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Dear Old, Dirty Jeans

jeansDear old, dirty jeans,

I love you. You know I do… I really do. I have loved you, still love you and will keep loving you. You have been there with me through thick and thin… you have shared my grief and joy. You cried with me when I did and rejoiced in my happiness… we were inseparable… we were exuberant… we were loud… we didn’t care or in our language- we didn’t give a F.

I still remember how our affair started… 7th of august 2006- I joined room no 218 in Bhabha Hall of residence, NIT Jamshedpur. I knew this is the start of a new life with all that build up being made up about college life by the people around me- my family and friends but little did I knew this was the start of a whole new affair. You were with me even then but till then I had been at my home… the safe world where parents took care of the every single need- from toothbrush to examination forms. In that safe world I didn’t notice how beautiful and wonderful you were… besides you were not exactly ‘old and dirty’- my mother made sure that any jeans that I wore was not torn or old and neither did she let any of my jeans get dirty… you know how much she cares for me. She gave you to me- all new and fresh as I was leaving for Jamshedpur from my home.

So, I joined the hostel. I had clothes and I’d keep giving them to the hostel dhobi to get them washed. But there was something peculiar about you that I noticed… the dirtier you were, the more beautiful you’d look and it is true to this date- a dirty jeans looks much better than a washed one. It was then that the affair started… it was then that I fell for you. From then onwards you’d be with me all the time. Little did I realize at that time that you were a whole new chapter in my life.

You were with me when in the first year I studiously used to get up at 7 in morning to attend the 8 am classes… you were with me when I came back at 12 to have the disgusting mess food for lunch. You were with me when I attended the sleepy afternoon lab sessions and like the geek who had just passed 12th standard, kept noting those mundane readings of my experiments in my lab record.

old-jeans_eThen I entered the 2nd year and you, my love, were still with me… I had grown in confidence. I started supporting mass bunk and had also started bunking on my own. You remember how I hated ‘mechanics of solid’ and ‘fluid mechanics’?  I bunked a lot of them, got poor grades in those subjects but as you know we- you and I, had stopped caring for grades… who wanted grades anyway. I’ll live my life in my own ways.

Then came 3rd year… I was a little anxious for the placement season that was about to start next year and I knew there was too much to be asked for in my preparation for the interviews. But you, my dear jeans, comforted me with the fact that my state was shared by most of the 72 people of my class besides the fact that there was one whole year to prepare and we returned to our carefree ways. You accompanied me when I got up at 10 in morning having already missed 2 classes of the day; I missed 3rd classes in making up my mind whether or not to go to the class. Eventually I did turn up for the 11 am class and you were with me when Prof D. Patel of ‘production technology’ ordered me to get out of the class. Merrily we went to canteen after that… when you were with me, there was no question of guilt even after being kicked out of a class… such was our romance- we were so much lost in each other that we had stopped caring long ago.

Then I entered the 4th year- the placement season had started… I too had prepared my bit like everyone else… I was scared and this time you were too. No, my love, I’m not complaining… it was natural for you to get scared- after all you cared for me!! The first two companies to visit the campus for placement were big multinationals- after all it was NIT Jamshedpur. I couldn’t even qualify the written round… I had started to doubt my credentials. I had started to think if I had ever studied anything worthwhile… you were at a loss for words… those were troubled times for our affair- my faith in you had started to falter. But then came the third company- again a huge name in Indian automobile industry and I qualified the written… I kissed you and apologized for doubting your commitment… qualifying the written exam was my main concern and I had done that! Anyways that day as I was preparing for the GD and interview rounds, I had to wear formals- for the first time in four years… you looked offended and you were quite justified in being offended… I don’t complain. But I promised I’d kick the formals away as soon as I was done with the interview… I qualified the GD round, gave interview and was selected… when I got the news I came running back to hostel- it was party time… I kicked the formals away and the legendary romance resumed… it was sweet- as if we never had any troubled times in our relationship. The rest of the final year was fun at its peak… if there was a glass in which you could hold romance; for us, the glass would have over flown. You accompanied me whatever I did and wherever I went… you supported me and encouraged me as I slogged day and night as the organizing committee member of our national level technical festival. You comforted me when I was rejected by her during the cultural fest when I asked her out… “She’s a difficult person” you told me- “not very outgoing type”… and it was only because of you that I moved on.

Everything was going so well- we were cuddled up in each other but then suddenly- the last semester ended!! Alas, I was devastated… the college had ended. There were sad farewells to friends who had been my life for the four best years of my life… you held me in that tough time. How could I ever have done without you my love?

But now times have changed… our romance has to end it seems. Please don’t think any bad of me… please don’t. I still love you and will continue to do so but in a fight of stomach and heart- the stomach always wins. I had seen this coming since last one year but I was too afraid to tell you… but now I don’t have any option. I have to tell you. I am entering the corporate world darling- for me it’s the easiest way to earn bread for self. And the corporate doesn’t espouse much to people desperately in love with jeans… it prefers people in formals. No, I don’t like the formals… I never have and I never will but still I have to wear them. I have forcefully been married to the formals… it’s not a choice that I have made; it’s a decision that the almighty fate had in store for me.

In fact when you see from my side, you’ll feel- those four lovely years of love were never mine… those years were something that I had borrowed from the almighty. My heart bleeds in telling you this but that borrowed time of love has ended and we have to part our ways.

Hope you forgive me,

With love,


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Pranjal is a mechanical engineer by profession from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.

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    1. Pranjal

      oh yeah… i still do meet her secretly on weekends… my weekends are all about this extra marital affair :P:P

  1. Vidya Sury

    Ah – I am sure most of us can identify with this “love” story. I’ll never forget how I once returned home to see my beloved pair of jeans turned into a stainless steel bowl – and the stupid ignorant “bhaandiwala” was skeptical about taking the tattered item. Had never heard of Lee of course 😀

  2. Suresh Rao

    I remember my first job in P&G and I went with my special jeans.I could make them(unzip) into shorts,knee length or full. Some wise guy unzipped them on one side and ran away with my one leg.I was in those full leg and shorts on one side the whole day.Later I joined Arvind Group and now my life is only jeans and t-shirts. My disciples ask me why I don’t wear bhagva(orange) or white and I tell them that I am in love with my jeans coz “my God lives in them”!LOL! :rotfl:

  3. Karan Agrawal

    Iss kahani mein kitna dard hai! lol… I liked your romancing with your jeans… nothing beats an old jeans… the fun you derive after wearing jeans which is not washed for more than 2 months…gosh…cannot be expressed in words! 😉

    “if there was a glass in which you could hold romance; for us, the glass would have over flown.” What a narration man! Liked your post! 🙂

  4. sweta

    Wow.. lovely….

    but my case was ulta…
    In my degree time we had uniform…. but when i joined office my afire with jean started.
    luckily in my domain (Circuit designing) in both my companies we don’t have any strict dress code… so I always stick to my beloved Jean 😀

    1. Pranjal

      i’m envious 🙁
      mechanical engineers in automobile firms have to wear formals strictly if not an office uniform… sob sob 😛

  5. prashant

    very well written but i have some questions about the facrs. who was the ‘not so outgoing person’ of cultural fest?

    1. Pranjal

      that… i’ll tell u on call(sadly there is no emoticon for ‘sheepish’ which i’d have put there).

      To GC people- this prashant ladies and gentleman , is my Roommate from NIT Jamshedpur. Him and Rakesh Kr. Sharma(my other roomie)are the best roommates one can ever have 🙂

  6. Hitesh

    well, jeans is life saver for all bachelors/students i believe….. and completely agree that it looks more funky than the cleaned …….

    those days you when you woke up late ……. and your jeans shows as a life saver as you don’t have time to find other from the stack of clothes……

    i love jeans ….. can’t think of living without it…..i thank my job for not having formal dresses …….. cause i hate trousers more than i love jeans….. 😀

    1. Pranjal

      oh god!! am i the only one stuck with formals?? :(:( bring the time machine… i want to go back to 12th standard take journalism instead 😛

  7. Nidhi Srivastava

    Hey, m still in love wid my jeans…& ur article scares me…coz u know m obsessed with “LOVE” of “ALL KINDS” 😉 .Great guns going…BRAVVVOOOO

    1. Pranjal

      ha ha… thank u Nids and don worry. Of all the people- the HR are the one who absolutely HAVE to break up with Jeans(and cause break ups for lesser mortals like me too) 😛
      but anyways, obsessions are not good. i still have the hangover of my affair with jeans 🙁

    1. Pranjal

      are dhanyavaad Pramthesh ji… sab aap logo ki daya hai… u all inspire me to write whatever little i can 🙂

  8. meghna

    ok famously known as chattu(preeti’s frnd)….iloved ur article sooooooo much….keepwriting dude…u r awesome

    1. Pranjal

      hey, i’ve heard a lot about you ;)… and thanks a lot- for reading the article, liking it and the encouragement :):)

  9. Shiv Kumar

    Even i am having sobbing experience with my new uniform..You pointed out in a very well written script.

  10. Ankita

    LMAO..ROFL..LMAO..ROFLLLL….God!pranny..yet another amazing article,wonder how do u manage to do it so well..i loved reading it and relating to it, ofcourse.
    Formals are an absolute NO-NO for me too,but then can’t really help.We all have been crushed my our destinies n forced to “marry” them! 🙁 🙁
    very well written…

    P.S-hope u’ve got over with “this love”…and the orientations back to normal. 😛 😛

    1. Pranjal

      haha… thank u Anks ;). i know- we all can relate to this and no- i’m yet to get over this love 😛

  11. Soumendu Chakravarty

    bhai..kaha se aate hain yeh sab ideas??? simply amazing stuff dude….this article rly rly rox!! made me relive d 4yrs n a flash!!! 🙂

    1. Pranjal

      onek onek dhonyobad bondhu… I’m extremely happy you read the article, liked it and for a moment were reminded of the kickass fun called NIT Jamshedpur.

  12. kunal goel

    U have summarized the entire engineering in such simple words. Mech Dept. , NIT Jamshedpur ke itihaas mein PRANJAL SRIVASTAV Ka naam swarna axaron mei likha jaaega…Always looking fwd to u sir…simply AWSOME..!!

    1. Pranjal

      Thank u, Thank u beta. Are chinta mat karo. Tum bhi college se bahar aane ke bad yahi sab baatein karne lagoge :). Mech deptt, NIT Jamshedpur is a legend Man. That place score one above heaven 🙂

  13. Nathany

    That was a nice read. Nice love story. I too (infact i think we all too) had similar love stories. Only difference being that i am lucky enough (thanks to almighty) that my affair is still going on.

    Hope you recognised the name 🙂

    1. Pranjal

      Saale kutte… ek to ye bol ke jala rahe ho ki Jeans pahin ke office jate ho us par se naam yad dila rahe ho x(

  14. Archit

    awesome presentation of jeans as a living object…nice !!!
    looking forward to reading a book written by u on some of ur personal experiences in life…..

    1. Pranjal

      Thanks Bro. Glad u liked it… ham chote aadmi hain. Kitaab vitaab ham kaha likh sakte hain.

  15. jaspreet singh

    Nice piece of work Mr.Srivastava.I always dreamt to be into an NIT but cnt managed. Anyways you can keep on hanging out with your love now too.Well,DINT YOUR GIRLFREIND GOT ENVY OF THAT POOR JEANS??????????????

    but yaar i still cant get wts so special in a jeans which is torn and dirty???

    1. Pranjal

      Thanks Jaspreet. Thank u very much 🙂
      Even I feel privileged to have studied there- that place is unmatched man!
      And i can’t hang out with jeans na-i have to wear formals in office and there is no time left after office 🙁
      And I never had a girlfriend- precisely because of this love for ‘old, torn and dirty’ jeans 😛
      And as far as love for torn and dirty jeans is considered- only he, who has experienced that love can understand. For a person in love with Dirty jeans, its the case of “Dillagi Deewar se to pari kya cheez hai”

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