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Rudraksha – the mystic bead
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Rudraksha – the mystic bead

rudraksha“Rudraksha” is formed by association of two Sanskrit words, ‘Rudra‘ and ‘Aksha‘. Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva and “Aksha means ‘tear’. Mythological tales have it that the plant of Rudraksha originated from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. Β It is used by Ayurvedic healers and Vedic astrologers. The seed of Rudraksh which has a stone-like feel to it enjoys a very important place in the folk lore of Hindus. It is credited with mystical and divine properties. Its botanical name is ‘Eleocarpus Granitus” and it has been known to have magnetic powers as well.

The Rudraksh tree or Elaeocarpus Granitrus bears a blue colored fruit, which is then peeled and the seeds obtained. Rudraksh seeds are bead like and their appearance bears close resemblance to the human brain. They have clefts and furrows, which are known as faces. It is believed that each bead has a different effect on the wearer, depending on the faces it has. Therefore each bead is carefully matched with the horoscope of the wearer for optimum effect. Unscrupulous people have been selling fake Rudraksh beads, as they are popular and expensive. There is one amazing property of Rudraksh, even though it is light weight, it sinks in water. This method can be used to determine whether the Rudraksh is real or not. People can wear it around neck or in bracelets. It is said to possess divine energy, which benefits the person wearing it. It is also believed to bring peace and prosperity in the house.

Medicinal value:-

Not only were Rudraksha Beads found to be ideal for focused Meditation and other Spiritual Practices, it was also traditionally believed that these beads improve concentration, focus and mental stamina. Due to these properties it was found that wearing these Beads around the heart reduced and controlled stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness. These positive effects were noted by healers in Eastern cultures, and they prescribed them to their patients.

It is remarkable to consider that natural beads of vegetable matter from the Rudraksha Tree affect the human neurophysiology as described in Vedic Literature. However recent scientific research has again found Vedic Knowledge to be correct.

Though the powers of Rudraksha have been known as a phenomenon for
thousands of years in Vedic Knowledge it is only since the late 1980s that they have become more prominent particularly after the research done by a group of scientists lead by Dr. Subas Rai PHD of the Institute of Technology University in Banaras India

A combined study to research the Biomedical Implications of Rudraksha was conducted with the Departments of Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering, Psychiatry, General Medicine and Psychology. This study proved and documented the powers and effects of Rudraksha Beads scientifically with reproducible results.

Research has proven that Rudraksha have powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive Properties that vary from the different Mukhis or facets (the different number of divisions found on the surface of each Bead)

It was also found that those wearing Rudraksha Beads were able to experience reduced stress reaction to unexpected levels that were normally possible only with continued doses of tranquilizers.

In scientific terms the Rudraksha Beads are Dielectric as they store electrical energy and they have permanent magnetic properties that change with the different Mukhi (facets) Beads. The complete list of all the properties found inherent in the Rudraksha Beads includes Electromagnetism, Para magnetism, Diamagnetism and Dynamic Polarity or the ability to change polarity

When Rudraksha Beads are worn over the heart and energized through chanting of specific mantras they interface and integrate with the human body at a silent subtle level of Consciousness. Due to their dielectric and magnetic properties the Rudraksha Beads initiate and effect positive change in our Neurophysiology.

The Rudraksha Effect brings the wearer into the Alpha State of present moment living that all Spiritual Disciplines teach as the path to self empowerment, fearless life, Enlightenment and Liberation.

The Alpha State produced in the brain boosts the confidence and inner strength of the wearer significantly and as a result the heart beat, circulation, function of endocrine glands and activity of neurons and respiration is normalized in the physical body.

Supporting scientific evidence for these statements are again found in the published research papers by Dr. Subas Rai describing the beneficial powers of Rudraksha by virtue of electrical and magnetic properties that effect our Central Nervous System, Autonomic, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and other organ systems.

It was proven that wearing of Rudraksha controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on Blood Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Palpitations and Lack of Concentration.

It was also found that Rudraksha Beads have anti ageing properties based on their Electromagnetism.

Generations who have worn authentic Rudraksha Beads have repeatedly confirmed they have experienced considerable relief from high blood pressure, stress, hypertension, depression and other mind related problems including neurotic conditions.

Astrological Properties :

It is believed that Rudraksha are very influential in removing bad effects of the planets. Gems are used specially for removing the bad effects of planets. But if they are unable to pacify the evil influence, it is most advisable to wear Rudraksha as advised by the astrologer.

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  1. Alka

    Never knew there exists such scientific and medicinal properties in the mystic bead. I always thought it is just one another religious symbol :sidefrown:

    Thanks for the very informative and enlightening article rituji πŸ™‚

    1. Phoenixritu

      Alka, most of what we eat and drink – especially the Indians has its basis in medicine. Do you know that even our tea is actually medicinal? Today they have discovered great things in turmeric (haldi) which our forefathers have known for centuries.

  2. Karthik

    Was ignorant of the scientific fact behind Rudraksha , has always take it on its face value of religious symbol πŸ™‚ thanks for the wonderful article

  3. Sanchit Goyal

    Very good post!

    I came to know about the mystical properties of Rudraksha after I attended “Isha Yoga Program” by Isha foundation.

    They told at length about the Rudraksha, its origin, its effects, its types etc. Infact there is 1 very simple test which can be done by anyone at home (Provided he has Rudraksha mala at his home ) to see the properties of Rudraksha and thus believe about this powerful seed!

    From long time I have plans on composing a post about Rudraksha but they havent materialized till now because of my Laziness!! hehe

    While my post would touch more on spirituality its great that yours touch on its scientific values which give people enough reason to believe in the powers of Rudraksha.


  4. Krish

    A very informative post. Thanks to Macaulay system of education, we have successfully managed to keep the treasure of knowledge passed on by our forefathers to be hidden away from the present generation. An awareness should be generated to bring out the pride of our lost knowledge. We have a past to be pride of not shy of.

    1. Phoenixritu

      True, very true Krish. I feel that we have lost a lot of our own cultural heritage. Its not racy, its not slick, but is based on common sense and experience – which (in this age of instant everything) becomes boring. We need to revamp it and present it to the world

  5. Pranjal

    there is an error- its “institute of technology, banaras hindu university” and not “institute of technology university in banaras”… its one of the country’s top engineering institutes πŸ™‚

  6. Juzar

    Can you tell me where these trees are found. Is this mystical bead the same as what some people use, a bead called “kerba” or “kevra” or something that sort?

  7. Nitin

    Quiet amazing. Sometimes I wonder how sages and sadhus discovered all this 1000s of years ago!

    I have heard that Rudraksh should be worn by people belonging to some particular sun-signs only? Is that true or anybody of any age, sun-sign can wear these for any amount of time!

  8. Pranab

    Quite amazing what will pass as “Science” these days. Could you please substantiate your claims by providing some links to published papers in peer reviewed journals that provide some (actually) scientific basis for the claims made? Cheers!

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