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So you think you can write?

I-write-like“So you think you can write?” The most clichéd question an author, a poet or a writer is asked every time he or she proclaims of his/her skills. Yes! Yes, it is very embarrassing and belittling question to be answered, an insult to our talents. No more, are we not going to bear with these disparaging questions. Looks like Goddess Saraswathi or her contemporaries interested in literature have come to our rescue.

There is this site which analyses your writing skills, compares with the writing skills of other greats and suggests that your writing style matches so and so writer. What more, it generates a badge and authenticates that your writing style is that of the great so-and-so write. You can post it on your blog or website and gloat about it

I am not sure of the algorithm behind this site, it does some calculations. Yes it does.

For the first sample, my writing style was that of Ian Fleming (I was on cloud 9). Next, I was rated as Cory Doctorow (Cory who???) and next H.P Lovecraft. My friend who was watching my disillusioned state gave up on it and said “Dude, you have your own style, you do not copy any authors, that is the reason Mr. Big Brains is not able to predict you”. I liked this idea and want to stick on with it. So, I stopped trying to analyze.

Hope at least you find the author you emulate. Good luck, pay visit to the site and find out.

And yes, Don’t forget to come back and comment on this post as to which author you write likeJ.You never know, who will start following you after they know whose writing style you match.

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He is an avid reader, a writer and a poet. Professionally He is a Technology Analyst at a leading IT Services Firm. He describes himself as “An independent Thinker.Non Conformist but not a maverick”. He believes that every object on earth has a story to tell and he loves to connect with every ounce of nature and try to depict them in his literary work.

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  1. Karan Agrawal

    Hey I am not sure whom I write like. After trying once, I tried with different different post addressing different issues. I got following responce after doing it 5 times:
    David Foster Wallace
    Cory Doctorow
    Ian Fleming
    Kurt Vonnegut
    I think I have my own style! 🙂

  2. Alka

    It says I write like David Foster Wallace :rotfl: and guess what sample I gave ? ” A B C D E …. till Z ” :silly:

  3. Anney

    OMG! I write like J K Rowling!!!! Am in heaven!
    The other writers: Kurt Vonnegut ,Issac Asimov…. Cool!!!(:heh:)

    1. Pranjal

      maine to pehle hi kaha tha u are a genius… big deal this calculator thingy confirmed it 😛

      1. Anney

        Pranjal…you naughty boy (:blush:)….who did you write like? Please tell me the site didn’t crash after reading your mechanical dynamo theories….(just Kidding);)

  4. chatterbox

    OMG I write like Stephanie Meyer and James Joyce 🙂 🙂
    But wait a minute, I never write British English like James (according to Wikipedia) and neither am I into vampires or ghosts falling in love.
    It’s may be that I am one of them in the making 😉 😉 😉

    Thank you for sharing the link 🙂


    1. Md. Muddassir Shah

      :rotfl: I definitely agree that there are many glitches in the algorithm of the site. But its a wonderful Idea. If someone can take forward this and develop the correct algorithm it will be simply great. 🙂 :lashes:

  5. Mani padma

    Hi Muddassar! I am a bit late in commenting in this thread. Welcome to GC. Happy to have a person who is so tuned into reader friendly subjects. 🙂

  6. astrosunilnomy

    i got the results William Shakespeare writes like you, kidding, its just too funny site, how can it analyse the contents or the quality of writing etc, i got i write like David Foster Wallace, next question on mind was who the hell is this guy ? they have shown a books list by him to tell that he is someone famous, anyway on the lighter side, i told rajnikanth, he typed in ” mind it ” & the servers which were hosting this site crashed 🙂 another one on the lighter side, i typed in complex string theory equation & it dais, Seriously dude, you trying to kill me ? anyway nice site, 3 cheers to the so called algorithm which is behind this !

  7. Miss jaspreet

    hey many ones
    one i remember is Niel Gaiman

    American Gods!!!!
    hahaha wondering till now

  8. Yash Bhatia

    I got Arthur Clarke! I’m one of the ‘Big Three’ of Science Fiction! Amazing website & an amazing find, Muddassir! Thanks! 😀

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