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Another adult annihilated!


Azaad and Aman altercated at aunt Annie’s abode.

Afterwards, Aman absconded.

Aunt Annie arrived and asked Azaad about Aman.

Azaad answered, ‘am ain’t aware’.

Aunt asked again.

Azaad answered, ‘an alligator ate Aman’.

Aunt, agitated, averred, ‘a$$@@@@’.

Azaad answered, ‘abuse again and…’

Aunt, annoyed, aimed an axe at Azaad’s abdomen.

‘Aaaaaaaaahhhh… ‘

Editors note: I hope readers found the unique aspect of this  this  55 fiction format story. You didnt? No I am not talking about the 55 F format here but the way the story is constructed. Have a re-look. All the words starts with “A”.  This A post comes from Kshitj and believe it or not, this is his first attempt on 55F. What a  wordplay sirji!

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About the Author: Guest post by Kshitij Khurana.  He belongs to “The Wordsworth Legions”, one of the two teams that made it to the Bloggers Premier League, first edition finals. He blogs at Dusht-ka-Drishtikone.

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    1. Kshitij Khurana

      Hmmm.. Mudassir.. thank you.
      Your name reminds me of an old friend.. he used to be a great bowler… a good competitor… colony cricket mei.. we used to call him muddi… 🙂

  1. Mani padma

    Hi kshitij! Don’t measure appreciation by statistics. Replicating your post is tough and you know it and so does all. You have done a great job so just chill. And reply to the comments, or else I will be forced to write a 55 fic- another blogger annihilated 🙂

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  3. Kshitij Khurana

    @ all – I think the post is probably not communicating one thing – I wanted to imply that Aunt Annie had killed Aman as well… and which is why I had the title ‘Another Adult Annihilated’… But logic says – if I need to explain what I meant… means the post needs a slight tweak 🙂 Anyways, I thank you all for liking something I’d call stupid… but good fun 🙂

    @ GC – you are doing such a great job. Going along with your usual business and simultaneously giving visibility to guests like me. The BPL has been a really good platform as well. I commend the effort you have been putting it. At the same time, I’d like to say there is still a lot of scope of improvement.. innovation.. and what not! Continue persisting, I say. Keep coming with new ideas… and never be scared to experiment.

      1. Mani padma

        For once I agree with u. @kshitij awww that was so sweet of u. Bas keep on giving ur feedback

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