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Golden Rules of Marriage


Everyone must know certain rules to keep one’s sanity from running away. Here are a few rules I learned along with my husband.

Rule 1: Avoid getting married in the first place. Divorce is an expensive affair. There are other ways to test endurance! Try Survivor!!!

Rule 2: Accept it….you are in for good! (You broke rule #1 didn’t you. Well these are just for people like you.)

Rule 3: Men- Don’t ask your wife to cut down her weight and volunteer to get her into a weight loss programme. Those who broke this rule are still paying for the gems, the gym, the dieting programs and workout outfits that will never be used in this lifetime.

Rule 4: Women – Unless you want your husband to get you the lawn mower for your birthday, please specify the gift that you will accept and the price tag that is approved by you.

Rule 5: Men – Always jot down her birthday, your wedding day, your first kiss and the fateful day that you met your “Other Half”. These will be useful to pass the pop quiz that you will have to take on any given day. Pass mark-’Aww so sweet!’ Fail –‘You don’t love me anymore…. (Accompanied by tears and more expensive jewelry)’

Rule 6: Women – Always jot down the numbers to the takeaways within two kilometer radius along with your mother-in-laws recipes. They will be handy when you want to hear “Just like Mummy’s cooking!” “Tastes like home!”

Rule 7: Men – when the wife says shopping, she does mean minimum two hours! It isn’t an easy affair either on your wallet or on your simple mind. Disappear if you don’t want to wait on her hand and foot, with statements like’ Call me when you are done/ Got some work to do/ Car needs servicing’

Rule 8: Women – Time and money are never calculated on the same terms. Time is minutes for men and hours for women; Money is less when they spend it and more when you do.

Rule 9: There is no such thing as a joint decision. One argues and the other dictates.

Rule 10: Messy days are over, get a maid if you want your sanity to be maintained.

Rule 11: Men – Do not criticize your wife on the household chore left undone. It is best to keep that opinion to yourself. Those who have violated this rule have found themselves stuck for life without parole, with all types of chores!

Rule 12: Women – Never ask a man to save you when the house is on fire and sports / global news repeat is on TV. The chances are you will burn to steak and he will come around ad time to see if the popcorn is done. It’s every woman to her-self. Violation of this rule has known to cause baldness in women. Most women were found pulling their hair out.

Rule 13: Children are for people who can take care of pets and don’t mind 4 am feeding time. For others, there are easy activities – bonsai, Farmville and Twitter. Caution: People who ignored the warning in this rule are often seen at a playground with defeated expressions on their faces and patiently watching the little tyke go through Jungle Bungle for the umpteenth time saying ’ Mommy, Mommy, Look at me, ….See me climb, Daddy’.

Rule 14: Men – Children, freedom and order don’t go together. Period.

Rule 15: The next door neighbour has everything that is perfect, no matter which corner of the earth you live in. Deal with it!

Rule 16: All arguments must be settled by Dawn next day. Men – Admit it, you can’t take care of the kids single handed while cooking, cleaning and working. Women – Enjoy the chaos with a cup of tea. Do the disappearing act if the apology is not in on time. Deadline is important.

Rule 17: Men – Nothing gets you more work than looking comfortable on a couch.

Rule 18: Women- It’s true; the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach. It is a well kept public secret. There is no point fighting it. Check Rule #6 for more tips.

Rule 19: If you can’t convince them on the goodness of your diabolical plan….confuse them and then scare them. For best results, try this rule on the kids. It works wonders on confusing the Know-It-All and scaring the Dare Devil. There is nothing like a little confusion and fear to lick them to shape.

Rule 20: Do sit down for a cup of coffee everyday and say I love you to each other. It is a must since you broke Rule

# 1. Just kidding! It is a must since love really does make life worth living.

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Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.

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  1. sharat

    smiles…smiles…miles of smiles…(yeh to khushi ke aansuuuu hain…puspa!!!)

    Since you r a lady you missed some men viewpoints (LR hope u agree):
    – eating only at home (!) everyday is sure to create indigestion. Some times Biryani from outside is good
    – sach bolo to jhadu milegi, thoda jhoot bolo to ladooo. Lie is good for life to be Good
    – When you are back to home it is advisable to roll down yourself in mud and look perspiring dirty. Sympathy builds love…

    1. Anney

      I loved the use of dialogue (:rotfl:)
      * Good to know that the men enjoy the biriyani from outside…coz the ones I see claim upset stomach and eat at home …every single day! 😉
      * I agree…truely missed that one.
      * good angle! Kya baat hai 🙂

  2. Pranjal

    hahaha… too good Anney…i have seriously been contemplating following the rule no 1… life is so much fun, why mess it with wife, children, expenses blah blah blah… the kind of awaragardi u enjoy while bachelor is unmatched 😛

  3. Mani padma

    Ha ha ha! I can relate to most of them. Especially the saving oneself from fire. Just few days back when there was a fire scare at our next door neighbours and we were scurrying for cover, the first thing that he reactively grabbed was not the kid, nor his mom, but the laptop. I still tease him for that.

  4. Hitesh

    thanks for the warning………well though i did read the other rule….but i’m at Rule one rite now…….. so preparing for the future……..and these tips would come handy……i suppose…..

  5. Bob

    Hey Anney
    It was great reading an effective list that states so many obvious things that too in a nutshell.Being an avid reader of relationship books & married for 5 yrs & having a hyperactive kid I wholeheartedly agree with you. A BIG THANK YOU

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