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No Problem – Review

Time to go brain dead and laugh at lame duck situations, characters and dialogues – welcome to No problem , a movie that is made with zero story, script and intelligence.

Two small time crooks (Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Khanna) rob the small village banker (Paresh Rawal) who gave them shelter and flee to Durban. Forced by villagers, Paresh follows them to Durban to recover his money. In Durban, we have Anil Kapoor, a bumbling cop (again with zero brain and zero talent) whose wife (Sushmita sen) has a split personality. Every day for 10 minutes the loving wife turns to be a near murderer baying for Anil’s blood. That gives more screen frames for mindless lunatic comedy time. Throw in a diamond heist and gang lead by Marcos ( Suniel shetty) with his team of cartoon sidekicks and a lethal glamour doll (Neetu Chandra). One sidekick can literally transmit electricity by touching anyone and another carries a handy cam throughout to capture live footage of all their events and the rest sports funny body language and hairdos. This is the creativity maxima by director and script writer. Oh ya, we also have a Gorilla family in the beginning and ending the movie. So the stage is set for a lunatic asylum err sorry movie directed by Aneez Bazmee.

When we have a movie with a Gorilla family appearing from nowhere to the rescue of the crook heroes and ending the movie with a gorilla fart that is so powerful to fly a man, there is nothing much to talk about the logic and common sense of the movie. You just have to be brain dead and laugh at every instance without blinking and thinking.

There is nothing much for the lead actors to do – after all while signing the movie they know very well they are not in even remotest chance going to bag any “best performance awards” for their roles in this movie. So it is a lights –action-forget roles for Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Khanna and Anil Kapoor. Though, Anil kapoor would have things to worry as the producer of the movie. Kangna Ranaut in her garish dress and makeup cuts a sorry figure so does her dialogues. Sample this, she compares herself to her friend “She is a Tv, I am Plasma” Don’t faint reading this.

GingerChai verdict: No Problem – A brain dead slapstick comedy.

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  1. Samadrita

    ROFL..atleast the review made me laugh and de-stress after an exam. We need mindless movies like this one just to have fun bashing it in a review later. 😀

    P.S: I’ve almost totally stopped watching Bollywood flicks.

  2. gayatri

    LR should be given a Bravery award 😛
    You could’ve waited for a few days, am sure this movie would come on tv after a month or so. Don’t worry, we would’nt have noticed that this movie got released 😛

    1. Pranjal

      i seriously wish, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom or Tashan Release again with a different name And Rajan sets out to write a review for that. That’ll definitly test the endurance limit 😛

  3. Purba

    I am sure we have an audience that cracks up at farty jokes and thinks “She is a Tv, I am Plasma” is a profound statement.

    And all those who were brave enough to watch this movie, deserve nominations for the “National Bravery awards” . Lakshmi have you filed your nomination yet?

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