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Aisha – review


A rich, care-free Delhi girl who zips the town in her yellow Beetle car, sports trendy designer labels, parties hard, wears pretty hats for the Sunday polo matches and yes, also visits poor animal rights centre like a perfect rich-socialite thinks she is good at conjuring up hearts together and thinks match making as social service. Between all these, she and her best friend the petite Pinky (Iris Dubey) thinks they may have to be single forever. A whole khandan in designer dresses – papa, mausi, chacha, didi, jiju, jiju’s brother, jiju’s new beta, chacha’s son from first marriage, a distant cousin from Haryana, a rich heir who is in love with Aisha  makes the life complete in Aisha’s world. Who is the hero in this inner coterie? Its Jiju’s brother, Arjun Burman (Abhay Deol) who also happens to be childhood friend of Aisha and who is at constant loggerheads with Aisha. Arjun is against Aisha’s way of interfering in others life and cooking their life. Meanwhile he dates his NRI colleague and friend Aarti (Lisa Haydon). In a sea of events unfolding partly in an expected manner, Aisha discovers her fault line and finds her true love calling in a Romeo Juliet way.

Aisha is like Page 3. All glitz glamour and high society. There is nothing middle class about the movie, saving Anand Tiwari who appears as Saurabh who has a huge crush over Shefali (Amrita Puri), the distant cousin of Aisha. The movie could have been very well a brand ambassador for many a high fashion items in India.

Music composed by Amit Trivedi is a big plus point and so is the cinematography. Aisha is producer papa Anil Kapoor’s gift to his beti. The movie revolves around Sonam, her world and her choice with all the designer labels to accompany.

GingerChai Verdict: When I watched the movie, I was the only guy in the entire row flanked by rows of giggling girls – that says it all. Aisha is a sweet movie, though not perfect but will definitely make you smile. Makes a good popcorn time for this weekend.

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  1. Mani padma

    The story is ‘Emma’ the novel, isn’t it? Flanked by a row of giggling gals??!! Eh! Did you actually watch the movie or not? 😀

  2. Samadrita

    A Bollywood chick-flick. Although I was wondering whether Sonam Kapoor is capable of doing any other role outside her brand-loving fashionista image!
    Good review!


    oh my god… accha hua main nahi gaya dekhane… i’m not sure i’d have survived a chick flick :O

  4. chetan

    movie was fine..
    ending of the movie could be a bit different and interesting…

    you will see sonam in nice beautiful dresses..

  5. Tavish{Sensible Bakwas}

    A pretty girly flick is what even I heard… if i do go for the movie, ill go with a huge all-male group just to save myself the embarrassment of watching a girly movie hehehe…. nice review out there… 🙂

  6. Hitesh

    NOTE :- The girl who played pinky was IRA DUBEY not IRIS DUBEY :evilgrin: i found an typo……… mmmmmuuuuhhhhaaaa

    other than that……yea it was a chick flick….but still it was sucky/bakwaas chick flick……..Aisha/Sonam was the most irritating character…….but then there were Arjun/Abhay , Pinky/Ira, Shefali/Amrita, Ranvir/Cyrus and other whom i liked……

    so lets say…..a movie with one sucky/bakwaas performer and 4-5 good actors….but the sucky/bakwaas performer has more if not less footage….cause it’s her family production……. so shld we count it as sucky/bakwaas movie…??

    Well, i don’t want to call it bakwaas just cause of Sonam……so i rate it average……

  7. Vishal Raj

    The movie is not worth watching twice. Every thing was too much predictable. The story just flowed. Nothing excited me. Songs were ok except the last one which I find quite good. Below average movie with nothing special to watch, except for those who are die hard fan of Sonam Kapoor. She’s cute.

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