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Women Power of GingerChai

8 March 2011 is being celebrated as the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. The official theme of International Women’s Day 2011 is “Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women“.

According to UN Women , “Across all areas of life, whether in political bodies or corporate boardrooms, women have a limited say in the decisions that affect them.”

According to the latest survey by The International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) , Rwandan and Indian men showed the most inequitable attitudes. A really shameful finding especially considering the fact we are the civilization who also conceptualized ardhanarishvara.



But the story is different in GingerChai.  Women enjoy equal access here and have their major say.

  • Including our regular authors and guest writers, GingerChai has so far seen 43 writers brewing their thoughts.
  • Out of the 43 writers, the gender ratio is: 24 female and 19 male.  Making the Shakti power the leading voice of our platform.

Last 18 months has seen big process in GingerChai , we have added many new categories, sections.  Most of the new segments are courtesy the thinking cap of our women chaiwalas.

  • Our spiritual section was initiated by Radha Chandran
  • Mani Padma took the lead and initiated the JITC (Jewel in the Crown) , Survivors, We the people categories.
  • Usha Amudan brought a new dimension to our platform with her Indie Rhythms series.
  • Vidya Sury passionately talks about healthy living in our Health section that was kick started by her.
  • Gayatri  opened up the toon space in our platform.
  • Anney Thomas made our platform lively with her musings.

So let’s raise a toast to celebrate the Women power of GingerChai who make our platform vibrant and meaningful.

So here are our amazing GingerChai’s Angels.

Divya Sharma: “Behind every successful blogger, there is a woman” I would say it would be my butter half who is rock solid behind me to see through my dreams.  I might not be successful yet but when I do, now you know who is behind that. To sip her articles, click HERE

Mani Padma: A multi-author website typically needs two to tango and to strategize, dream, co-ordinate, visualize, share the bouquets and brickbats. Mani does it wonderfully as the co-editor and makes GingerChai a perfect place to sip thoughts. To sip her articles, click HERE

Usha Amudan: The young doctor who surprised us with her Indi Rhythms series. To sip her articles, click HERE

Vidya Sury: Vidya, is the secret behind the healthy state of byte of our GingerChai brew crew, her healthy concoctions (read: health posts) makes the perfect cup of GingerChai for body and soul of our readers. True to her name Vidya , she is depository of knowledge of various domains and also with the God bestowed gift of passing on the knowledge through her writing skills. To sip her articles, click HERE

Anney Thomas: I never realized that my friend whom I knew for many years had this hidden talent for writing ever since she enthralled us with her lively, humor rich musings. To sip her articles, click HERE

Gayatri: When people thought GC was all about words, enter Gayatri with her pencil sketches that had a very personalized feeling.  With that she gave us new ideas that you would see unveil in the coming days.  If you thought she can just do caricatures, she would surprise us with stories, visual recipes. To sip her articles, click HERE

RadhaChandran: The pioneer of the spiritual section in GingerChai. She opened up the horizons of GingerChai with her series. To sip her articles, click HERE

Then we have Divaa, Alka Gurha, Desert Rose, Ritu lalit, Devilz Angel, Ruchira Shukla, Rama Jois,, Tikuli, Shilpa Garg, Swathi Pradeep, Upasana, Deepti Singh, PriyankaAlways happy, Dr.Pratiba Singh who also enriched our site with their thought bytes.

Let’s raise a toast to all our wonderful women.

Not to mention our wonderful women readers, who patronize our site regularly. A big cheer to all of them.

Let’s celebrate the women power. Let’s make gender equality in true sense a reality in our society.

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He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.

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  1. Pranjal

    Cheers to the Women… who make our lives as wonderful as they are.

    By the way, There are quite a lot Women On GC. It is this skewed sex Ratio, that makes GC this wonderful, I assume 😛

  2. Nona

    aiyeee aiyee….after done with all the womanly duties including kicking my son’s arse to prepare him for his last day of exam tom…here I am toasting for all the women out there, myself and the greatest of all my mom…with ginger beer instead – sweet yet hot!!!!!

  3. Anney

    Awwwww…. here’s to the men who supported us through turbulent times and the women who held firm during all times! 🙂

  4. Rama Jois

    I must be living in a cave!! Sorry for being this late but thanks anyway for that honourable mention 🙂 Yes, me too all for GC girl power!

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