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No one killed Jessica – review

This is the movie for which Rani sucked the thumps and lip-locked her co-star Vidya Balan during the promotion of the movie, more about Rani and Vidya later.

The movie is based on the Jessica murder case that involved Manu Sharma, son of former minister who shot Jessica lal in a crowded socialist party. He was acquitted by a lower court but thanks to intense media and public pressure the prosecution appealed again in high court, who ordered for a fast track hearing and finally convicted him to life sentence. The fight for justice was spear headed by  Jessica’s sister Sabrina lal. This is the real life story that has been adapted with realism and sensationalism in this movie.

Vidya plays the role of Jessica’s sister who fights against odds for justice only to find justice delayed, derailed and corrupted. Rani comes as Meera, flamboyant, tough, energetic, independent and sucessful reporter.  So how do one potray a succeful, independent, tough talking character? Oh well, she smokes, calls herself a bitch and ya have sex too.  Cool? No, I found the characterization silly, over-dramatized and amateurish.  And ya that reflects the promotioal antics of Rani too. As for acting of Rani, it seemed a last desperate attempt to grab the limelight.   About Vidya, I could only pity her. Ok I undersand the character is under-stated in apperance, reserved and soft spoken who is pushed into a situation. But showing her  again and again in a drooped shoulder with a blank face walking the streets of Delhi with a BGM makes you squirm in the seat and look at your watch.  Good actor she is but in this movie she is just seems to be disinterested. The pick of the performance  is  by Rajesh Sharma, the cop who handles the case.  The character and performance lived up to the realistic way, which the movie overall should have been but was not.

Director Raj kumar Gupta forewarns as with the disclaimer that its a blend of fact and fiction, had it been based on fact and with strong characterization, the movie would have scored. But the plot is lost  when the screenplay lacks intensity, gets lengthy  and dragging thanks to the mandatory songs that Indian films has to have coupled with weak characterization and performance.  Music by Amit Trivedi is brilliant but  not in the course of the movie.

GingerChai  verdict: No one made an effort to make a strong movie.

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  2. Tanishka

    I was really looking forward to this movie with actors like rani an vidya…. It has been a long time that we had some good movie in bollywood… Now all hopes shift to dhobi ghat….

  3. Anirudh

    Just watched the movie. It is not as bad as you make it out to be. Some of the actors have hammed but some others have done a decent job. I agree with you that Rani Mukherjee’s character is very irritating. But Vidya Balan has done a decent job and Amit Trivedi’s music does gel with the movie (I did not think the songs were interruptive). Dialogues were slightly disappointing(more so in rani’s case). Maybe you were expecting too much from the movie. Overall i thought it was a decent movie.

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Anirudh thanks for the feedback. My contention is the plot had a lot of potential to be an intense movie which it was not. It was dragging. Editing could have been better and a short movie could have been much better. What is missing in the movie was the intensity. Vidya’s potential has been largely curbed though as i mentioned in the review her characterization is as such but still her performance is a caged type not to the fullest potential that she could deliver. For me, some of the songs could have been completely avoided and it would have added intensity to the subject. Well, its my opinion. Thanks again for your feedback, looking forward to more of your interactions in future.

  4. Shilpa

    I just watched the movie and its nice. Ya I agree the intensity is not there but still watching it made me feel sad and bad for jessica….. 🙁

  5. Anney

    Boss…this is the first time I am seeing people refute ur review on movies…u need to take a movie break… lets pass the baton…anyone?

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