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Juice it up!

Like many people I know, every once in a while, I too get a little obsessed about wanting to lose weight. Not that I do anything seriously about that – except try a tip or two, usually half-heartedly. I do like to think that I only need to tone up – and this has been endorsed by a few friends, God bless them and keep them healthy!

But jokes apart, there is something I’d really like to share on this front, that I think is at least a wee bit responsible for keeping me in shape. (I have a friend who argues that “round” is a shape – but we don’t want to get technical here!). I am talking about a shape that has a distinct waist 😉

Okay – so a nutritious breakfast helps tremendously. Also, eating smaller meals four or five times a day rather than the big three (breakfast/lunch/dinner) makes a lot of sense with the metabolism. One of my favorite ways to stave off hunger is through juice. (Yes, sometimes I yearn for an extra cup of coffee – but that’s another story!)

I want to share with you a few healthy juices that have some terrific benefits. Try at least a few – you won’t regret it. These are combos – and all the individual ingredients are easily available. The only effort it takes – is to make them – although some brands do sell the No Sugar combinations, if you like those. Nothing like the natural stuff, though. Here we go:

  • Carrot + Ginger + Apple = This energizes your system while cleansing it.
  • Apple + Cucumber + Celery = This reduces cholesterol, gets rid of a tummy upset and headache and prevents cancer.
  • Tomato + Carrot + Apple = Good for getting rid of bad breath and promotes healthy complexion.
  • Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk = Drives away bad breath and brings down body heat.
  • Orange + Ginger + Cucumber = Great for better skin texture and reducing body heat.
  • Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon = Gets rid of excess body salts, keeps your bladder and kidney healthy.
  • Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi = improves complexion
  • Pear + Banana = brings down body sugar levels
  • Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango = Reduce body heat, fight toxicity, lower blood pressure.
  • Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk = Improve cell function with their rich vitamin C and vitamin B2 content, building the immune system
  • Papaya + Pineapple + Milk = Promotes great skin and metabolism with the rich vitamin C, E and Iron content.
  • Banana + Pineapple + Milk = Prevents constipation, is rich in vitamins

Quite some unusual combination’s, eh? Apparently they work.  I cheat by going only for carrot or apple or pear or banana – as fruits, simply because it is too much work to extract the juice out of them. But I guess that’s okay too J

Let me know how it goes for you.

(Yes, am working on those “easy” facials and will post them on Tuesday! Works for men and women – so don’t call me biased!)

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  1. Sanchit Goyal

    Nice article. Some interesting combinations there!

    However I would like to add that using a centrifugal juicer (The ones available these days) to extract the juices might not be as useful as one thinks as it tends to burn most of the useful enzymes. This is something I too found out recently. The solution to this problem is a masticating juicer though it comes with its own drawbacks-

    1.) Very hard to find in market.

    2.) Slow.

    3.) Bulky.

    4.) Expensive.

  2. Always Happy

    Thank you Vidya. I need to try some of these juices. Currently, I am obssessed with losing weight.

    Carrot + Ginger soup works for me. I need to try Carrot + Ginger + apple juice now.

    looking forward to reading about the facials.

    I aready have a request for you after the facials. Can you share some healthy salad or soup recipes please?

    Many Many thanks

    Always Happy

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