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TVS Wego – review


Couple of days back, I was discussing with my friends about gearless scooters. Many of my friends or their family members own Honda Activa. After the demise of Bajaj scooters, Honda has stolen the market of gearless scooters mainly with their successful Activa model. There was once popular kinetic scooters now taken over by Mahindra but then they could not match the onslaught of Activa. Then we have yet another popular model scooty but which is stuck in a teen image. So is there any real rival to Activa? As we discussed this, someone suggested TVS Wego and we immediately tried to test drive it.

WEGO “We Go!”  – The name is quiet attractive in itself. Did anyone say “what is in a name?” Well, atleast for me there is something in the name. The name should appeal and be inviting. The makers of TVS scores high in the name. But all is not in the name but in the looks and performance of the machine.


As we stepped into the showroom, we were greeted by a beauty! Should I say a mean beauty? Yes, Wego looks striking, mean, bold and beautiful and carries lots of attitude in styling. The long oval indicators gives a very modern look to WEGO and the headlamp design is quiet aggressive in styling that goes well with the front that sports two nostrils flanking the indicators. The side panels are clean not trying to bank on sticker tricks to accentuate the look and feel. The rear is sharp with LED tail lamps. The speedo is large and clean with twin dials.


One interesting fact that WEGO has in it is the fuel cap. It is strategically placed outside behind the seat. The under seat storage and the fuel cap shares a single key. Click right and the storage opens and left the fuel cap opens.

So Wego grabs your attention in the looks department, now let’s look into the all important engine and performance. Wego holds in it a 109.7 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine that gives a max power of 8 PS @ 7500 rpm, while peak torque is 8 NM at 5500 rpm. The engine is smooth, almost vibration free and gives a very peppy ride. What gave me a pleasant feel is the riding quality. The suspension felt great riding through bumpy roads and the gas-charged rear shock absorbers provides a good cushioning even with two people saying we-go together! Combined with this the 12” wheels give a good grip and stability and the telescopic front fork adds to the road confidence of the machine.

So seems like am going gaga over wego, isn’t there anything to say negative about it? Well, I think the under seat storage could have been little more spacious but then still it would fulfill our daily needs.

GingerChai Verdict: So overall, I would say Wego is a great scooter to ride and own and for all those fans of automatic gearless scooters here is one that is well packaged on all fronts. Say lets’ go in wego !

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  1. Lazy Pineapple

    I used to have Honda Activa when I was in India…have not ridden a two wheeler in 3 years and now I am itching to ride one after reading your post…
    Thanks for the review 🙂

    1. Amrit Paul Singh


  2. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    I don’t have a license for a two wheeler! Beat that! And I use my license for a four wheeler only as an identification document! Beat that! 😛

  3. Vijay

    After searching for a good scooter, finally i bought Tvs wego. On road price in bangalore wego basic model white Rs.56750/-. I am simply enjoying riding this beauty. Previously i had Honda activa, it was just a crap. Riding wego is like riding an arabian horse. You will feel like a jockey. The power is amazing. It doesnt skid even if you apply brakes at sharp turnings on rainy days. Mileage is good around 45km. The shape is like a swan unlike activa which looks like a bulky duck. I am waiting for my Registration certificate which will be posted to my address within 40 days. The only thing it lacks is, space in front dickey. so i preferred model without front dickey. Dickey under the seat is very spacious just like in suzuki access. I didnt go for suzuki access because of its sack-like body and waiting period of 6 months in bangalore. My sincere suggestion to all you guys is just go for we-go.

  4. sidhu

    Be Indian, Buy Indian! Go Wego 🙂

    Finally we have a horse to kick the foreign donkeys. Honda and Suzuki have very good technologies but they are unwilling to offer it to us, ex: honda vision is manufactured in India but not sold locally. Hero has licensed Activa engine and created Meastro which is much better that the trio that Honda offers, but I wish Meastro had metal body. So the only good scooter that is both good and our own is wego
    Check out hat TVS has been doing R&D with for the last 6 years which Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki are not willing to offer even though they have the technology.


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