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Interview With A Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles


From: me

Date- 25 June 2010, 16.40pm

Subject- Review – An Interview with a Vampire

To- Brew master

Tom Cruise – A dish. Brad Pitt- Dish, Antonio Banderas- Dish, Kirsten Dunst- Spicy

In short Interview With A Vampire is a gourmet’s delight! (drool drool!)


From: Brew master

Date 25 June, 2010, 17 .30 pm

Subject- Re: Review – An Interview with a Vampire


Dear LIIT,

Though that was an interesting way of reviewing a movie, I would still like an elaborate review.

Brew master.

L      L L

Where has everybody’s sense of humor gone these days? Well ok. That means I have to fill in substantially now and more coherently, but tell you what? The moment I remember that movie, I can’t help likening it to a superb six course meal/. Hell I can still manage to combine both, isn’t it? It just has to be ELABORATE, he didn’t mention the HOW.

So the DVD pick tonight is An Interview With A Vampire. With the tagline- Drink From Me and Live Forever And by God it’s a DISH or rather a gourmand’s delight

Appetizer– Let me whet up your appetite with the following facts. This Neil Jordan directed movie, based on the novel of the same name by Anna Rice  has a delicious star cast of Tom Cruise at his devilishly handsomest, Brad Pitt looking ethereal( I know I know it sounds weird, but he is looking ethereal), Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Slater. It had earned two Oscar nominations for set decoration and best music – original score and won 18 awards and 16 nominations- phew if that also didn’t interest you then Ahem! It is R rated.

Salad– Christian Slater of Broken Arrow fame has nothing much to do other than being the interviewer… He is there as he is necessary in the movie but doesn’t evoke much interest- just like salads- healthy and important but not that delicious.

Cheese servings– The movie is about the angst of a Vampire dealing on immortality, companionship and his ethos and pathos aptly stated in this line. “The world changes, we do not, there lies the irony that finally kills us.

The script is beautiful, if it can be called that- poignant and with traces of melancholia, some quotes being philosophical with a dark theme in them like this one

Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are none so like him as ourselves”. Immortality is not about life rather it’s …about nothing. It’s a void, where you have nothing to look forward to, not a future nor doom. The world changes but you don’t. Umm not a palatable idea. And that is what being a vampire is all about… just the void and your unquenchable thirst- a constant.

Main Course-The story starts with 200 year old vampire Louis De Ponte Du Luc narrating his story to Malloy (Christian Slater) a reporter, taking us back in time to 1791 when Louis was a plantation owner, young and handsome but not fortunate, as his wife died just then during childbirth. Devastated , he longed for death himself when Lestat a devilish vampire ( Tom Cruise) decided to grant him his death wish, but just before he did that, he gave a dying Louis a chance to immortality and maybe it was the torment or an impulse, Louis chose immortality without being aware what hell he was pushing himself to.  And after that, hell, it was for him as he realized what it meant to be a vampire with a never ending thirst for blood, an instinct to kill. From then on his life or rather lack of life, was a quest for answers, struggle with his instincts and a reluctant companionship with Lestat who was cunning and fierce with no regrets at all.

The story takes an interesting turn when they come upon a child Claudia ( Kirsten Dunst), an Orphan in plague hit New Orleans, and Louis drinks her blood to kill her mercifully and to relieve her from her miseries, but on a foresight Lestat grants her immortal life and a third lively pretty member was added in their family of two. After a short happy tryst of thirty years, Claudia much to her horror realized what she was and what she would never become- a woman. She was filled with hatred for Lestat for making her what she was and in spurt of vengeance destroys him with the aid of Louis who was totally besotted with the child and who himself was caught in a clash of principles with Lestat, leaving Lestat for dead and embarking on a journey together with Claudia in search of their kind and also some answers. They reach Paris where they meet Armand (Antonio Banderas) and where the story takes a tragic turn defining Louis’s fate and pathos ultimately. What happened to Lestat? Claudia? Who was Armand? It is worth watching the movie to know the answers.

Side Dishes– Tom Cruise is excellent as the unscrupulous Lestat. It can be considered as one of his best movies. Brad Pitt- brooding, tormented looks absolutely handsome and your heart go out to him. Banderas – looks good but is wasted in a small role.
Dessert– The surprise sweet delight is Kirsten Dunst. She was a better actress as a child than as Spiderman’s girl. She looks convincing as a child with the anguish of never growing into woman, with the knowledge that she will never know the pleasures of being a woman. The sets, costumes, are very much worth mentioning. Though the pace of the movie is sedate, you will never feel it to be slow. The script as mentioned earlier is like one long flowing poetry if I may be allowed to say so.

GC verdictBurp! That was one good meal, I mean movie. DVD – my verdict? – A collector’s item

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  1. Phoenixritu

    I liked this movie a lot. This and Vampire Chronicles, both by Anne Rice. The best movie by Tom Cruise? Not so much this one as Top Gun and Risky Business. Nice style of doing a movie review – very entertaining

  2. Anney

    Mani, I admire the way u pull out review, stories and all sorts of write ups from you coat(Doctor’s coat!):)

  3. Mani padma

    @ Ritu- well I liked Tom in ths movie cos he projected evil in a very stylish way. Thanks! @ Anney thanks sweetie! U wil find everythng else in my coat except a stethoscope. 😀

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