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Bashir Rickshaw wala? Now who is he? – Is that what you are thinking? Well there is nothing extraordinary about Bashir. In fact, he is less than ordinary. He is one of those face less person lost among the millions of people struggling to make a living in this big bad world. He is not a survivor, far from an achiever, no eulogies for him. A face that you will find every where – but forget to remember. Very much a part of your day to day to life but so insignificant that we don’t even bother to spare a thought for them. He may be a rickshaw wala, your dhobi, or the man who collects trash from your houses. He can be anyone. Here, he is a rickshawwala and suppose if he had a face book profile, how would it be? #just curious#


Bashir rickshawala

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Dear readers, what will be your action for the Bashir in your life or locality? Every idea is welcome for we never know what great minds we may encounter in the process. Spare a thought. Each and every thought counts in materializing great dreams.

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  1. Md. Muddassir shah

    Dear Mani Padma,
    I jost loved it and I concur with you.
    There are so many nameless faces that we dont bother about and the troubles they are going through.
    What I liked mose was the Calvin Klein Statement. absolutely right.
    We pay so much for brands but we fight for mere 5 Rs.
    Thanks for writing this article.


    1. mani

      Wow! that was quite an address. Thanks Muddassir, I am glad that you got the message.And once more a warm welcome.

  2. chatterbox

    A powerful post that brings out the bitter realities of the world along with an insight into the kind of information we seek in this ‘facebook addict’ society.

    Brilliant work Mani 😀 😀

  3. Pranjal

    hi bashir… i want to help you. but financially helping you out is not an option because 1)u won’t accept it. 2)its not a permanent solution. 3) i’m not rich enough. But there is one thing you treasure most- your kids. i can always support you children in their education so that don’t have to toil as hard to earn bread for their dependents… so that you are to see them getting educated… so that i can repay my country in my own humble ways… so that i can inspire more people to this cause of educating the future.

    PS: even if spent some 2-3 % of our monthly salaries for education of the kids of one such bashir, There won’t be any bashirs in future and the Bashirs which are there today would all have smiles on their faces 🙂

  4. Alka

    “when I didn’t even raise an eyebrow while meekly paying for the pricey Calvin Klein that day”

    made me feel guilty :shame: There are many things that we can do within our reach but we choose to pass on the buck to government. An eye-opener of a subject mani and liked the way you presented it.

  5. sharat

    @ mani, whats’ this yaar? We are not prepared for such harsh realities! How often we have seen people fighting with their rickshaw puller or a labour for a rupee. Its ‘Peepli Live’!!!

  6. Anney

    So true…next time, I will try to remember it when the driver takes me saying ” Jagah pata hai, madame ji ” and I see the whole of UAE before reaching next door!!!
    Seriously, I agree, I will remember that money itself is not everying, information and a helping hand is worth its wt in gold. 🙂

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