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From St Paul to Political Pals

For many centuries now, Indians have known the psychic abilities of birds and animals. Western world is waking up now, after canonizing Paul, the Octopus. They may soon discover the sainthood of cows, monkeys and parrots we traditionally venerate. Of course, Meena kutti, the 8 year old parakeet is the flag-bearer for the cause though over-shadowed by Saint Paul this FIFA world cup. While Meena Kutti’s business is flourishing in Malaysia, St.Paul decided to hang its tentacles. Only we at Bloggers Premier League knows the real cause of Paul to quit.

The image says it all!


While Paul quit the show, there is no quitting in the Indian Political Drama. In Karnataka, the opposition legislators slept over-time overnight  in the assembly as a mark of protest to demand a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into illegal mining in the state.  Media reports that they had a great night out complete with biryanis, antakshari etc. Can we also expect a mark of protest by working over time?


While the legislators are sleeping  down south, up north in Punjab where the state is flooded and around 10 have died, a group of legislators including the assembly speaker are on a study mission to Scotland. The hyper active legislators are supposedly on a trip to study the whiskey management process and pollution management by the distilleries there so that they can control the pollution by local distilleries here. Are you about to say Hic Hic Hurray a good intention but bad timing? Well, you just need to ignore the fact that the state pollution board has rubbished the legislators “findings” of water pollution due to distilleries in the area.  On arrival may be they can undertake another “study” tour to Niagara falls to see how to prevent flooding? When space travel opens up, I am sure our legislators will undertake a space trip to study “air pollution” !


From local politicians lets a cross border politician. Poor guys! Atleast in India, we threw out the kings and ministers have replaced the kingdom, few with their own dynasties and fiefdom but life is not rosy for Pakistani ministers.  They are caught between ISI and Terrorists, though the difference is just in the uniform.  So fearing them the foreign minister went like a loose missile fist accusing SM Krishna of making calls to India, later back tracking the statement that comes easy to politicians of all colors and nation and then saying he does not want to visit India for leisure trip.  Ah! Mr.Qureshi, we would like Pakistanis to come India on leisure trips but just make sure no terror trips in disguise.

Cartoons by Gayatri. Check out her And so on…

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  1. Purba

    Qureshi is one big drama queen trying to earn brownie points with his anti India stance. You should see the way he behaves when Hillary Clinton is around – like a love struck bat.

    And Hic Hic Hurray to the Punjab legislators! Let’s ensure they never come come back.

  2. Abhilash

    You know something… I enjoyed this post very well. You have written it very nicely. Kudos!!!

    The depiction of these happenings in a funny manner is creative.

    Nice work indeed.

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