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Moment of Surrender

‘Don’t worry, will reach home in 5 mins’, I kept on telling this to myself. Today was definitely hard on me, not that I had any better days since last year. But everything would be fine once I go home … back to my sacred space.

Can hear Bono sing “Moment of surrender” on the radio… aah! the story of my life!

Finally I am home. ‘Home’ – I don’t even know if I can call it that now. Things have changed… a lot. I feel a pang in my heart as I look at my brother’s picture on the table.

No, I need to stop thinking about all of this.

I know what could help me. I open the drawer and reach out for it. This would help me sail through.

Soon I am transported to my perfect world. A world which actually existed till a year ago.

‘Colorful, wonderful world’ I say aloud. My twin used to say this a lot. My sacred space reminds me of him… the times we spent together.

I shake my head, no this is not working right, I need more. I reach for it again.

Absolute bliss.

I can feel my pain fade away.

The room is turning dark. Very dark.

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He was already dead by the time the ambulance arrived.

For the city, it was just a case of drugs overdose.

For his parents, it was their second loss to 26/11


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