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From Paris With Love – Review


This is anything but the cliché, being hammered at with intensity, in the title! It’s not a love story unless you have a thing for high adrenaline car chases along the streets of Paris, in pursuit of bad ass terrorists committed to blow up an international summit and all those gathering for the purpose!

John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Myers (the homosexual in me goes Va Va Voom!) serve up much more than a buddy-cop story in this movie which will ensnare you in its web of intelligent deception and feisty car chases and moves that would leave most gymnasts gaping!

James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Myers), a pencil pushing desk jockey who is a wannabe Special Forces member is teamed with the Charlie Wax (Travolta), an unorthodox veteran of busting crime syndicates, terrorist cells and such. The scene: modern day Paris. The plot: Several terrorists want several politicos dead. It’s up to Reese and Wax to fix this situation with dispatch. And they do exactly with some deception thrown into the mix!

Jonathan Rhys Myers, John Travolta
Producer: Pierre Morel (of ‘Transporter’ fame)
Running time: 92 minutes (R)
0 09 July, 2010 Movies July 9, 2010

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