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How to stay healthy in 2011

As I begin this post with warm wishes for a healthy and happy New Year, I am thinking of ways to make 2011 a wonderful one. One of my major goals is to stay healthy – and am sure you are looking at ways to be fitter –  hopefully without too much effort. Yes! And that’s why the following strategies should work – they are easy to fit into our regular routine.

Here we go!

Walk the walk

This is the easiest way to get some physical activity. Just going for a walk every day means literally walking farther away from scary illnesses such as dementia, cancer and stroke, apart from the added benefit of keeping your cholesterol levels balanced and your heart healthy.

Include garlic in your food

Garlic has the ability to fight cancer – oh, forget the bad breath (there’s toothpaste and mouth fresheners to counter that!) If you can’t get garlic, think of garlic supplements. Garlic also brings a host of other health benefits as a disease fighter. But don’t overdo it!

Give me some sunshine…

Just get fifteen minutes of sun everyday. The miracle that is our body produces its own Vitamin D with the help of sunshine. No other equipment required. Preferably, catch that early morning sun. Enjoy it. If your sun is hiding behind a cloud, look at vitamin D rich foods such as eggs, milk, dairy products, cod liver oil etc.


If only for a few minutes, meditate every day. There are several physical and mental health benefits from meditation.  Did you know cholesterol levels can be reduced with meditation?

Work in at least ONE juice into your daily diet

Replace at least one beverage every day with a natural juice. It cleans your cells while tasting good! Either veg or fruit is fine.

Exercise – four out of seven

Exercise – at least three quarters of an hour every day. Grrrr. At least 5 days a week. Do-able? Of course it is! Motivate yourself – getting fitter and keeping most diseases at bay – is worth it. Side effects are a great sense of well-being, happier attitude, balanced blood pressure and of course, overall fitness!

Drink more water every day

Drink water when you’re thirsty – and also when you are not. Do your body a favor – keep it hydrated. Just plain water, easily available.

Be positive

Probably one of the best no-cost ways to fight illnesses and diseases. Be optimistic. Kick negativity out of your life. Be patient and tolerant. Rose colored spectacles do work.

Talk to your doc about taking a multivitamin

You know we all need vitamins – and most of us probably do not get enough.  Vitamin deficiency can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and so on.  Getting enough vitamins can keep you healthy.

R & R

Rest and relaxation – get at least seven to eight hours sleep per night.  If not, you pay for it by suffering miserable health consequences. Ah, sleep helps lose weight, and prevents diabetes, memory loss and obesity.

Well, it can’t get easier – and better – than this.  Start slow – and stick to the above consistently. You’ve got everything to gain.

Stay healthy!

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    1. Vidya Sury

      Yeah I know – I’ve found that doctors do not voluntary recommend MVs unless you happen to be sick & specifically need them. My aunt in the US was shocked when we told her we don’t pop ’em as part of our routine 😀

    1. Vidya Sury

      Shilpa, the simplest things are the hardest, usually – simply because they are the easiest too. 😀 They look so possible…that…erm….Sigh!

  1. Sir Pumpkin Longshanks

    I am completely with you on “Rest and relaxation”. I’ve realized that without rest one can never regain their full potential the next day. And that can get screwy.

    As for walking, I would advocate running if one can manage it. Even brisk walks fall short of what a jog or run can do to one. Now you’d need good shoes or you’d end up like me!

    1. Pranjal

      you get my vote here spl. I’m Always game for rest and relaxation. Nothing like one nice bed 😛

      1. Vidya Sury

        😀 R & R is my favorite too – but I really hate to jog, SPL – Walking any day for me. The jury is still out there about whether walking is better, or whether you should jog. Logically for most people, its easier to walk, than jog. 🙂 Pranjal, I remember your post 😛 hehehe.

        1. Sir Pumpkin Longshanks

          Yea, I recently spoke with a friend in exercise science and he reckons that jogging vs walking is an age old argument. You’d probably need to do the latter for long durations to get the same work out with the former. However, running and jogging do beget more serious injuries.

          I’ve tried sprinting too. That is quite something! But again, you need good shoes and good form!

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