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The feature I wish my smart phone had!

So this is how the whole thought process started.

I was in shower the other day and I received a call. Since I have the nasty habit of carrying the phone all along like Karna’s kavas kundala, I instinctively grabbed the phone and started messaging. Duh! Needless to say the screen got H2O all over it and my smart phone just became dumb phone due to water hangover.

So this incident fired the Einstein in me. This is not just shower, it can happen during unexpected downpour  and you get all sogged and you want to SMS someone you dear or fear. It is not just about water. Doctors warn you of repetitive strain injury (RSI). If you are an SMS addict it’s something to worry about. After all you don’t want to get tingling and numbness in their hands and wrists just because of extensive typing.

And then there will be instances where you will be just occupied with too many things for good or bad and have your hands full that you would rue over the lack of a  spare hand to key in the SMS.

And then there might be many instances where you will be simply too lazy to type.

So this is where the Einstein in me says the smart phone really needs a feature that would simply make our life easier, breezier and lazier.


Voice Recognized SMS Typing or in a simple acronym VRST.

Goodbye thumping. Goodbye RSI. Goodbye worries. You just need to say the message and voila! Your real Smarty phone will recognize your voice and convert it into typed message. Life would be definitely easier isn’t it?

Did someone says there are some latest third party app to do this feature? Duh, when I want a smart phone I don’t want it to rely on my smartness to figure out the app.

  • It should be an in-built feature of the smart phone.
  • Sorry, we are Indians and don’t speak Uncle Sam’s diction and accent. I want my smart phone to recognize my Angrezi .
  • We are land of diversity, so most of us speak of Khichidi of languages. Mother tongue, father tongue, adopted tongue and firangi tongue. We speak one language at home, another outside home and khichidi of languages inbetween. So my smart phone should recognize the desi requirement.
  • And ya, when I say Tamil or Hindi or any other regional language, it should switch to the regional language messaging. Tough call eh? Well, that is what I want my smart phone to be –  SMARTEST.

hey may be your next version of Tata DOCOMO OneTouch Net Phone may just have it , you never know!


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  1. Abhilash

    Hi Lakshmi,

    I have this feature in my phone. I say and everything is typed. Initially there is a training required but now it is fine. Works great!

  2. Abha Midha

    A very useful feature indeed….VRST. Like they say necessity is the mother of invention 🙂

    Good luck for the contest and do check my post too!

  3. sujith

    Voice recognized dialing system is already available. But sending SMS is a great idea. It can be implemented at least for some pre stored text messages.

  4. Sanchit Goyal

    I agree with the fact that water can be DANGEROUS for a smart phone. With my earlier cellphone (Sony Ericsson W550i) I was least worried and could use the phone freely even in heavy downpour. But since I have got the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S I have thought about it that how to protect the phone incase of heavy rain though I havent experienced any such situation as yet.

    As far as voice recognisation is concerned as you mentioned 3rd party apps are available and I dont have much of an issue in installing it myself but Yes I do agree that since it cannot recognise our accent its useless. A library with Indian words and which could recognise Indian accent would be great.

    Lastly another big issue with smartphones is durability or the lack of it. So one feature I would want in my phone would be durability i.e. the phone should withstand drops and it should be waterproof just like the watches. Then it would truly be a smartphone without any worries!

  5. Kaushik Thirthappa

    If u have a smartphone then try Dragon Dictation in your app store. It’s pretty easy and yes i personally think that it works wonders for me atleast. Its available for iPhone.

  6. Rohit

    last year i watered two of my dear ones (both nokia)and one iPod… lesson learnt is – do not mix water and electronic circuit…

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