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Patiala House – review

With Akshay sharing screen space with veteran star Rishi Kapoor, the film was expected to deliver a high-spirited Patiala peg and it delivers a small high if not a large high.

And this world cup season, Patiala house delivers some cricketing action amidst a family drama. Definitely this is an unusual movie for Akshay, who seem to have developed an affinity for mindless, brain dead comedies in many of his recent movies.

If you want a one liner of the movie here it goes.  A NRI family with the extended chacha chachis mama mamis and their children living under one roof, whose Patriarch nurses a deep rooted anger and hatred for his adopted country and its men, snuffs his son’s prodigal son’s cricket career since he don’t want him to play sporting an English cap and how the younger gen finally changes his perspective is what Patiala house made up of.

Thanks to our secular religion “Cricket” and our faith in it, the movie is surprisingly enjoyable in the second half in spite of all the glary glitches and a very predictable plot. So who cares that our hero plays for England team (anyways they don’t arouse our patriotism by keeping Indian team conspicuously absent while showing England playing all other teams)

Though I won’t say I am a die hard fan of Akki but then being a borderline fan of him, it came as a big relief that he refrained from his diet of crappy laughter riots and was very much restrained. Hey, wait did he crack a joke even once in a loud scream? No! Can you believe it?  That is Patiala house for you.  Anushka Sharma’s role and acting reminded me of Kareena kapoor but then so what? This girl is getting impressive movie after movie.  Rishi Kapoor is an eternal star and charming as ever.  Director Nikhil Advani could be forgiven for dusting a typical family drama plot for two reasons: One for blending the cricket in it. And secondly, sparing us with the often seen Bollywood gyan on Indian-ess and teaching the goras our cultural values along with mending few of our own stray Videsi born confused desis and bring them back to our roots. So even though the Patiala House’s brick and mortar are made of old material, we can forgive it for the refurbished not-so-bad script.

GingerChai verdict: Patiala House is not a bad place to live in. Stay for one show, if you want a movie date.

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