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Best Ten movies in 2010

The title may be a little misleading. Maybe these were not the best. Maybe in your opinion, Salt by A. Jolie was the best. I found it bland though. Perhaps Inception never made it to your list (I don’t like you already if that were true).

For the lack of a better term, and along the lines of movies that were not sleep inducing, instigated me to go fight for a refund (Although the worst movie I watched this year did make me feel that way), I decided to use “Best” and this was the best list I could come up with.

It was THE BEST out of 2010. Enough said.

I loved it more than the rest of the movies and slightly less than Inception.

Johnny Depp is in it. Tim Burton’s production. Helena Bonham Carter has a role! And I’m biased.

It was not the best of the series but definitely not disappointing. Buzz Lightyear, my hero.

May not have carried the entire truth about Zuckerberg but one cannot deny it was produced well. What goes on in Harvard stays in Harvard.

Read this, watch it.

If you could appreciate Shutter Island; you would get my drift.

It was a fantabulous one-man show. It was Ryan Reynolds. And he is our Green Lantern in the future!

Did I mention I was a Harry Potter Fan?

An adapted version of Rapunzel with lots more fun.

Not the best from Julia Roberts. If you love travelling, you would enjoy it.

…And the movie to AVOID.

What was Shymalan thinking???!!!

That was what I thought were the best and one tiny blotch from what came outta Hollywood. You may have a different list. Share it with us under the comments.

Have a Great 2011!

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  1. Nona

    I personally did not like Airbender! So, to see that featured as one of the best is surprising for me.

    I agree with your selection of Social Network and Inception!

  2. Hassan

    Salt makes into my list and definitely not EPL. Winters Bone and how to train your dragon adds into my list.

  3. Sid

    I on the contrary liked airbender, being a fan of Avatar since beginning…i think potter ending was actually copied from it…

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