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GingerChai turns 1


One year ago on this date, over a cup of piping hot ginger tea, I was chit-chatting with Divya about domain names. Earlier I had registered a domain name but was not convinced about it. We discussed a lot many names but none got our nod together. Running out of names and looking at the cup of tea, I told Divya why not just name it Ginger chai. Voila! She liked the name too… a quick domain search showed the name is available too and we immediately blocked it. GingerChai was born.

It’s been one year and what a journey so far! From a couple’s simple cup of chai, it became a big family of team members from various parts of India and abroad, adding their unique flavours to GingerChai and making a point that “lot can happen over a cup of GingerChai too”

On 8th August, ‘09 I received a mail from Mani Padma asking if she can write book reviews in GingerChai. In her own words back then:

Well I don’t know if I am competent enough but yes! I am an avid reader, mostly fiction and I would like to try my hand at reviewing what I have read.

Soon that month, I got a mail from Sir Pumpkin who boosted us and hinted as on how GingerChai could become. In his own words:

I notice that this is an interesting newspaper-esque blog or maybe a blog-esque newspaper, pretty much like! I would love to contribute here.

Thanks Mani and Sir Pumpkin for the confidence, trust in me and GingerChai and becoming part of it in its very early days and planting the seed of GingerChai – the e-zine.

Then we had on board, Radha Chandran who came up with her spirituality series and giving a new flavour to our brew. Radha Chandran’s series became very popular and it also got into our kitchen a wonderful mind called Ambi. As they say everyone can agree to disagree in a healthy way, he disagreed to Radha chandran’s philosophical concepts and it lead to very interesting and informative interactions in the comment section. It was a reader’s delight! Soon we had Ambi joining us and coming up with a wonderful series “Ancient Wisdom, modern relevance” and guiding us to the ancient knowledge treasures of our land.  At the same time, when Ambi started his series, I got a mail from Usha who expressed her interest to join GC. She added her own zing and flavour to GC and surprised all of us with her new series “IndiRhythm”.

The aroma of our kitchen increased further with the entry of Sanjiv Vakharia who added a new dimension to GC with his auto reviews. Vidya Sury, Pramathesh, Ali Zaffar came on-board adding new aromas. March saw the entry of Anney into our kitchen. She re-invented her own writing skills and brought a smile in all of us through her musings. Month of April saw addition of two fresh minds – Gayatri and Pranjal. Gayatri literally tooned into our kitchen and then enthralled as with her new prose-poem style of writing. When Pranjal send his “The White Tiger” book review, he surprised me by his brilliant review, and then he added a lighter moment to GingerChai with his Pranjal’s law. The GingerChai’s aroma widened with the arrival of Manimugdha saying “Hic Hic hurray” and Tikuli Dogra making a free fall. Ritu Lalit is the latest to join our brew station and her article will be published this week. So with all this brilliant, wonderful people around GingerChai turns 1 today.

As writers, we all have blossomed under GingerChai, we explored new areas in writing, we learned from each other, we all developed ourselves as a writer, thinker, editor. More importantly, we found wonderful friendship in each other.

February 5th, we started Café GingerChai. We thought to harness the might of technology and evolve a community around GingerChai.We also decided that café would serve as the head quarters for many contests that we have lined up. We started with Finish the Story Contest. Soon after, we did our first upgrade to Café, adding networking and discussion boards. As we turn one, we launched Bloggers Premier League – the first ever unique team blogging event in Blogosphere. BPL is going to be bigger, better in the coming editions and we have also lined up many exciting, new contests after BPL first edition.

Readership wise, we are clocking very healthy rate and reach across the globe. Thanks to all Bloggers who comment in our articles and cheer us and thanks to thousands others who silently read and sip our flavours.

GingerChai turns 1 and cheers to everyone! Say cheers with a cup of fresh, piping hot GingerChai !

GingerChai Promo Picture: Models – Alex Xain, Shweta Shetty and Sanjiv Vakharia

Photographed by Ashok Hallur.

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About the author

He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.

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  1. Neha

    many many congratulations to the whole team for making Gingerchai what it is today..may you celebrate a century of your successful journey..cheers guys 🙂

  2. Anil

    Congrats to GC!!! 😀 am proud of you bro!!! 🙂 am feeling bad that i was not able to contribute any articles. but i enjoy surfing GC now and then. Great job bro, and to the team!!! my wishes for you to grow more and more and expand to reach many 🙂 All the best! 🙂 🙂

  3. Mr. Pramathesh

    Happy Birthday to Gingerchai. I have many sweet memories with GC. This is the only website for which I wrote a haiku. I wanted to join Gingerchai from a very long time. I thought the other writers were handpicked by LR. I joined in as soon as he gave the ad for new writers. From a silent reader to the shouting commentator. It was a long journey for me as well. I wish many more years for GC. As they say, “Don Duguna aur Raat Chauguna Bade.”

    P.S. – I totally agree with Aneeth.

  4. Alka

    GC is one of my very few favourite websites 🙂 The sheer variety of articles and the warmth of the authors are wonderful. Big GingerChai cheers to GC team, authors :inlove: and a special mention to LR and mani . Keep the brilliant work Ginger puffs :evilgrin:

  5. Deepak

    I been a silent reader for a very long time and just to cheer you guys in celebratory mood “GC is one big family and I’m loving it” Keep the good work going team.

  6. Lazy Pineapple

    Wonderful! Congratulations LR and Gingerchai team….
    My hearty wishes for many more such Anniversaries.

    I am especially thankful to you all for starting BPL. You have provided us bloggers with a remarkable opportunity to show our work to a very wide audience.

    Thanks again and Hip Hip Hurray 🙂

  7. Anney

    GC….my first Emazine love! LR and Mani..wat can I say except ‘U made me unfold my wings to FLY..’

  8. Smitha

    Congratulations! And hank you for putting up such a brilliant forum!

    Thanks especially for the BPL – I think it is a brilliant idea and we have got to know so many wonderful bloggers!

  9. pal

    Awesome!!! Unlike other blogging websites, Ginger Chai has a very ‘home feel’ to it, because of the warmth (among participants) and easy approachability of the board… this place totally rocks :-)))

    Happy Birthday 🙂 and may you have many more….

  10. Tavish

    GC rocks and so do its writers… I love reading your articles so much! WAY TO GO GUYS! wishing many more such years ahead…


  11. Pins N Ashes

    It’s only a year, really… I feel I’ve been reading you for ages now….
    Happy Birthday GC and
    I’m very happy to be a part of GC, BPL…
    a kind of a coming home feeling, and ya loving the brew 🙂
    LR, Mani, Divya… way to go



    Happy b’day GC… and thanks all the co-authors for all the warmth shown here… proud GCiet 🙂

  13. Sowmya

    Congrats Lakshmi Rajan and team for your first anniversary. You have grown at a prodigious rate for a 1 year old. Keep going with your great ideas and ginger chai;)

  14. Mohan

    Congrats to brains and souls behind GingerChai!!! Wishing you folks a much greater success and a feast of tasteful chai for readers like me 🙂

  15. Sambitesh Dash

    I just followed Gingerchai for Rajan’s movie review ! Then slowly I started following other articles. Now I am quite regular here. Why don’t ginger chai organises contest like “Caption Contest” which will involve its readers more.

  16. Phoenixritu

    :inlove: :inlove: Its a lovely e-mag cum forum. Have contributed to other e-mags too, but this is so interactive, that it makes the experience rich. Thanks Laxmi for hauling me on board. Wish to see many more such Adraki Chai birthdays.

  17. Dhiman

    Ok I am late … Belated Happy Birthday GC….
    and yes I have been mostly a silent reader through most of the GC’s journey 😀 but enjoyed every bit of it 😀 …
    Yug Yug Jiyo aur chuk chuk piyo 😉 …

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