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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – review


Well! Well! Well! Another Friday and I get my lollypop called DVD to bring before you another DVD pick of the week and the movie is Charlie and The Chocolate factory!!!??? What? What’s there to laugh? Why are you all sniggering? And who was that who whispered – next she will be reviewing Finding Nemo! Ok I may! So what’s wrong in it? Sheesh! Come on fellows! We can always let go of our stuffy selves occasionally and be the child that we have always wanted to be. Isn’t it? What’s wrong in letting down our inhibitions and remembering our wonder years called childhood now and then? No harm, isn’t it? After all Children’s movies and literature have the best messages.

“A child is not a salmon mousse. A child is a temporarily disabled and stunted version of a larger person, whom you will someday know. Your job is to help them overcome the disabilities associated with their size and inexperience so that they get on with being that larger person.”

So let’s switch off our cell phones and the internet… no! no!  no ! Ooops! Major goof up, not the internet! The cell phone will do. So let’s settle comfortably with hot chocolate fudge and proceed with the review.

Icing on the Cake-the movie directed by Tim Burton, with his all time favorite Johnny Depp , Freddie High more , Helena Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee among the notables is based on the famous children’s classic of the same name by Roald Dahl. Huge! Isn’t it?  It was nominated for Oscar in the category of costume design over  and above other nominations and awards and this movie has all the works needed for a successful musical fantasy movie- the sets, art, photography, music- cutely funny, costumes etc.

Pie- As they say-“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe“.

The movie is about Charlie played by sweet and innocent looking Freddie Highmore who comes from a very poor family of the Buckets where life is a struggle. Here I have to mention one notable thing- being of a poor family, Charlie’s family had just one bed, and that was given to the grand parents for use– BOTH THE SET OF GRAND PARENTS. Can you imagine the concept? Both the set of grand parents – living under the same roof and sharing the same bed in total harmony?!!! Ok sorry for the disruption. Coming back to the story- Mr. Wonka played by Johnny Depp is a weird man – a candy maker and a very talented one at that who owns a chocolate factory which was doing very well until some spies steal his ideas and duplicate his products. He shuts the factory after that and leaves for God knows…where. But he eventually returns to turn weirder and restart the factory to churn out more amazing products but mysteriously no body knows who exactly is working under him in the factory… The movie starts with the announcement coming from Mr. Wonka that he is releasing five golden tickets in his chocolates, the lucky recipient of which will win a lifetime supply of chocolates along with a tour of the factory. Charlie who has the good fortune of having a chocolate only once a year has the least chances of having the ticket but miracles do happen and he gets the ticket after two false starts and when he is least expecting. The other four children who are the lucky recipients represent four vices prevalent among kids – Verruca- the spoilt brat, Augustus – the glutton, Violet- hyper competitive chewing gum addict and Mike Teavee- the TV and video games addict. So starts a journey inside the amazing and unbelievable chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. . What awaits the children? What is the surprise prize? Is there a message at the end of the movie? What is the secret of Willy and his Dad’s relationship? Who are the secret workers of the factory? The answer is there at the end of the visual treat of the tour of Wonka’s factory.

How the cookie crumbles-The cookie does not crumble at all in this case. But yes !Tim Burton does deviate slightly from the original story at the end by introducing the sub plot of Mr. Wonka and his dad, but he fixes it up well by topping it with a lovely message- In the end, … Willy Wonka had something even better, a family. And one thing was absolutely certain – life had never been sweeter.

Crème de la crème Everything about this movie screams sweetness and yumminess. Johnny Depp is superb as Mr. Wonka. Charlie looks convincingly forlorn and hungry. Co actors have done their bit well, be it the children or the adults. The visuals are impressive. The movie, interspersed with songs has interesting choreography. As an adult you may find it… weird but let the child loose in you and you will enjoy it.

GC verdict– Chocolates hardly go wrong. Thumbs up!

Directed by: Tim Burton

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  1. Hreu

    Chocolate is always good and welcome, review is good. When will the fish be available? :heh:

  2. Rumya

    I was first introduced to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the form of a play by school children at the Prithivi Theater in Mumbai (almost 10 years ago) when I was 7. I loved it so much that I went ahead and bought the fantastic book by Roald Dahl soon after. Later, when the movie came out, I watched it too!! 😀 Who doesn’t like Chocolate, Charlie and the fabulous Mr. Willy Wonka. Not to forget those musical Oompa Loompas!! 😉

    And yes, it is common knowledge that I’m completely smitten by my Pirate Johnny Depp!! :inlove: Can’t miss anything that stars him, can I?? :giggle:

  3. mani

    @c Shilpa Thanks! so did you watch it? :lashes:

    @Hreu awww cho chweet! :kissed:

    @Usha I can understand Jill Sparrow. :silly:

    @Rumya Eh et tu? good good! :beauty:

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