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Xcess Baggage by Varsha Dixit

Xcess Baggage comes with a strange baggage with it and I can’t figure out if it is a surprise or a shock or I guess it is a mix of both….

At the onset I will say, please read it at your risk, I mean I am not saying don’t read it but then the beginning was not great, one has to hold on to ensure that one hangs on it. It is plain boring until the Vampire hits you on your face full on! Unbelievable but true, it is a story about a female in US who falls in love with a Vampire who  is a werewolf, the one who is hell bent to kill her; reason, they want to set free ‘Unquiet Dead’ inside her by killing her and which would have benefited the specie of the Werewolves! Ok, I can’t explain these things detail, simply meant, the female protagonist must be killed or rather sacrificed for the well being of male protagonist ‘s clan….you can draw inference in whatever way you may like it.

So we have Meghna Chandra who resides in some part of US (off late I am reading all such books where the setting is always in US, I wonder why?) and Byron who is Lord, I mean not in literal sense but yes he is because he is a werewolf, a rare combination of vampires and wolves. There is a big clan though not so big lead by Byron the Beast as Meghna calls him. So as you move on, the story unfolds like a true fiction like a movie with all special effects with hero flying out of aero plane with heroine, saving her from dying etc. Oh yes! He excels in almost everything, literally yes, he has even studied medicine.

I hope and believe that it is a pure fiction (I am not sure if werewolves exist). You will enjoy the verbal repartee between Meghna and Byron, you will also hope that he will finally fall to her charms and you will also hope that they live happily after but that is not the case. What exactly happens? To know this, you need to read on.

The first book – Right fit wrong shoe – was really enjoyable, so the second book came with the excess baggage of expectations of being a better one than the first but somehow it is not so. Or, may be we had so much of expectations that it failed to meet so. The book is different in its own way for the simple reason I never knew or could think of this kind of plot so it was seemingly fresh to say. After you have managed to stay put through first five pages then there is no way you can put the book down without completing it which makes it clear that it is good in its own way. I mean if you ask the author which book is better, she will have no answer. My only wish was the different ending; yes a true happy ending would have sent my spirits soaring. I actually imagined that it will be a one bollywood ending but that was not the case alas! It is not even sad, it is just painful and leaves you with a question why or rather “Oh Noooooo”!!!

Over all I suggest to read it in leisure, reasonable price, sweet & sour story, not meant for those who do not believe in fairy tales, or who always believe in happy endings J

Yes, the review was late, I have been writing it for ages; I had read the book in its first week of launch itself….I managed to read some chapters again in order to write the review….and yes I can read it again (but not the first 4-5 pages !!!!).

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  1. gayatri

    seems like someone is cashing on Twilight series fame. And i thought werewolves were totally different from vampires. Thanks Divya for an honest review 🙂 but i will definately give this a miss.

  2. mani

    A vampire who is a werewolf!!!! eh? ehhh!!! I am sure even Stephie Meyer too would have difficulty visualising it, hence she finished off the series without going into what happens to Bella’s kid and the werewolf.

  3. neha

    hi varsha,
    i read xcess baggage..n it was an awesum 1…i luvd it…bt 2 b vry frank i hated d climax…i mean not fair,if both of dem luvd each othr they shud hve been togthr..
    plzzz varsha its a request 2 u like m literally requestng u 2 plzz rite the sequel of this book n do brng meghna and byron 2gthr…plzzz mke it happily evr aftr 4 dem…
    do dis 4 ur fans plzzzz….
    hpe u wud give dis a thot n we will hear dis in cming tym dat ur nxt book wud b a sequel of the 2nd 1…
    thnku..n keep on writing dis kind of books…

  4. julie

    hi.. i didn’t read her last book… but regarding xcess baggage.. ur review is d exact thing i felt about this book.. i didn’t like the starting.. it was boring and non-gripping… as soon as byron entered.. the entire thing changed.. i cudn’t stop reading till i finished the book.. i loved him.. and the way meghna nd byron showed their luv 4 each other.. was just awesome… i hated d climax… i agree with neha… there must be a sequel… the end did hurt me … pls pls pls re-unite them………

  5. Vidya Nair

    The contents of this book seemed to come staight out of Stephenie meyer’s “Twilight”, with ceratin deliberate additions to hide the copy-paste formula..would recommend Twilight to all those fellow readers who liked Xcess Baggage. Sorry very disappointing attempt Varsha!!!

    And pleease dont go around copying the sequels to Twilight for the sequel to Xcess Baggage,if you have laready planned any…

  6. Avina

    I was just about to stop reading the book…the first few pages got me losing my patience esp after reading Varsha’s first book Right Fit Wrong Shoe which I finished in just one sitting and was superb. After reading your review, I cant wait to get back to the book and finish it, thanks.

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