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Why Complicate life? When you can KISS

The voice that emanated from the being in white (or was it just bright light) was neither friendly nor hostile. It seemed neutral as it spoke out.

“Ah! Sorry for the slight inconvenience of the process called “death” but I hope the journey up till now wasn’t that bad?

The souls alive and alight waited for his next words.

” Well from here you have to enter the portal to the next void- the ultimate destination. But before that I have to ensure that you are free from the worries and attachment of the life that you have left behind… So come forward and speak up. If it can be dealt here, then you will be let through, if not then you will have to wait until you are ready for it. ”

One spoke from amongst the crowd. It was a mother.

“I…I am worried about my children. I can’t seem to forget them”

The voice sighed.”That is sad. With such a huge worry on yourself, you will never be able to enter the portal. I am afraid you have to wait”

A second soul came forward.

“I have no such issues my Lord.”It was a holy soul.

“But you do have a question, don’t you?”The LORD countered.

“Oh my Lord! My quest has always been about you, of seeking you, seeking knowledge- the divine truth, the secret of the universe.”

“Ah my friend. I am flattered that you seek me, that you seek knowledge, but that is a big quest to let go easily. Unfortunately, you have to wait for some more time for your quest to be fulfilled and the truth to dawn upon you”

And so it happened that the LORD patiently heard them all.

There was this avenging wife who in a fit of jealousy had ended her life after coming to know of his many affairs.

The lover who had sworn eternal love and one who would rather wait for his love than pass through.

The murder victim who wanted justice.

The self righteous assassinated political leader whose ego followed him to the doors of heaven

-All of them with ‘baggage’ of their previous life which prevented them from passing through.

And then the LORD saw the little one.

“Ah very sad! “He said.”Not a day older than six ”

“Yes my lad! Come forward. Do you also wish to ask me …something?”The LORD hesitated for the first time.

“Yes!” the boy whispered “Can I meet Tuffy my dog? He died last year”

The LORD smiled and relieved, he exclaimed.

“Of course my dear! …Let the boy through” he boomed at the portal.

Moral of the story– KISS- keep it simple and sweet. (IT being referred to life)

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  1. Pankaj

    As a child, one’s wants, worries are limited. For his age, he was worried about the dog and he expressed that in his limited vocabulary. I think God is at fault here. May be he is flabbergasted by the Adult’s queries which are similar to the child’s but put forward in a different way. The want is same. If he opens the door as per this logic, only kids will be allowed in.

  2. Pranjal

    You NEVER Fail to Inspire. One of the best short stories i have read.
    but i have a confusion though… The moral of story is to keep it simple- when i refuse to grow up why everyone around me is hell bent to make me feel as I were a thousand years old- some dug up fossil. Matlab Insurance karwa lo, savings karo, paise mat udao, systematically raho… sara rog paal lo x-(

  3. mani

    @ Pranjal- Thanks a lot. You always egg me on to write more. :)Well the bade log wants ki you retain the simplicity but attain maturity. Maturity doesn’t always imply complexities you know.:)
    @ Pallavi- I ca understand exactly what you mean when you say you feel disturbed. I guess it is because it is an impossible concept.
    It may be appealing but practically almost impossible. Justchill. Take it simply. Don’t complicate. :p

  4. mani

    hi Pankaj. A very warm welcome to u here.
    Well i had to do sm deep thnking to answer to your comment. Actually the piece has no moral or spiritual bearing. It is just a symbolic one with wat u associate complications with. It may be madulthood,or ideals,or a hi profile life. Its a perception. A cncept

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