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Being God!

God! The most used and also most abused word on earth as it is in heaven! The most awesome and also the most puzzling of all mysteries! What is God? A realization? Imagination? Divination? Supernatural? Scientific?  Man has been trying to unravel the machinations and the purpose of the Universe and the creator, since time immemorial. But let’s take our flights of fancy a little higher and try to imagine about being God!

I mean, how tough it is to be God!  To be someone/ something/ some being/ presence with no end or with no beginning, timeless, formless.  No one to be responsible or no one to confide in. To know all, yet none to share with, be there everywhere, yet not be a part of it. Creating emotions, yet feeling devoid of it all. Misunderstood, mis– conceptualized, misused ideologies at times. And yes, sometimes even misbehaved with too. Remember Amitabh Bachhan and many other filmy heroes ranting and raving in the temple scenes?

Most respected, awed, feared, and loved!  Yet the emotional connect isn’t quite there. Everyone seeks the Supreme Being, but for deliverance- of misery, troubles, or even souls. No doubt they say that – It is lonely at the top.

Sometimes called the creator, and in the same breath the destroyer too? – At times our father, loving everyone equally, and in the same tone- the master puppeteer who created us just for his amusement? Sometimes all forgiving, but again at times the dominating, ruthless, egoistic, punisher? I wonder how The Lord takes all these assumptions. With a pinch of salt, I guess?

Not to mention the numerous requests that God receives each moment. Some for materialistic gain, while the others, for knowledge. Some, as abstract as Nirvana and World peace while others  as sweet and simple as a good husband or 90 percent marks in an examination. Some desperate ones look for cure from a terminal disease while bailing out of a tricky situation and some for their lives. Some selfish ones, while some cruel prayers seeking personal revenge. Many intertwined and contradictory requests or prayers, so much that it could confuse anyone. No doubt most of the prayers go unanswered. Yes! Innumerable prayers. But I wonder, does the Lord crave that, at least there was someone who showed up just to say a “Howdy? Fine? Take care.” instead of a “Dear God I want a favor”.

And I shudder to think what would have happened if God were to be accessible easily, by us mere mortals in this world? Would they sign petitions against his judgment? Would the media take him apart about his decisions? Would there be candle-light vigils in protest against him? Would they have formed an opposition party against Him and seek a no confidence motion? No wonder, we do not find God here on earth.

But I guess I got it all wrong, it is not about being God, It is rather about being human! Yes, sweet, fallible humans, without whom the world would have been a dull place. Humans- the most colorful of all creations, the most volatile, most alive – and maybe that what  makes it all worthwhile to be God!

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She is a Doctor by profession , working in Delhi. Loves traveling, mind games and playing with words… And also the chief-co brewer of GingerChai. She is the chief brewer of some of the interesting categories you see in GingerChai. Follow @manishalsam

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  1. Nona

    even GOD is not easily accessible….GOD had been used and abused

    But then again GOD is right in you…you guess it

      1. Ambi

        Only because Mani brought my name in…

        Well, Nona is right, in a way. God is within us too… as the super-soul or paramatma as many of us know.


        But that does not make us as him.

          1. Ambi

            Everybody? You are so magnanimous. 🙂

            Whether you know or not, LR did try to encourage me over a couple of emails… but work and travel (in my new job) got the better of me. I am on the track of settling down, so may be I will surprise myself and others soon! 🙂

  2. Abha Midha

    a INTERESTING POST 🙂 And the mystery about God remains eternal. I for one firmly believe there is someone out there, someone who makes u follow the good path and makes u believe in the inherent philosophy of triumph of good over evil.

  3. Pallavi

    Very interesting article. Never thought of how things would be if God were so easily accessible. I guess it would be chaotic. Or people would think they could bribe Him too 🙂 to swing things in their favour. No wonder He remains far above 🙂 Loved this line:’No doubt they say that – It is lonely at the top.’

  4. mani

    @Pallavi- yeah ! the bribes of course . 🙂
    @Chetan Hey seen you after a long time. How have you been? Thanks for appreciating.

    1. chetan

      i was bizy with some work..actually i was finding it difficult to find time for blogging, but now i have sorted this out…

      i will now be more coming here

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