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The Tea-light Saga



VAMPIRES : Ambette, malice, prajsri, annette , pumpkin


Scene I

Prajsri-that was quite a roller coaster ride in the rodeo.

Annette– no wonder we fell with a thud. But it was fun while it lasted. Pumpkin what do you feel?

Pumpkin– grunting hmmmph

Annette– it sure feels nice to belong to cafe. So unique and different… and that too belonging to a coven of weird bloggapires, it sure is fun. Wish Gatharine was here too.

Prajsri– where is she?

Annette-gone hunting

Pumpkin– eh she hunts? Does Ellard know?

Aneette – no…no… she has gone hunting for creatures I mean caricatures.

Prajsri– Oh! By the way Pumpkin, What is the story behind bloggapires? Why don’t we kill humans? How did GingerChai originate?

Annette – sure pumpkin! You have been here since long. Surely you must know about it.

Pumpkin– yes it seems only days back when that happened…

Annette– you were there? When it happened?

Pumpkin– the window was open.

Annette– you mean it happened outside?

Pumpkin-No the GingerChai window…

Annette– Oh so hi-tech. You were in the…….

Pumpkin– Now what is with this writer? Will she let me have my lines or not? I have been trying to speak but she is giving away the lines to them… is there any justice or not?


Ok good so the story. It happened so that there was a coven of bloggapires. Very powerful- blogger vampires- who thrived on the human mind rather than the blood and sometimes draining each others mind too. We belonged to the coven of Ellard cullen, who was one of… (Voice fades away)

Scene II

(From the back ground pumpkins voice- this is not fair. She is doing it in flash back. She took away my lines again…)

Ellard is standing by the window watching from beside the window. Drinking tea when suddenly Ambette comes in

Ambette– What is this sickly sweet thing you are sipping? Sipping thoughts? …Tch! this stuff! That’s why you are going hairless like that vampire of reflections. He is also surviving on something called Comments instead of blood.

Ellard – sighs. Ambette you are more a vampire than a bloggapire. Bloggapires are supposed to be different.

Mani– (entering in a huff) there you are! Why do you have to be so blatant? What were you doing roaming around Sid the kid?

Ellard– Alarmed! Why? What happened?

Ambette– Oh here enters the werewolf, lover animal rights activist from the bamboo lounge. Scoot! Ok?

Malice snarls at Ambette and turning to Ellard

Malice– We are in for trouble. I found Mahesh, Neeraj and David- all white and drawn out of blood by no guessing who. Why do you endanger our existence by blatantly, eliminating all who came in front of you?

Ambette– Silly of them you will get good if you ask a vampire about God…and I have to have food too.

Ellard -Oh no! That’s why I say start drinking GingerChai instead.

Malice– Ewww! Is that what you are sipping? Let me taste! (sipping) Hmm… Not bad…

Ambette– Of course, you will like it. Your diet is disputable, Wolfganger

Mani (snarling) – Why are you always so bloodthirsty? What’s wrong in mixing with the wolves? They mean no harm. False accusations about me ha

Ellard– yes we should mix with the other species too. Why wolves? We should mix with humans too.

Ambette– Hah! Humans indeed. Weak humans who exert no freedom of speech unlike us powerful bloggapires

Ellard – it is not so, Humans are also very sensitive and observant and don’t forget we were humans earlier be fore we turned to bogapire. The blogger vampires. Most powerful of all but now suddenly I yearn for…

Malice– Yes my dear brother, you yearn for…?

Ellard– (Sighing) Divella

Ambette– (furious) she is a human. This is insane.

Malice– Oh dear Ellard! You can’t. She is human. You will be a threat to her. She will start thinking too and endanger herself

Ambette– huh! I am more worried about intermixing and contamination. Why don’t you go for some true blue blogapires like the one who has wandering thoughts, or the one from refreshing ocean?

Ellard– but Ambette I love Divella and I cant think of any one else now,

Malice– oh poor brother I can understand your plight, but don’t you worry I see things which you can’t and I see you and Divella together.

Ellard– Oh malice you can see things only when your subject reaches a decision…not the proper future.

Malice– No brother Ellard I see things which I decide and I have decided that if my brother decides to be with a human then he is going to be, even if that means going against my own kind.

Ambette– she does not know what she is saying. You are endangering our coven Ellard by desiring so. You are a bloggapire and you have to thrive on human minds and hell sometimes even sucks our kind.

Ellard– brother Ambette does that mean you will destroy me? or Malice?

Ambette– Never you Ellard! Can’t say about Malice though! But the Vultury – waiting to hound the ranks – one mistake and you will be shred away to pieces by them. Then this cotton headed female will do nothing to help you. Hope you survive to write the story if such a thing happens.

Malice– oh Ellard don’t you worry. You know only how romantic bloggapires are. They will write dream about it and support you but first I think you should sort out your issues with divella? Does she know you are a bloggapire?

Ellard– No, but I am going to declare so today.

Malice– Fear not Ellard. Everything will turn out fine. We always have happy endings in our blog posts.

Ellard– huh?

Malice – nothing.

Scene  III

Ellard– Ah Divella, My beautiful princess! How I wait every night for you in Gtalk to see your online status.

Divella (blushes)- Oh Ellard how you make me go red!

Ellard– But my love I have something to say to you…Don’t you feel anything strange about me? The late nights on the net? My opinions on everything and anything? My asking for comments after every action of mine? My restlessness during day time… The sneaky logging in through my mobile net when I am with you?

Divella– Oh Ellard, my dearest I know what you are trying to say? Yes it does seem super commenting on everywhere – at least 50 blog posts per day. Having an opinion on everything, but that is what is so special, so dynamic, so very intelligent about you. … Yes Ellard I think I can guess what you are trying to say. I know you a bloggapire.

Ellard– Does not that scare you? That I might influence you? That I might drain your mind out as comments?

Divella– Scare me? Ellard I am going to show a side of humans that you bloggapires are not aware. A side of us that you don’t realize. That we are Independent and have a power within us that nobody can snatch away. You bloggapire survive on your readers. If they are there you survive, or else you wilt away- while we humans we are dependent on nothing. We can sleep when we please. We don’t have to chew our heads off thinking about the next meal called comments or posts. We can think as we please. We can switch off online whenever we want. We are immune to writer’s block, a disease that is fatal to you all but… We humans can destroy the bloggapires whenever we want by our mere whim. Simply by not paying the Internet dues. Now doesn’t this side of mine scare you, Ellard!

Ellard– Gulps- eh! That’s news. Never realized humans had so much power. No Divella- you don’t scare me because I love you and I know you will not let me die away. Oh Divella I want us to be forever together but that means one of us have to sacrifice.

Divella– yes honey- things have to be modified.

Ellard– so transform me. Make me a human again. I want to enjoy the freedom. I will love nothing better than to live with you forever running a tea stall and living happily ever after.

Divella– No Ellard I cannot stop you from blogging. As my friend Usha said if you love a bloggapire then let him blog, if he doesn’t come back then he was never yours, if he comes back then he was never a worth while bloggapire.

Ellard– now what was that? What does that have to do with us?

Divella(whispering)even I don’t know. The conceited writer thought that to be a good line… ha silly of her.

(aloud) No Ellard. I can’t let you stop blogging. Instead I will forfeit my human powers and become a bloggappire too.

Ellard– oh no vella! I can’t let you do so. Such a big sacrifice! Never. Instead I will love to become a chai wala. It has always been my dream and your love for tea has fueled my desire to ultimately possess a cafe.

Divella– Listen Ellard, we can always go for a go between. We don’t need to sacrifice anything. You can have a cafe of your own with your unique servings of entertainment and tea. A cafe zine/blog which will respect humans and readers and not attempt to drain the life and minds of the reader. A cafe which will not send page suggestions to all and everyone. A cafe which will have something for everyone – humans and bloggapires alike. A cafe where bloggapires and humans will co exist in harmony. Ellard do you agree to share my dream? Dream of a unique cafe?

Ellard– yes my dear! You a human have shown me the path to happiness. It was as if I was meant to do so. To do your bidding only. Be it washing clothes or blogging. Yes vella my love. I promise to share your dream forever. Every where- be it google or bing or mozilla firefox.

Scene IV

Annette – sighing – that was such a sweet story. From now onwards I m writing love stories with a vengeance. Ellard and Divella inspires me.

Pranjsri– its all about male female dynamics

Pumpkin-well that was how the cafe came into being. And many more bloggapires have joined us since then increasing our strength. Strange isn’t it? To think that a human brought a revolution in the thinkings of bloggapires. hmmph!

Authors Personal noteGinger Chai turned 1 on June 26th  and my association – approximately- 10 months. Phew! Ten whole months! And never a moment did I regret it. The Journey till date had been a very enjoyable, enriching experience which had brought out sometimes good and sometimes bad in me as a writer. It had shown to me how much joy there is in working as a team. It’s great you know, to feel like a team- especially if you have a cause and our cause – my cause -is to provide you the best in reading or literary entertainment and share each others thoughts! Whatever they might be… well almost. :-).It feels great to be accepted by you all readers, and my thanks to you all for your encouragement. A special mention to Alka – our die hard loyal fan who has been encouraging throughout with her sweet comments. Keep us Going Alka.

Working as a team for you all was made more enjoyable by the fact that I was working with Rajan , our chief brewer and I must say here, that no one knows how to extract the most (by sheer encouragement) from a writer as he does. Each day I learn something from him, be it blogging tips or even how to avoid being psyched out.

I would also like to thank all my teammates in GC for making it seem like Hogwarts. Thanks Divya, Radha ji, Pramathesh, Sanjeev,Vidya,  Ali, Tikuli, Manimugdha.

Thanks Ambi for everything and not minding being the villain of my pieces.

Thanks Sir Pumpkin for always being there to be the comedian of my pieces.

A special thanks to the golden kids of GC- Usha, Anney, Gaytri and Pranjal. You guys amaze me with your enthusiasm and capabilities.

Tealight, a spoof, is a dedication to all of you and if you have read Twilight will immediately get it. For all those who haven’t read Twilight- it is a love story between a Vampire Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, a human. Here Tealight is a love story between a blogger vampire or bloggapire and a human reader with an underlying message. A special thanks to Pranjal. I took your advice and wow! the story did flow out. Hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks.

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She is a Doctor by profession , working in Delhi. Loves traveling, mind games and playing with words… And also the chief-co brewer of GingerChai. She is the chief brewer of some of the interesting categories you see in GingerChai. Follow @manishalsam

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  1. Anney

    Mani…(:giggle:)that was so funny.
    I can’t help smiling and my boss can’t help glaring when I smile.
    …u called me a golden kid..:)..awwwwwww so r such a darling.
    (:inlove:)U MANI.

    1. mani

      Oooooops! major goof up due to a minor comma. :silly: .thanks and sorry. Hope Mr Sury forgives me. :giggle: As for Vidya Sury, I know she will. :shy:

  2. Pranjal Srivastava

    That was so sweet… thank u mani. every time i read this, i’ll be even more proud that I am a GCiet 🙂
    and golden kid… :kissed: :kissed:
    by the way, Mr. Ellard and Mrs. Divella are yet to comment on this 🙂

  3. Pranjal Srivastava

    and guys… the advice that i had given to mani was… “mani ji… you write such brilliant spoof…please write one with me as a character in it” :P:P
    but you did remember… thank u mani ji 🙂

    1. Mani padma

      ;-). But it did work- your advice I mean. The story really did flow after adding scene I . And Ellard and Divella are still in denial. 😛

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