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Just an observation

just an observation

So there I was, a mother of two; who could not remember the last time she had a quiet house and sitting beside me were a group of four young adults (they insist on being called that at 19!) complaining of the boring days they had, during their two month vacation. The bus stop is always a great place to meet people and I strongly believe that conversation helps to build perceptions. Their outlook on the ordinary things in life looked so interesting that I couldn’t help the comparison that sprung to my mind. After half an hour of chatting, here are my observations.

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Am sure the readers have observations that are more quirky than the ones I have not penned down. Do share them with me… I got a bus to catch!

0 04 August, 2010 Anney's Musings August 4, 2010

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Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.

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  1. pallavi

    Loved this post, Anney. Could identify with everything you’ve said, esp. this one:

    ‘Keep a maid, honey!’ —>>> ‘I am the maid, honey! ‘


  2. Vidya Sury

    Anney! Nice post! I remember when my son started going to school (am the official chauffeured two-wheeler pick up and drop)- I replaced lipstick with gluestick/fevistick, and added band aid, extra pencil box, napkins, soframycin, moisturiser, an emergency towel, etc to my BIG hand bag. Even after he started school, I’d carry a spare diaper, extra set of clothes, talc and towel and sipper in my bag, until the people at work asked me what I had in my bag – and I realized it. I always wore large cotton dupattas because they were useful in an emergency when my son had to “go” somewhere. 😀

    So – I can really identify with what you said – even though my son is now 12 years old. Sometimes the max social life is the supermarket and the trips made for essentials to the neighborhood stores.

    There’s always hope, though!

    1. Anney

      SO TRUE:)…I once found a toy car, tissues, wipes and a pamper in my office bag which was really a tiny winy when I was digging for a pencil!!!

  3. pranjal

    it’s final… done. decision le liya. khatam. bas. ho gaya. Anney ma’m has scared mortal Pranjal enough to help him decide against marriage anytime in his life 😛

      1. Anney

        Mani! (:lol:) Pranjal…wait till I write on the tales of what the guys get to do…am sure it will put you back on the bandwagon!;)

  4. ravi

    hmm… ur views are more family oriented… more like my family, my life. They seem more matirialistic. May b they are not married yet!

  5. Mani padma

    Hey my observation on your take- 😀 😀 ok two addition from my side- babies /kids- dennis the menace, calvin n hobbes. Relationships platonic- marriage after 7 years. :p

  6. Siny

    Hey cool one.. it was awesome.. I particularly liked the line ‘His money is my money and my money is my money.’

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