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“Who won?’ they asked.

“I came, I saw, I conquered” He roared.

“He came, he saw, he conquered” She smiled.

“He came, he saw, She conquered!” they proclaimed.

“Says who?”  he asked irritated.

“The phrase” they replied…

“Behind every successful man, there is an intelligent woman”


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0 11 August, 2010 55 Fiction August 11, 2010

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Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.

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  1. pranjal

    ok… how about shreeman atal bihari vajpayee?? :P:P
    nice 55 fiction though anney… i only wish i could write ’em 🙁

    1. Anney

      I was just trying my hand at it..:P just give it a go….maybe you can get a hilarious one! 🙂

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