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Indiblogger meet @ Fortune Park JP Celestial

Yesterday attended Indiblogger’s Bloggers meet in Bangalore. I love to attend blogger’s meet since it gives as a chance to meet the faces behind the words and bytes of various blogs. This was my third Indiblogger meet. The first one held at Microsoft campus was attended by some 40 Bloggers and the numbers swelled to 100+ in the second meet that was held at Kyra. Yesterday’s meet held at Fortune Park attracted some 200+ attendees and it was great to see so many Bloggers from various background, age under one roof.

The meet was sponsored by HP and they were lavish in giving out their latest HP Photo smart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110a to couple of participants (Nay, I didn’t get one but folks you can always bestow me one now)

The agenda for the meet was:

One of the highlight of the meet was the speech by Blogger Raghav who is visually challenged and inspired everyone in the hall. Then there were this couple of members from Civil defense who talked about the importance and need for citizens to be part of it. Personally I was happy to meet many of my blogger friends plus BPL players. Addy Leo, Avada, Rachana, Nethra, Tavish, Hitesh, Mohan, SR Ayyangar, Harsha, Hemal and many others. (Sorry guys If I missed out on few names, blame it on my poor RAM and do update me). I also caught up with our GC Chaiwala Muddassir Shah Md and it was wonderful to meet my team mate  and ofcourse it was always fun catching up with Indi guys – Rennie, Anoop, Vineet and the Anwin. (After all, we share a common native roots)

Indiblogger meets have come a long way from 40 plus to 200 plus attendees and I feel its time IndiTeam changes the agenda too.

30 seconds of fame where the participants give an intro about themselves, I feel could be done away with. Even if we take in average 30 seconds , 30 seconds multiplied by 200 members makes it around 100 minutes or more than one and half hour. It was fun during the small meets but as the numbers grow it eats the prime time of the event. Of course I don’t deny the introductions make it easier for people to identify you but I feel the one and half hour could be put into other optimum usage. If we have some 300 members in the next meet, do your calculations.

May be instead of 30 seconds of fame, the prime time slot could be used wherein the members can talk on specific topic of their choice pertaining to Blogging experience, like how Raghav presented his case study on Indiblogger. To boost the participation, you can always ask the sponsor to hand out some freebies. May be during the registration period, the participants can convey the IndiTeam the topic they choose to talk. I am sure this will make it the event more enriching. The idea of 30 seconds of fame and its idea of introduction of Bloggers could be tied up with Live & let comment. After all if a blogger wants to be noted he needs to come out and mingle.

Then we have Live & let comment where in the IndiTeam hands over a chart paper to be hung behind us and a sketch pen. It’s an informal section, where in you go around meet people, get their comments on the sheet that you hung on your back. Again this was interesting in the initial meet but then with the swelling numbers, I find there could be a better way of getting the idea of making people interact. How about the IndiTeam handing out printed cards say the size of visiting cards as shown below:

If there are 200 members, the IndiTeam can give the attendees 200 cards for each with their respective blog urls printed (of course they can have the sponsor name printed too to make the sponsors happy) The Bloggers can go ahead distributing the cards and getting cards from the fellow Bloggers. I bet the cards will be handy and neat to track the Bloggers. You can always write a note behind the card while giving it for personal touch. What say IndiTeam and Bloggers?

Then comes All hell breaks loose – IndiForum. An idea again that holds immense potential. But unfortunately hell didn’t break. Again, IndiTeam could make it more structured the next time. My observation says most Bloggers take time to open up and speak in public. They might (including yours bloggingly) rant a lot in their blog but take time to open in a larger event. So how about making it easier for the participants by kick starting the forum with some topics that is pre-declared during the agenda formation?  It would help the members to be mentally prepared in interacting on the forum plus it will break the initial ice and then the rest of the impromptu discussions can break the hell and heaven.

Well, these are my few suggestions, would like to hear feedbacks from the other participants as well as the IndiTeam.

But overall it was a great evening. It was wonderful meeting Bloggers and time just flew by. A special thanks to IndiBlogger team for arranging the meet. Oh with all the interaction with bloggers, I forgot to check the snack section, some one tell me what was in the menu?

Open note, demand or threat or whatever to Rennie, Anoop and Anwin: You guys talked of few HP Printers still waiting to be distributed right?  With so many suggestions I shared, bring one for the Team GingerChai. 😉


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  1. Shilpa Garg

    Wow!! Wonderful suggestions, LR!
    I have never participated in any such Blogger meet, hope I get to meet all the ‘virtual’ friends, sometime soon! 🙂

  2. Vijay (msigeek)

    Well Written. Almost had a overview of what happened yesterday. I still remember the very first indiblogger meet where I was one of speaker talking on Windows 7, which you folks were literally not interested in 🙂 he he..! That meet, definitely urged me towards blogging and it feels really good to be a part of you folks. It was indeed one of the best meets, I’ve been to. Enjoyed it thoroughly…!

    Lets stay connected online.

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Thanks Vijay. Was I bored too over you speech in the first meet ? Let me recollect ;)Nice and inspiring to know that the events of the first meet motivated into blogging. Hope to catch you in the next meet and connected meanwhile online.

  3. Mohan

    Nice suggestions there.. certainly few things can be structured better. Good to have met you in person after a long time! Nice capture of the eventful day as it progressed.

  4. Hitesh

    hey….. no pics……come on….. you were the only one who clicked me…ther and now i don’t even have a proof for me being ther……. post the pics ASAP too

    baki bole toh…..i could believe my eyes when i saw 200+ bloggers under one roof….that too offline….. this meet was a big hit for me too…..i got to meet many of blogger i had met earlier and met many new one…..will try to keep up with them ……

  5. Avada Kedavra

    Nice post LR.. and such great suggestions.. I like the idea of exchanging cards.. there were so many bloggers that I met and forgot their names/urls.. it would have been better to collect a card from them with their urls.. It was great meeting you after knowing you for so long virtually!! 🙂

  6. S.R.Ayyangar

    You have rightly suggested to do away with Live & Let comment part. This also eats away major part apart from 30 seconds of fame which can be at the most confined just to introduce yourselves by name and not any further.This will leave more time to discuss the problems faced by bloggers about so many issues.

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      True the major part of the event is taken over by these two agenda and I find the time used could be put into optimum use in different ways. And it was great to meet you again in the meet 🙂

  7. Anil Sawan

    i finally saw the gingerchai man!! 😛 it was nice meeting you 🙂

    i jus wish these kinda event happen more regularly or maybe we could take these kinda events to the local chat shop during weekends, wut say bro? 😛

  8. Anney

    Wow…I wish I were there…well since I am net to the virtual blog world, i would have enjoyed it…..LR, thanks for taking me along, VIRTUALLY!!!

  9. Tavish{Sensible Bakwas}

    awesome sugeestion LR… I hope the indiblogger team takes note… but it was great meet u and the other bloggers there LR… thank god the meet took place now, coz I felt really bad that I couldnt meet u and some of the other bloggers last time… oh and a great review of the day btw… Hope to c u soon again…cheers!

      1. Tavish{Sensible Bakwas}

        hehe u know what? When i told my frnds I am going to blore again, they all thought I have found a girlfriend out there… but from whatever I have seen of Blore, i really like the city somehow…

  10. Abha Midha

    I have been hearing a lot about this recent meet in Bangalore…. Avada .. Tavish… …. and now reading your post. since you have attended the previous meets , no wonder you have come up with some good suggestions. I hope the indiblogger team takes note of it. any news about a Indiblogger meet in NCR?

  11. Pranjal

    would have loved to go but geographical constraints. but anyways Rajan sir, U were not the only one catching up- i met Mani ji this sunday 🙂

      1. Pranjal

        hehe… now that u r going to fight with her do it well- she also treated me with lunch on sunday 🙂

          1. mani

            gande baccho. Aha! GC gossip going on behind my back. Sure sweets Anney. But at least come here toh. N yeah Usha making a trip here in Feb March., and we are meeting up *smug*

  12. Nethra

    30 secs fame didn’t help at all. I couldn’t note any of the blog urls. I liked ur suggestion of dropping the 30sec fame thingy. And thanks for mentioning me in your blogpost. 🙂

  13. Dhiman

    Idea of visiting cards in lieu of 30 secs of fame is really great 🙂 … and though missed the meet this time 🙁 …infact I had confirmed Anwin beforehand as well … but will try to make it happen next time sure :D…

  14. BalaganeshG

    Great suggestions LR and i am now calculating the printing costs for those cards 🙂
    More ideas towards 30 seconds of fame would be great. Don’t you think if everyone has a case to present that will take even more time. Like you said we need to combine two things to one slot.
    Cheers man. I thought i could catch up with you guys at Nevada, Mohan, you, Raj…u guys left the building soon after the meet.


    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Thanks Balaganesh for dropping by. Even I did the calculation it won’t cost that bomb, if you use the right necessary size and paper. Moreover, the top left hand corner will be able to manage the cost (read:sponsor name) 😉 I don’t think everyone would volounteer to talk, if it happens it will be awesome sweet trouble. Even if we take into that situation, what one can do is during registration only you can ask what the people would like to talk about and then pick the best of the numbers that can be accommodated into the time.

      I would have loved to be there in the IndiParty but then i have an added responsibility of baby sitting these days 😀

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