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Inception – Review


Watched INCEPTION on Friday night! Well, I will try to review this movie by trying “Poetry” for the First time in my life..!!

Here goes my 5 line “Poetic Review” of Inception:

“If you are in “Perception” that “INCEPTION”

Is naive, crude and primitive “Reception”,

Then, be ready for the “Deception”

Of Christopher Nolan’s Brilliant “Conception”

As this movie is an “Exception”!!

The main idea of this movie is “You can achieve your dream in your Dream”!! Confused? Read on!

Cobb, (Leonardo De Caprio) has this brilliant skill of entering people’s mind through dreams, extracting valuable secrets and thoughts from their subconscious mind in dream state. Cobb and his wife Mal had spent years together in their dreams building wonderful empire. Mal gets psychologically affected by this and wishes salvation. She commits suicide and leaves behind a note accusing Cobb for her suicide. Cobb now flees the country and has one hope of proving himself innocent and returning back to his children.

Cobb is given a chance of redemption when powerful Saito cracks a deal with him. This time the deal is “Not to steal idea, but to Plant an idea ” into his rival businessman Robert Fisher Jr. Saito promises Cobb that he would reunite him with his children if he plants an idea inside Fisher’s mind to break his father’s empire. Lured by the idea of reuniting, Cobb accepts this task.

Cobb always carries a “totem” which he spins to check if he is present in his dream or real world. If the totem spins indefinitely, its dream, else its real world. If a person dies within a particular dream experience, he enters a “limbo” state in which in which time is compounded so drastically that even few minutes of real time seems like decades.

Cobb and his team successfully drug Fisher in the plane and enter his dream. The circumstances demand them to enter a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream and so on. Thus they enter multiple levels of dreams to achieve their mission.

Christopher Nolan has beautifully embroidered this movie where each scene is co-relatively stitched to another.

If you bat your eyelid, or attend phone calls or nature calls or concentrate on your popcorn, then Congrats! You have lost “track” of this movie!!

Will Cobb’s dream of proving himself innocent and reuniting with his children ever come true?  Keep an eye on rotating “Totem” throughout the movie for the answer!!

Direction,Concept and Production: Christopher Nolan: 5/5


Leonardo Di Caprio as Cobb: 5/5
Marrion Cortilad as Cobb’s wife: 4/5

Cinematography: Wally Pfister : 4/5

My rating: 4.8/5

– Reviewed  by Swathi Pradeep . Swathi is an enthusiastic blogger who is a software engineer from India and currently doing her MBA in USA.  Her writings are an “epitome” of  her enthusiasm, forthrightness, frankness, expressiveness and honesty. She loves Reading books,listening to Music,Blogging,Cartooning,Travelling & Cooking.

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  1. chatterbox

    Wow! 4.8 is an awesome rating 🙂
    I’ve been wanting to see the movie, let’s see how soon I can make it 🙂
    That was a fantastic poetic review 🙂


    1. Subramonian(Suresh)

      Movie and this particular review are good. To me, the rating would be ****.

  2. swathi pradeep

    @Chatter Box,
    I loved the movie,so my rating is 4.8! 🙂
    Thanks a lot for loving my review and poem 🙂
    You should definitely watch this movie if you loved MATRIX!!

  3. Mani padma

    Hi Swathi. Welcome on board. Loved the poetic review. But I beg to differ in some of your perceptions regarding the deception called Inception. Mel did not commit suicide for salvation, rather it was an Inception of an idea gone wrong. Inception of the idea that the world we live is not the real world rather the real world awaits us after death, effected unwittingly by her husband Cobb. An idea that spread like a cancer, a virus in her mind and destroyed her.She had left the suicide notes so as to compel him to die along with her, as she wanted him to be by her side, together after death in her so called ‘real world’. Cobb has to deal with his ghost of his past and guilt and in a final bid to regain what he has lost, has to again attempt an Inception.

  4. Karan A

    Inception surely is a brilliant movie! The concept, the execution, to convince the diverse audience…HatsOff! It reminded me of The Prestige and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, again few brilliant movies! Kudos! 🙂 Nice Analysis and yeah the poetry is very apt! 🙂

  5. swathi pradeep

    @Mani Padma,
    Thanks for the welcome. Mal was physchologically affected as they(cobb and Mal) were venturing in dreams within dreams within dreams building their own mpires for years together. Hence Cobb implanted an idea of suicide for her to help her come out of different levels of dreams. He successfully brought out of all her levels of dreams. But Mal thought that she is still in a dream and she jumped off the roof aspiring for salvation and so that she can enter real world.
    Do watch the last 10 minutes of the movie again,when Cobb reveals why he is guilty.. 🙂

    Yes,its an awsome movie

    Yes, irs a brilliant concept

  6. sharat

    u are right when u said – bat an eyelid and u loose the plt -it happened to me…and was to embarass to even think that I may hv not understood the concept….but now happy….as everyone here including you have different perception about ‘inception’…

  7. Gyanban

    I would rate Inception at 3/5 at best.

    Appreciating Inception for story line is like liking Matrix 1 for special effects.

    Matrix was concept movie.Clearly articulated the aim,the object,the process and the resultant action.

    Inception clearly, gets too intelligent for it s own good. just because it is Leo Caprio/Chris Nolan does automatically warrant it a cult status.

    The warped logic/or the lack of it, is woefully exposed in many disjointed storyline and scenes if you observe closely.

    One can argue, it was by design, well in that case it was a bad design.!

    Barring some special effects,and some chase sequences, rest of it was passe. In fact quite ordinary.

    My recommendation for folks who haven’t watched it – keep your patience,and you just might like some scenes, lose it, and you might get out in the interval.

    clearly, for me, there was no A-ha in Inception – more so as I learned that they never got to it in the first place.!

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