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Dil toh Bachha hai ji – review

Dil toh bachha hai ji stirred interest much before its release thanks to the title which is borrowed from Gulzar’s hit song beginning with the same line from the movie Ishqiya.  Smart move by the reality film maker and 3 times national award winner Madhur Bhandarkar who attempts a breezy rom-com but unfortunately ends up just making a lazy attempt.

Naren Ajuja (Ajay Devgn) , a soft natured  banker who has filed for a mutual divorce settlement takes in Abhay (Imran Hashmi) and Milind Khelkar (Omi Vaidya) as his house-mates to help him out of his loneliness.  While Abhay, a gym trainer and a habitual play boy who survives by flirting around with rich women and lives by what he calls “survival of cutest”, Milind is a complete antithesis to Abhay – A self confessed virgin and a poet working in a matrimonial agency.  Love plays havoc in their life with Naren falling for his young pretty office intern, June Pinto (Shazahn Padamsee) , Milind madly, deeply in love with a self centered and career focused radio jockey and aspiring actress Gungun Sarkar (Shraddha Das) and Abhay bowled over by Nikki (Shruti Hassan), step daughter of  Anushka Narang (Tisca Chopra) The ugly under belly of the relation is Abhay uses Anushka as his ATM (Any time Money) and involved physically with her before Nikki arrives in the scene.  Definitely Dil to bachha nahi ji .  All three fall in love and finds love is not a fair game for them.

The scene I loved the most was when Nikki gives Abhay his own doze of funda. Though a short role, in that one particular scene Shruti Hassan steals the show.  Being a boss and having a crush on his intern, half his age is an awkward situation to be in and Ajay could not  hide his awkwardness and definitely not the best of his performance.  Omi Vaidya is still in his 3 Idiots hangover and his Chatur Ramalingam inspired poetry rendition does not cut the ice. Though there is an earnest innocent factor in his performance that one cannot miss.   Bollywood’s play boy Imran does not have a meaty role and just have to lazily play around with women.  Isn’t it what he is on-screen famous far? But hey, there is no lip locks for him this time.  Madhur could have done away with the stereotyped gay character and the cheesy dialogues. Music by Pritam is forgettable.

GingerChai verdict: Dil toh bachha hai ji , thoda kachha hai ji. A half hearted lazy attempt by Madhur Bhandarkar. Not a great movie but not very bad either.  A one time watch if you are seriously determined to catch up a movie this weekend, else you can give it a pass.

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  1. Vidya

    Hehehe – I am imagining Raj Kapoor saying – with his palm up “Dil toh bachha hai ji , thoda kachha hai ji” in that accent of his.

  2. zephyr

    Hey Lakshmi, I have tagged you to do a post as a reaction to my post on India Against Corruption. Please do pick it up and spread the word around.

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