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Vidhana Soudha – Made in Chocolate

One of the major landmark of Bangalore is its majestic looking Vidhana Soudha, the country’s largest legislative building. For a change how will it be if you want to see it all in chocolates instead of bricks and mortar? Well, this weekend if you are in Bengaluru, stop by ITC Royal Gardenia to have a look at milk chocolate replica of the famous building.

Made out of 40 kilos of Lindt Picola milk chocolate by 75 year old Swiss chocolatier Adelbert Bucher, the replica is kept at the grand corridor leading to Kababs corner at ITC Royal Gardenia and is open for public view till Sunday 19th September.  It took 3 days for the Master Chocolatier to make the 10 by 4 feet structure.

Master Chef Adelbert Bucher

The opening party of the event saw guests including Vinita Chaitanya, Anjala Jhaveri, Ramesh Dembla, Prasad Bidapa, Aslam Gafoor, Saritha Mandoth, Kripal Amanna and Jean Michael indulge in the irresistibly smooth melting sensation of Lindt and share chocolate anecdotes.

Choclates, Glitz and Glamour

Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprungli AG is the worldwide leader for premium chocolate products. Established more than 160 years ago in Zurich, it is one of the oldest Swiss brands.


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  1. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    I had been to the Lindt but in Boston. They’ve got nice chocolates but generally overpriced. I find that “Chuao” is generally better than Lindt as the former is run by a smaller company and organic. Not to mention, their flavors are quite fantastic.

    But yes, Lindt does have creamier chocolates that melt in your mouth and coat your arteries nicely…. 😛

    Nice review. Did you go to see the chocolate Vidhana Soudha and hob nob with the big-wigs and whos-who of Bengaluru?

    1. Anney

      SPL, for once I agree with you on the “creamier chocolates that melt in your mouth and coat your arteries nicely”. 🙂 They are pricy!

      I wish I were in India now…the sculpture looks ready to be raided by me!

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