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I hate luv storys -review

I Hate Luv Storys

When the title says I hate luv storys and the promo shows the heroine’s character as mushy mushy die-hard romantic and hero as one who hate the four letter L- word, you are pretty sure what to expect from a Bollywood movie.

Under Karan Johar’s banner debutant director Punit Malhotra starts by spoofing Bollywood love stories and especially the king of mushy times KJo’s flicks but unfortunately the movie itself charts the predictable, clichéd time tested formulae of Bollywood.

So I hate this love story coz after a promising start of mocking at Bollywood stories it ends up being one of the same kind.

I hate this love story coz the director could not extract anything from Sonam kapoor except her glossy smile and adorn her with pretty dresses.

I hate this love story coz the movie is boringly dragging.

I hate this love story coz the movie is interspersed with unnecessary songs when the going is already slow.

I hate this love story coz the movie has a quiet predictable script.

I hate this love story coz the hero like in many other Bollywood movie especially KJo movie has a “mere paas maa hai” tonic

I hate this love stoy coz the move inherits the same over dramatic and silly plot.

I hate this love story coz though this Kjo’s production has taken a pot shot at KJo himself, it ends up as nothing different.

I hate this love story coz few instances like Imran teasing the watchman of the house reminds of other movies and actors and Amir khan in this particular scene.

Is there anything left to love this love story?

I love this love story coz the canvas is bright.

I love this love story coz for the supporting characters played by Samir soni, Kavin dave etc

Well, I may teens may love this love story coz Imran fits perfect as a chocolate boy hero.

GingerChai Verdict: A below average candy floss  movie with predictable, boring script dragged too long to drown you into boredom. If you have time to kill, watch it.

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  1. Lazy Pineapple

    I knew it was over hyped just like all Bollywood movies are. They build up the expectations of the viewer and then cannot live up-to the expectations.

  2. Nikhil

    I hate all these romance flicks from KJ, so boring. After long long time, Rajneeti was good movie in bollywood, maybe after 3 idiots this is the 1st one. :((

  3. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    Why is it that Indian cinema is a regular train wreck? Why is it that indian movies are the most mocked in the world (personal exp.)? I don’t watch Indian cinema because its made of cheap thrills and filled with a heap of crap.

    Now there are movies which were made by Sai Paranjpe et al. with Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt, Farooq Shaik et al. Now those are gems in a heap of malodorous dung.

  4. Anney

    I haven’t watched any good movie after 3 idiots…thats for the tip:) that is one movie I am not spending money on.;)

  5. Debosmita

    Jane Tu Ya Jane Na was also very predictable with all the cliches of a Bollywood movie, but surprisingly, it was refreshing and fun to watch.. This one seems boring… I do not like any of the Bollywood movies these days (except LSD :razzmad: ) [haven’t watched Rajneeti though]

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