God exists Atheists are wrong and if it doesn’t believers are wrong. One of them always has to be wrong.
      Please sir, don’t take me otherwise I’m just a person standing on zero on the number line and trying to find whether the right way is to go towards +1 or -1.

  2. S.R.Ayyangar

    Suresh Rao has said it all. Just as you believe in Science , others believe in GOD too apart from Science.The question of God’s existence can be debated for ages and still each one can interpret in his or her own way.What is important is belief. You believe in your ability,you win similarly when you believe in GOD in any form (Not necessarily in a human or idol form), you derive a kind of strength and solace.

    1. Pranjal

      Thank you sir, I know. I know that it is immaterial to know whether or not God exists. Everyone has his sources of strength and inspiration just like i too have mine. Sometimes I do get too curious 😛

    1. Pranjal

      ae lo… maine college me yahi cheez baaton me kehne ki jab bhi koshish ki, log mere peeche haath dho kar pad gaye. So i thought let us write it.

  3. divaaa

    i might not have much worldly knowledge but i can say that,to me God is as real as the air i breathe…not cos of my knowledge in the field but because of my experiences…i believe that the shortest distance between problems and solution is getting down on my knees and asking God for help…u might say it can be pure coincidence that my problems were solved but theres a limit to coincidences too right?? i have witnessed the healing of my relative when she prayed for it.and to your possible doubts that it could be cos of the medicines,she wasnt on any of it.
    i believe that faith in God can move moutains…… 🙂

    1. Pranjal

      I find it hard to believe in God because I have never witnessed such miracles. And that is precisely why that i don’t believe in miracles too. If ever I see such miracle, I go down on my knees and say “Sorry God, I didn’t have absolute faith in you as my friend has”

  4. akhil

    I think God was created to bring fear in hearts of Human …..Even if its fiction ..I think God should be there to make human feel there is something beyond their power…and the fear of God helps him to be in the path of good work…God also brings a self belief ..that there is someone to help you when you are alone..

    1. Pranjal

      on same track we are my friend- it is good that the concept of God exists, though it may be fiction.

  5. Rishi Nandan Sahay

    The whole concept of whether God exists or not was best described by Swami Vivekanand in one of his books… I fortunately read this book long ago some 6-7 yrs back… One line I still remember… It goes something like this…. “Our ancestors where very foresighted, when they were inventing religion and concept of worship, they knew that this whole thing is very pure and can be destroyed by someone very easily, so like when a new tree is planted, we cover its surroundings from wire so as to prevent the animals from grazing it and water it from outside… As the time passed by, that plant(the religion & concept of God) dried up and we are watering the fence(the myths and the hatred between each other’s religion and all those you can compare)”……

    1. Pranjal

      That’s true Rishi… Maybe we are more concerned with the paraphernalia associated with it than the religion itself. Vaise hamko bhaiyya Vivekananda ji ki bhaari bhaari batein kam hi samajh me aati hain aur tumko 7 saal pahile padhi hui itti bhaari cheej abhi tak yad hai- gajab be.

      @everyone- Guys RNS is my friend from college. This man is an artist- he used to act, write scripts and also direct plays in college. You know, Nautankibaaj sorts 🙂

  6. Shrinidhi Hande

    I think a superpower of some sort exists which can be called god, but there’s no point praying (which is like bribing) true god wouldn’t expect people to build temples, do poojas, offer prayers etc. He’ll do his work irrespective of what people pray

      1. Ambi

        Well, he does give it a …., to say like you did. But its quite unnecessary to discuss it when the actual question for you is whether he is real or not.

        Hmmm… and in one sense, there is no work for him to do… is there?

        But I agree with Shrinidhi here. He does not get moved lightly… and surely not to the absurd bribes that so many people ‘try’ to give.

        1. Pranjal

          there’s no work for him to do? Dude, if he is God, he can just say- everyone be happy and so everyone will be.
          Yeah if he does that, then he will become jobless, but today he certainly has too much to do

          1. Ambi

            Are you imagining that he is sitting at a call center kinda setting with a zillion connections, running to each call?

            Sorry, but that ain’t ‘God’ness.

            Why do most think that God means he is just a supplier of requests alone? Why does it always connect to being happy, having enough in life…? It doesn’t make sense.

  7. Ambi

    I am stuck at an airport hotel at 1:30AM, with nothing to do for 3 hrs before I need to get out for my flight…

    Pranjal, I am going to use your own post for some different perspective and asking for some clarifications… ok? Let’s talk about this.

    Any reasonable definition of God includes that the fundamental laws of physics (or anything in existence for that matter) were also set by God. ‘We’ beings with grey matter (WTH is that??) are just discovering a part of the zillion interactions between those laws in the guise of ‘modern science’.

    Now, if you think the laws and God are/were separate, I would have to ask you to provide some solid reasoning as to how you think the laws came to exist in the first place. We will worry about ‘why’ the laws exist later on. If your answer is going to be ‘oh, they all came about by chance’, I will tell you right away… THAT ‘belief’ takes a bigger leap of ‘faith’, in fact it is ‘super blind faith’ especially when there is absolutely no reliable, sane probabilistic model that can actually explain any thing we see as reality!

    Existence of practice of attributing natural disasters to the wrath of God and their subsequent attribution to ‘natural’ causes does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that God is fiction. Wrong premise, logically.

    Just to think about something… how do you know (or believe) that there is a concept called entropy or that such a thing is ever increasing? Think about it.

    I look forward to an engaging discussion on this… but my travel plans would mean that responses may not be ‘instantaneous’.

    1. Pranjal

      Hmmm… So here are arguing that the laws of physics were created by God?
      The uncertainty on how did the laws of Physics came into existence is the precise reason that stops me from being an atheist. But the problem is that this again is not conclusive right?
      Mere existence of the laws of physics doesn’t justify they were created by God. For believing that laws of physics were created by god, I need evidence. Till then, I’m Undecided and I am not sure whether God is a concept or supreme power that created the laws of physics.
      Entropy is there and it is ever increasing because it is the scientifically plausible physical interpretation of result achieved by mathematical calculations based on the same Laws of physics whose origin here we doubt.
      I referred to entropy because it is the thermodynamic variable for randomness of a system and I feel a lot of things just happen by chance or by virtue of ‘randomness’.

      1. Ambi

        My argument is that existence of reality as we know it is not an effect of random sequence of events.

        You do not need to believe that laws were created by God. You just need to begin questioning as to how they came about.

        Entropy is there? How do you believe that? The whole point is how do you come to believe in concepts of science? How do you believe in science at all in the first place? That was my question in the last post.

        My point is, you bring in subtly the idea of faith… I can probably put out a list of ‘scientific’ ideas which we ‘people’ believe in without asking for any evidence. Question is whether we should apply the ‘need evidence’ condition only for things that we would like to apply to.

        1. Pranjal

          Either I don’t have sufficient intellect to comprehend where u are getting with that or you didn’t get my point.
          The Entropy is there i know because there is conclusive mathematical evidence to show for it. But having said that, yes, today we have many laws which may have large assumptions are involved. The most of the modern physics is in fact based only on physical interpretations of the results achieved from calculations.

          But the thing is we cannot be sure that God is there. There is no evidence for that. But because there are so many things which we don’t understand, I can’t negate conclusively that he might be there. And hence I turn agnostic.

          1. Ambi

            Oh I got your point alright… my point was how do you believe the ‘math’ in the first place? How do you know what you are being shown is the truth.

            Well, at least you are being honest. Keep searching… so long as one fine day you don’t decide that ‘you’ are God.

  8. Anney

    Pranjal, my boy…you have done it…time for some logic lessons…
    The air you breath gives you life..
    The life you have is a breath
    The breath within you is from the creator (not amoeba! or the next world neighbour!)
    If the air is real …so is God.
    You can feel it but you can’t see it.
    It has the power of life and death in the same instant…
    Just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean you can’t feel him.
    Conclusion: If the air is real….so is God!

    Are you taking a deep breath right now?…good! coz u will need it to try to refute this logic! 😛 🙂

    1. Pranjal

      ahhh… Nah. I didn’t understand. I only understand that when I breathe, Oxygen goes in blood and oxidizes the the glucose to release energy in form of ATP which the body uses to run its systems. Done.

  9. Neha


    This is a wonderful post; the title itself is quite magnetic for all including theist, atheist and agnostic individuals. Well, since childhood, I have been swinging between theist and atheist like a pendulum 😉
    Finally I am stuck at being an agnostic and would like to end my reply with a question which I recently posted on my facebook page:
    Did GOD create us or did we create GOD?

    1. Pranjal

      ha ha… Thanks.
      Arre yar look- after this much head racking, i have understood one thing- Ande se murgi aayi ho ya murgi se anda. Kya farq padta hai? khaane me dono ko mazaa ata hai 😛

    2. Pranjal

      Ha ha.. thank u. I owe the title to Rajan 🙂
      But after all this head racking, i have understood one thing- Ande se Murgi aayi ho ya murgi se anda, kya farq padta hai. Khane me dono hi tasty hain 😛

  10. prasanna raghavan

    Dear pranjal

    Yes the debate on god may not end.

    ”A lot of things were attributed to god- earthquakes, lightening, Fire, Rainfall, good crop and even kids. But as society progressed and evolved it discovered the actual reasons behind this. Similarly even now there are things which we attribute to god and later we’ll discover how silly we were like now feel when we think once earth was supposed to be flat.”.

    Here there is an assumption, I believe, that at the initial times people were superstitious and as time went by they became more and more intelligent because they made new discoveries.

    But the reality in my understanding is the opposite. Look at us, the influence of religions and godmen on us are only increasing now when we are more scientific than ever before. The number of temples newly made across the country bear testimony to this. The number of people attributing their wellbeing to god are increasing. And this god is not a concept- it is the creator god.

    But in the ancient societies in India, I think, God was a concept, for example, the god in the rig-veda is not a creator god. The idea of a creator god was brought over to India after many years.

    In my understanding, god is our own mental creation, first of all it is constructed in our mind by our parents. Indian parents in particular, do not train their children to develop some logical thinking.(sorry to say this, I am also an Indian parent)

    But as they grow, the conflicts rage in, which is natural. But they should have the freedom to choose it all themselves. I mean they cannot say, this is because my father or my mother said it. If they can they will understand it

    This is how I think.

    1. Pranjal

      your and my view are very similar Prasannaji 🙂

      except that i don’t believe people are getting more religious. I treat temples as the infrastructure needs to cater to peoples religious needs. Now as the population is increasing rapidly and the religious values are definitely not decreasing at the same rate, this infrastructure has to be developed in order to cater to peoples religious needs. Hence the increase in the number of temples

  11. Nethra

    We always deny something that we aren’t sure about and here, you are denying God because you haven’t seen him or heard him. Might be there’s no one called God or might be there is, so let’s just leave it to time to unleash the truth instead of denying something that might actually exist. To me, God is “Hope”. We got theories about evolution and stuffs like that but there’s no explanation for why we cry when are hurt; I’m not talking about physical hurt. And no one can either explain why we struggle to live and don’t accept death in name of science. Crying and struggling to live were just two things out of list of things that I believe science can never answer.

    1. Pranjal

      well maybe science would answer that too… who knows.
      but as far as God is concerned- I agree. we could go on like this but we would nevr know.

  12. tys

    the question is not if god exist or not…the question is , is it relevant? what difference does it make to you ( iam not talking abt the world etc, just u) if god existed or not…will it suddenly make u jump out of the bed and murder and rape people? well, people are doing exactly that even in his name…so what is this chappie’s relevance? Is he out there actually answering prayers? I dont think so. What is this guys purpose? Of course we are not to know the divine purpose…then why shud we be bothered to wonder upon its existence or not?

    see where iam going with this? god is irrelevant…its a man made concept to make an attempt in understanding what life was about…

    1. Ambi

      Tys… just one question to you.

      Can we extend your argument to everything else in life? How is anything relevant at all in the first place then?

      Where people are trying to find a purpose for their existence, you stand seems to be there is no inherent purpose at all and does not need one to be reality. Am I right?

      1. tys

        where is the argument? I sometimes think that most philosphies that centers around life is almost like verbal masturbation…its all basically take is very simple, without any of the preconditoned, hand me down nonsenses; the perception or our reasoning or even our thoughts are coloured by our senses and a whole lot of our experiences etc that makes us, theres no exceptions to that…so to believe or even the requirment for us to believe in something that has no foundation in the life we lead, is kinda silly.

        why is there a need to have relevance ? Why should life have any purpose? Wwhy should your life have a meaning? What makes you think that your life is any special than the life of a , lets say, an ant? Or a bacterium that you washed off your body when you took a bath?…whats the meaning of their lives?…

        All iam saying is that we attach an importance to our life that when we look around, it doesnt seem to deserve…its just life…it is there so live it…if you must try to find a meaning to it, go ahead…but you will end up faking it becoz anything you find out there will be something that you will embrace becoz it works for you and your idea of you…you seek validation not any truth..

        there may not be any truth…will that knowledge crush you? I dont think so…I think it will liberate you..

        yes. there is no inherent purpose to life and thats the beauty or the ugliness of it…depends upon how you want to look at it..

        1. Ambi

          “there may not be any truth…will that knowledge crush you? I dont think so…I think it will liberate you..”

          Verbal masturbation… nice term. Almost like… the purpose of life is to understand there is no purpose to life.

          In any case, if there is no purpose or relevance, what does a little liberation matter?

          Interestingly, vedic philosophy states that the knowledge of the ‘truth’ will liberate you. Almost ironical.

          Gosh… my brain needed this massage. It’s been soooo long.

          1. Pranjal

            I did NOT understand the line- “The knowledge of truth will liberate you.”
            Oh Gawd. what is the truth that is supposed to be known and what is the liberation that will hence result?

  13. umesh derebail

    Some guide gave me the expansion of GOD G for generator, O for operator and D for Destroyer. The trinty of Hindu Gods. Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva. Now the original form of Hindu worship was not any form, it was nature. So let us assume that nature is controlled by a single force, and that is what i consider GOD… may look scientific to a certain extent, but the logical conclusion can be derieved.

  14. Raghu V N

    A very interesting , thought provoking post! I agree everything you said about god and I’m also self assumed agnostic! God is undefinable! Sometimes, I feel that there is no god in this world and in some other, I used to wonder how could this wonderful piece of ‘engineering’ just happen without a super power! I believe in one thing, no one can ever deny the possibility of god’s existence at the same time, no one has ever proved his existence as well.

    I’m agnostic because of a simple reason! “Our inability to prove god’s existence doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist!”

  15. Radhachandran

    Pranjal, i want you to read my article “Understanding the concept of God”.I’m sure you will get a vague picture of the link between science & spirituality.It is easy to question, but has anybody who puts this question made any effort to find the answer if God exists or not.
    People keep talking & arguing about God, but they never ever make any effort.They believe God with all doubts about him.

    What the gurus say is, “instead of searching god find the source of the self & there is the answer”.We search God outside in the wrong direction.

    For sure, God in different forms & images is a concept created by man to make it easy for the people to worship him.If one goes beyond all these forms & find out the truth then there is no need of any form.

    1. Pranjal

      Radhaji Namskar.
      I was hoping you’d comment. By the way, which “understanding the concept of god” are we talking about… there are so many of them 😛
      By the way i did read the first chapter.
      And gawd, I didn’t Understand a thing.
      I’m sorry if I come across disrespectful, i don’t mean to but i think the following might be the only way to say my mind:
      In the first article, you have given a new defintion of Gravitation in that article and that new definition is utterly incorrect. We have mathematical and Physical proof for the Newton’s law of Gravity and I believe that law is sufficient to explain everything related to gravity.
      And about guru- i read your piece on why do we need a guru and didn’t understand even that. Why do we need a guru? what does he tell us anyway? does he tell us our purpose of life? My purpose of life is to have a successfully running company of my own. Do i need a guru to tell me that?

      and that god is withing urself again? i mean where is he. please show me. i never knew i was this godly!

      1. Ambi

        Uh-hmm… Running a company of your own is what ‘you’ ‘aspire’ for… whether it is the underlying purpose for your existence is something we can debate on… but no point now.

        (see, you needed a Guru, yeah, me, to tell you that. Lol!)

  16. Radhachandran

    True, anyone with the basic knowledge of physics will not accept my guru’s definition about gravity. Many inventions made by the scientists have been disproved, in course of time when they get more clarity on their research they do.In the same way my guru’s definition also will come true when they find out what exactly is space.

    I’ve also explained in one of the chapters or to some one’s comment..i don’t remember, that scientists always talk about how matter acts on space not vice versa.

    To the other questions of yours i have answered to your comments in my article ‘Why do we need a guru?

    Doesn’t your existence & the existence of this universe a proof, that there must be some power or intelligence to create this beautiful human being & the world around?Just give a deep thinking for yourself what is it that does so many wonderful things within you.Ramana Maharishi(hope you have heard of him)He is an enlightened guru from Thiruvannamalai.Now he is no more.

    If such a question is put to him, the answer he gives,” find the source of what makes you think or find out who am I?’If one is willing to do that, one can find out. That’s all i can say.
    One should have a deep interest & longingness to seek God or to go beyond into another dimension.I hope you don’t say that you don’t understand my comments.):

    1. Pranjal

      Radhaji namskar and sorry for late reply. As always i’ll be straight forward here and directly hit the point:
      I did understand that- so you say that your guru’s definition of Gravity and all is actually more modern and updated than the conventional one right? and what are the basis of his findings? did he publish a paper in some advanced physics journal or that definition of Gravity just happened to pop in his mind one fine day?

      No, I havent heard of Ramana maharishi because frankly, in my family i have always been taught that people claiming to be Maharishis are All frauds!!

      I will not say interest but i do have a deep sense of curiosity to seek god but certainly not longingness- because i only get thoughts of what is God when I am absolutely jobless, otherwise “how to build that company” keeps haunting me!!

  17. Radhachandran

    Dear Pranjal namaskar & blessings.Sorry, even my reply,is late.Only 2day i saw yours.

    Of course there are fake gurus too, but one must be lucky(according to one’s past karmas)to get a true guru, to walk on the spiritual path.

    He did explain his theory at a scientists meet & it’s always the same, they want proof .I’m sure that in recent years whatever was said by him will become true.There is no douct about it.You can have a better view watching my guru’s “Vethathiri model of universe” in you tube.In that too it’s not explained space as gravity.My guru has said it is due to the constant pressure of the space beyond the universe & within it which acts as gravity in places according to the combination of the 5 elememts.

    When the energy particles were formed out of this space which acts as a repulsive force & there is the attraction of this space to hold the particles & magnetism is formed through out this universe.

    Give a little thought about what i ‘ve said.

    the link from the you tube

  18. preetika singh

    got dint unearthed any laws he invented them and we dint invented god rather we discovered him in our hearts ,in our thoughts, in our conscience which told us to do always do right things and avoid all the bad ones. we have an explanation for all the natural calamities as well as man made destruction. Man himself is responsible for all this. Almighty loves all of us and knows to punish when we cross our limits.
    the account you are talking about is not a proxy one every one really has an account credited with all his good and bad deeds.We are responsible for anything good or bad that happens to us.when we believed that the earth is flat we dint had the concept of god and when this holy divine came into our lives we started stepping towards civilization. he taught us to wear clothes eat greens and not other beings he taught us the discipline in life and studies came out of this discipline . he taught us to think something else other than killing lives and satisfying our silly stomach and that generated the science, literature, art ,music ,sports, love and every other beautiful thing in which we are involved in today,and that silly science told u that your earth is round.
    may be you are not that lucky to feel the sacred almighty, to join yourself to him and to feel him inside you because you have closed your eyes to him. try to listen the sound, which u said is pain in your…… with deep concentration and submit yourself to the holy divine, you will see him inside you. i dunno why m tellin you all this inspite of knowin that u will laugh at this.
    But for me i have experienced God, i have seen miracles happen and i know god watches your motives.

    1. Pranjal

      ok Preetika, So we are very well versed with your views now. how did you form these views, again?

      1. preetika

        u knw one thing i think u r pregnant with something that’s why u get such strange tastes about life.

          1. preetika singh

            hello Mr. sri
            well u dont take it otherwise.I read it in a philosophical story once, that every one is pregnant with something at some stage of their lyf.just got remembered of tht.

            takin abt me,yup i have a good experience and let me tell you i am pregnant with curiosity thats why this kind of questions raised in my mind since i was a small child.As a science student i was not much interested in the physics but wn someone taught me that the energy is never created nor destroyed its just converted form one form to another i asked him then from wr this one form came from? well am not askin you dont worry.
            In these twenty one years i have experimented with so many things along with the question of existence of god that know if have an immovable faith on him.

            will suggest you to do the same.

            preetika singh.

  19. jassi

    huhg i am happy with god even if it is a fiction. lemme be away frm this horribly debatable issue. but i will like to add up here that if one can be so courageous to write such thing about god , he must have a good amount of self confidence in him.

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