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Undhiyo – visual recipe

I like winter coz I get to eat Undhiyo in this season only. This is a  traditional Gujarati dish, with a unique blend of vegetables like yam, sweet potato, brinjal, peas, etc. The key to cooking this dish is to make it on a slow flame.

I have modified this dish a bit by avoiding the gatta (small balls made up of gram flour and fenugreek leaves, steamed and then stir fried). But will be including the ingredients from it in the recipe to maintain the taste.


Potatoes – 3 medium sized

Green peas – one small bowl

Yam – two  medium sized

Sweet potatoes – 3

Flat Paes (Papdi) – 6


Garlic – 15 cloves

Ginger – one medium sized

Green chillies  – 4


Coriander powder – one teaspoon

Cumin powder- one teaspoon

Asafoetida – half teaspoon

Red chilli powder- half teaspoon

Turmeric powder- one teaspon

Gram flour – 2 teaspoons

Dried Fenugreek leaves (chopped) – one teaspoon

Oil – half tablespoon


Procedure :

Grind green chillies, garlic, ginger and coriander into a smooth paste.

Peel potatoes, sweet potatoes and yam. Cut them into large chunks and then make cuts halfway on the pieces in order to stuff them with the green paste.

Place the stuffed potatoes in a vessel and sprinkle some salt on them.

Cut the flat peas lengthwise and apply the paste over them and place them over the potatoes.

Make layers with stuffed yam, stuffed brinjals and sweet potatoes. Sprinkle salt over them.

Finally add green peas at the top and spread the remaining green paste on them. Cover the vessel and let the vegetables marinate for 45 mins.

Afterwards heat the oil in a large pan. Add asafetida and the marinated vegetables alongwith ajwain to it. Mix well. Cover the pan. Let it cook on a slow flame for 15 mins. Stir at regular intervals.

Then add turmeric powder, cumin and coriander powder and half a cup of water and mix well. Let the spices come together and after 5 mins add some salt (according to taste).

Add red chilli powder, gram flour and dried fenugreek leaves to it, mix well. Cover it and turn off the flame after a minute.

Garnish with coriander leaves. Undhiyo can be eaten with roti accompanied by a glass of salted buttermilk.

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