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Nissan Micra – Review


After selling ultra-premium segment cars for over 6 years in India, Nissan has jumped into the mass popular segment where the numbers decide the game.  So they begin their innings in already crowded B- segment with Micra.

frontAs you cast your eyes on Micra you are certain to be transfixed over it. Micra is neither petite nor skinny but a little voluptuous, healthy and buxom car.  It does not portray the regular, common car-next-door image but a classic beauty with a confidence redefined. The retro yet modern feel and look of the car wins your thousand smiles. The front of the car begins with retro lines with sleek integrated huge bug headlamps with integrated indicators and parking light. The bonnet flows smooth into the Nissan logo, with a single line grill. Gaze little lower towards the bumper, the black meshed grill adds a sporty look along with the fog lamps. The grills give a Mini feel to the car.  All this and the retro curves give the car a very classy yet sporty appearance.

backMove to the sides, the aerodynamic body lines flows gently wrapping the rear view mirror and giving a solid feel. The smooth roof lines gives a wind-tunnel feel good to cruise on highways.

The rear is wrapped up with integrated retro lights with roof mounted brake lights. The slight bulge curves and the screen give a vintage grace.

Click the button and Micra greets you in thanks to the intelligent key system and if that is not enough pamper yourself with the push button system to start the engine, all this while you are soaked in a comfortable seating. But this luxury comes only in the top variant, so prepare to shell out a bit more. Infact, the start stop engine button is a first of its kind offering by any car makers in this segment.

Look around, stretch your legs you find the car spacious.  The dashboard is neat with a decent plastic job.  The view from the car is comfortable to ride and pleasure to gaze around.

The tilt steering and airbag is standard in all the variants and also explains why your Micra cost a tad more than its fellow models.  Nissan thinks safety and beauty should go hand in hand but of course the lower variant comes with only one airbag. The 226 litre boot space is fair enough for you to stuff your things on a road trip.

Micra comes in 6 colors: Sunlight Orange, Blade Silver, Storm White, Pacific Blue, Onyx Black, Brick Red.

Micra Colors

Now step the pedal or push the button, Micra comes alive with the 1198 cc, 3 cylinder petrol engine that claims a 76PS @ 6000rpm and 104Nm @ 4000rpm. The ride is smooth and peppy. Criss-crossing in city roads amidst traffic, turns and potholes, the car was a pleasure to ride. The car is sturdy during while taking turns and gives you an extra confidence to the driver. In short the smooth, refined engine and the ride handling gives Micra a big thumps up.

Micra comes in 3 variants: XE (the base model), XL and XV (the top model)

The realistic mileage one can expect in our city roads with A/c on could be 15-16 Kmph, though the company claims 18.06 Km/litre.

Ex-showroom price as on July 15, 2010 checked in Bangalore showrooms are 4.01 Lakhs for the base model going upto 5.33 Lakkhs for the fully loaded version.

GingerChai Verdict: Micra is a small car with a big attitude. It is classic and yet loaded with modern features. Good ride quality and handling makes it a good city car as well as for a highway trip. Ofcourse the final on-road price is tad costlier than some of its comparative models but then the car is refreshing and has a confident personality. Only drawback is when it comes to service, one has to drive miles to reach a service centre.  I hope Nissan works on this front soon. Otherwise, a good looking car, feature rich and wonderful to ride.

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  1. nikhil

    Great… I think Nissan is better than Suzuki and Hyundai… in line with toyota… wait for Tiida… i got that… its amazing economical car (in line with Toyota Corolla)

  2. Anney

    I love it..I have a tiida..its cool to ride in with the space and the comfort.:)
    Ps. This is the first time I have actually read a car review all through…nice style 🙂

  3. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    Despite being a mechanical engineer, I can’t tell one car from another which might also speak in volumes about why I don’t drive! More on that later ! 😛

  4. Mandeep

    No Micra can not match with Suzuki / Hyundai in this segment. Their engine is more powerful than Micra…

  5. Unni Krishnan

    After seeing the car and knowing the features I thnik Micra with Nissan brand name will be the bet of tomorrow.

  6. Swastik Jalan

    Guys – Micra is a hopeless vehicle, possibly the worst car that i have come across till now. I got the top end of Micra – and now i want to sell it off immediately. The best part is that the showroom guy himself is helping me sell this vehicle at 1 lac lessor than the price i bought. I have run the car only 870 KMS. The car jerks on accelaration, gives you a skid feel on braking, too much noise for a petrol car. All in all a sheer waste of money.

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