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Corruption Wealth Games

How to make cool big bucks? Organize an event -Bigger the event, better the moolah. When dragon could wow the world with an amazing Olympic show, elephant promised a super show but seems like elephant is on a slippery track and may well end up as an international laughing-stock. Last month if I had said this people could have called me pessimistic but now there are numbers on my side.

We all love super heroes. The Organizing committee of Common Wealth Games has discovered a wonder boy of Indian origin.

Want toilets to be installed?

Call Ashish Patel.

TV screens?

Ashish Patel.

Costume designing?

Ashish Patel.

Need Taxi?

Ashish Patel.

Just shell him 2,47,000 Pounds and rest keep coming in installments. What else to do with the tax payer’s money? One Indians money should go into another Indian’s pocket. Its a vicious cycle to keep the Indian economic machinery well oiled.

Statutory warning: If you are highly patriotic, obedient tax-paying citizen of India, DO NOT READ FURTHER.

  • Hire charges for treadmills: Rs. 9.75 Lakhs. (Price of one of the world’s best treadmills retailing in London’s luxury store Harrods: Rs. 7 Lakhs.)
  • Rental for chair: Rs. 8,378 per unit.
  • Cross trainers: Rs. 8.8 Lakhs.
  • Hire charge for 100 litre refrigerator: Rs.42, 202.
  • A/C hire charges: Rs. 4 lakhs
  • Umbrellas: Rs.6000 per piece.

And here comes the mother of all bills.

  • Toilet tissue: Rs 4,138 (which should have actually costed only Rs 35) isn’t it really Holy Shit!!!

These are just a small slice of the bigger pie of corruption wealth.

India currently stands at a dubious rank of 84 in the International corruption perception index and come October, Kalmadi and co are doing their best to swing the perceptions further into the pits.

CWG logo:

Common Wealth Games logo

Common Wealth Games logo

After corruption charges, it could well be :

Corruption Wealth Games

Corruption Wealth Games

On a larger note, I don’t understand the need for Commonwealth nations at all and specifically India to be part of it. It might do well for those countries that still consider Queen Elizabeth as the reigning queen. World is fast changing and its time to shed the baggage of past and move ahead. Why would we need queen as the head of the commonwealth and we be part of it?! We had done away with our own kings and queens and so why still honour a videsi queen who once upon a time ruled us?

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  1. Purba

    So what if we cannot shatter records at sporting events, we are creating records of a different kind. Have you seen Ashish Patel’s pictures? Blood shot eyes, gutka chewing middleman!

    And what lies K Co is cooking and the impunity with which they pocketing public funds. Sadly, we are but mute spectators of the con-wealth games.

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  3. Mani padma

    Hain? AC 4 lakhs? Tissue paper 6000? Refrigerator 40000? I did not know my humble bearings were so much worth? I could let them have it for half that rate.

  4. S.R.Ayyangar


  5. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    I think we need the common wealth games. I understand that there is a lot of corruption and shit but successfully organizing an event of this kind will immediately place the country on a higher strata.

    Remember, we outbid Canada for this years common wealth games. That talks in volumes of the purchasing power of India. Once the common wealth games are (assuming they are smooth) done, foreign investors will look at the country in different and hopefully better light.

    1. nischal

      But it should be smooth
      If the players of any country will face troubles in accommodation, facilities (& it will be because of this bloody corruption), then that country will think twice before invest in india

  6. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    Well, what the do you expect in a country which idolizes cricket which is pretty much a bottom-feeder of a sport and an absolute disgrace.


    it’s a family site, so maybe i shouldn’t write in comment the first few words that come in my mind… but more than anything i am amazed at the guts. i mean HOW CAN U… rs. 4138 for toilet paper?? and u thought no one would ever notice?? what the heck man!!
    if one can get away with this, one can almost get away with anything…

  8. chetan

    it’s good that you wrote,
    people should now the depths of corruption in the country,
    only then will we hope to make it a better place

  9. Anney

    Thank you for confirming the name of the broker who cam sell my toilet paper,cross trainer, fridge and chair for an outrageous price….Am off to loot the neighbour off their not so valuable belongings for a lovely retirement stash ;):P

  10. gayatri

    😀 the logo version is really funny. i read somewhere that the whole CWG fiasco can be summed up as “khud ke pao par kalmadi maarna” 😀

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