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Some really easy ways to bust stress

I missed being here on Tuesday because I had loads of stuff to do. Really needed to cool off a bit – and that gave me the idea for this post. There are plenty of ways to de-stress. While most are very readable, they can be tough to follow. So I thought I’d write about some fun and practical ways to feel less stressed. They worked for me and I am sure you’ll find them useful.


Yes, and it doesn’t matter even if you have two left feet like me. Just bust a move, turn up that music really loud and shake a leg – dance. An average person who weighs about 65 kgs can burn around 180 calories from forty minutes of energetic dancing.


You can actually escape from stress by watching TV. My guilty pleasure is those shows that make me laugh. There’s research to prove that laughing brings down stress hormones, reduces blood pressure, improves your immune system. Just don’t do too much of the TV thing.

Positive thinking

I like to call it thought exchange. When your plate is overfull – rather than think “Oh, there’s too much on my plate” try thinking “Wow, that’s a feast!”. By being optimistic, you can reduce stress. Those who practice positive thinking enjoy additional health benefits that include a lower risk of coronary heart disease, better resistance to colds and flu and improved breathing. You also tend to cope better with life and yes, you live longer.


You can fight stress by running three or four times a week. Do it with friends or family. The average person can burn close to 270 calories from a 30-minute jog.

Cuddle up with your sweetie

That’s a cool prescription to relieve stress. Enjoy some quality time with someone you enjoy being with. Light some candles, enjoy a long bath, chill out. Let go of your stress.

Go dark

Dark chocolate, I meant. It’s a lovely treat, tastes great and has antioxidants that help. But, remember to exercise control since it also brings on the fat and calories and we don’t want to start worrying about that!


Whether you enjoy gymming or working out on your own, exercise is a great stress reliever. The endorphins you release in the process are great for you and also help fight depression.

Play with your pet

Play with your pets or your neighbors’. It seems that petting a dog can lower your blood pressure.


Stretching with Pilates or Yoga can reduce stress, improve your balance and muscle tone, build your core strength and flexibility and build the immune system.


We’re back at relaxing – go out to your favorite restaurant for a meal. Take a nap or stretch out by the pool. Read a book.

Enjoy a drink and a movie

A glass of red wine + a funny movie can really take your mind off your stress. Red wine, according to studies, has antioxidants, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It is also said to lower your risk for heart disease when you drink in moderation.


Meditation or yoga classes can calm you in a big way. If you enjoy chanting, go ahead and do it. I like “Om” in a long-drawn-out way. Learned it at my son’s school. Meditation has long term benefits on mental, emotional and physical health. Moreover, you can do it anywhere.


If you can afford it, go to a spa and get a massage. Massage is a great way to de-stress, get rid of anxiety and pain, help yourself heal and strengthen the immune system. (Let me know if you want to know how to enjoy the spa-like stuff at home).

Do add your own tips in the comments section!

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  1. chetan

    you are right, i f eel when you don’t know that they can release stress,
    in that case it takes some time to overcome one’s stress, i feel that it is only to kick out that thought which creats stress in the mind, and these are some of the easiest ways to change the mood

  2. Anney

    Hey Doc, thanks for the tip. I can see that a majority of what you have written on has actually helped me to CALM down!

  3. Pranjal

    easiest way of ’em all… pick up a fight. Better if exchange blows- nothing quite like a street brawl!!

  4. Nona

    I de’stress’ by cleaning/scrubbing/reorganizing the kitchen. Which seems to happen very frequently of late. I just need a new job!! Sigh!!!

  5. mani

    wowie. I think gingis arereally connected to each other by telepathy. Another coincidence- Vidya I have just recently started gymming! 🙂

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