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Winter Carnival 2011

I love the winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Its beautiful and it’s just the right length beginning in October and ending in May. My kind of place and my kind of weather! Also, it is a time for the Winter Carnival!!!!

This is an annual celebration that takes place every winter in Houghton, Michigan. It is a time to celebrate the large amounts of snowfall Michigan’s Upper Peninsula receives each winter. Winter Carnival is characterized by snow statues, outdoor games, and many student activities. [directly quoted from Wikipedia].

Activities range from ice hockey, broomball, snow volleyball, tug of wars in the snow and perhaps the most ubiquitous portion — the brilliant snow statues, some of which are so intricate that they make my head spin! I am sure they will your heads spin too, this year’s theme was “Thousands of pages unfold in the winter’s bitter cold”

Planning for the statues starts in November while actual construction starts in January. Some of these statues are as large as 20-30 feet and cover a significant area!

I don’t want the words to take the attention away from the excellent winter carnival statues, so enjoy the pictures!

Bring the mouse to the bottom portion of the slide-show for the details on the picture as well as the control keys for slide-show

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