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The Perfect Picture

Meet the Johns. They are the perfect type family that one would love seeing on display with cute frames. But nobody knows the havoc and the painstaking one hour effort it took to get everyone calm for the picture.

Will you just stand still for one second Jeremy!” said an impatient mother to her 10 year old son who found the studio a great place to toy with.

Only one second? Dad, it’s not possible to take pictures in just a second right?” Jeremy asked his father. His father had given up. He just wanted to take the stupid picture and head home but it seems so impossible.

Jeremy’s little sister, Jolene was busy adjusting her frock and smoothing her hair. Ahh…! She loved taking pictures. She always wanted to look her best for her pictures.

Jeremy couldn’t resist being naughty when he saw his sister’s efforts to look good for the picture. He instantly tugged at her hair and her hair band and bobby pin came out messing the once neatly put together hair. Jolene widened her eyes and gave out a sharp screeching cry. Jeremy started giggling uncontrollably. His father glared at him and at once he stopped giggling. Frightened after hearing Jolene cry, the baby started crying too.

“Jeremy, you naughty boy! You are grounded!”said a furious mother to her son while trying to calm her two children.

“He ruined my hair. Now I can’t take this picture. I wont be able to smile. I want to go home!”

Mr. John had had enough of posing for one day. “Fine, let’s go home. I’m tired.”

No, nobody is going home without taking this picture first.” said an impatient mother.

The photographer was having a great time watching the entire ruckus. He found it hard to control his outbursts of laughs. But he knew, if he didn’t control, he would be the next one to be at the end of Mrs. John’s temper.

M’am, are we taking this picture or not? I don’t have all day.” said the photographer.

Yes we are taking this picture. Just give us a moment” said Mrs. John who had no idea how to make her kids stop crying.

After about half an hour, everyone was tired and nobody wanted to take the picture.

Nobody uttered a word in the car, while heading back home.

Dad,dad!!stop the car! Stop the car!!” said Jeremy in a drastic tone like as if he knew inevitably the car was going to crash.

“What?!” asked Mr. John who panicked instantly thinking something happened to him or the car and brought the car to a screeching halt in the immediate parking.

“Dad I want to buy superman from that shop. Mrs. Mary Brooks asked us all to bring our favourite toys for tomorrow’s class.” said Jeremy with unmatchable desire.

That is why you made me stop the car from the middle of the road?!” said Mr. John who was about to blow up like a volcano. Mrs. John held his hand and looked at him signaling to calm himself and that she will take care of it.

Jeremy, do you know that we all could have been in serious danger because of what you did? Dad thought something happened to you when you screamed like that asking to stop the car. Don’t do that again okay Jeremy?”

“Sorry mom. But I really need that superman figure for class tommorrow.” said Jeremy looking at his mom with pleading eyes.

“He’s lying mom. He just wants to get the toy and take it to class to show his friends.” said Jolene who was still mad at her brother for ruining her hair.

“You shut up!” said Jeremy to his sister and tugged at her hair again.

Jolene let out another sharp yell enough to partially deafen everyone in this car and even the next car. Hearing her scream, the baby started crying too.

Mr. John rolled his eyes. He was having a headache with all the screaming.

Jeremy, you are taking one of Jolene’s dolls to class tommorow and not anything of yours.”

“What?! But my friends will make fun of me!” said a shocked Jeremy who was close to tears himself.

“Well, you should have thought of it before you pulled your sister’s hair” replied his dad.

“But she said mean things to me, dad.” said Jeremy about to cry.

“You did mean things to me, you big bully.” replied his sister with big soggy eyes.

“Enough! I don’t want to hear another word from the both of you.”

The next day, the John family was at the studio again.

The photographer saw them and sighed. He knew how exactly how long this would take.

And once again, the John family was seated to take the perfect family picture after a series of warnings and dire consequences of deviating from it.

Jolene looked at the mirror in the dressing room and adjusted her hair and her dress again.

“What a poser!” snickered Jeremy to his sister.

Jolene looked away from him.

“Hey sis, why don’t I make you look a little brighter for the picture. I think you didn’t put enough powder on you.” said Jeremy who was planning for fun in his mind.

“Really? you think so?” asked Jolene looking at the mirror again.

“Yea! don’t worry, I can fix it for you. I will make you look like a film star in a minute!” said Jeremy to his innocent sister.

“kids! hurry up!” called out their mother from outside the dressing room.

“In a minute mom!” called out Jeremy.

With that Jeremy moved his sister away from the mirror so that she can’t see herself in it.

“Hey! I want to see too!” told Jolene to Jeremy who was dumping powder on his hands.

“No, in the end you can see.” said Jeremy applying powder all over his sister’s face.

“hmm..okay. But make it fast.” said Jolene with excitement. She couldn’t wait to look as pretty as film stars.

“Nowwwww…some lipstick.” said Jeremy applying lipstick on his sister which went everywhere around her lips except properly on her lips.

He smudged some lipstick on his hand and applied it to her cheeks. Next, he removed her hair band and tied her hair up in the middle of her head. It looked like a newly erupting underground spring on the top of her head.

Jeremy stood back and admired his sister. He couldn’t control his laughter.

“Kids! what’s taking you so long? Come out here now.”

“Sure mom” replied Jeremy who was pushing his sister ahead of him.

“Hey I want to see how I look.” said Jolene who wanted to desperately look at herself in the mirror.

You can look after we take the picture.” said Jeremy and took his sister to where his parents were standing.

Jolene entered the studio room all smiling and waiting to hear comments on how pretty she looked.

Her parents gasped at seeing their. she looked like she fell into a tank of powder and the lipstick made her look like an alien who wanted to be a clown of this planet but wasn’t sure how exactly to. The photographer instantly knew the photo wouldn’t happen today either.

“Jolene! What did you do to yourself?!” screamed her shocked mother.

“Huh?what ma..?” pondered Jolene and rushed to the mirror to take a look at herself.

One sharp scream deafened the whole studio. Mr. John took his two kids and made them stand for the photo. He wiped Jolene’s face and tried to make her look human again.

The photographer knew it’s now or never


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  1. Pranjal

    haha nice… kinda sweet. I remember what an ass my brother is. He used to irritate me with stuff like taking my book and hiding it and when i’d beat him up he’d only do one think “waaaaaaa mummyyyyyy, bhaiyyaaa ne maara!!”

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