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The Law of Parent’s Approval

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Ever noticed that if there is anything you really want… you crave for, most of the times your parents won’t approve of it? No? Well, think again… I know if you think properly, you’ll have no option but to agree with me. Remember how you wanted to play in the rain and your mum won’t let you? There… now you know what I’m talking about. Now, if you are thinking along the lines of “but that’s for your own good…”- please stop! We’ll discuss that some other day. What remains as of today is, parents will have a problem with most of the things that you’ll want. In fact this ‘having a problem’ thing can be summarized in one sentence in form of a law, which I prefer to call the Pranjal’s law of parents approval. So, here’s the law…

The magnitude of a child’s desire is inversely proportional to the magnitude of parent’s approval on a particular issue



You don’t approve this law…do you? You don’t agree with me uh? Fair enough, let us review the following incidents that most of the children face while growing up…

1. Two years old:

Kid: mum I want one more biscuit.

Mother: No, you can’t have one… you’ve already had too much, that’ll spoil your teeth, stomach and god knows what else.

Kid, if he could think, would think – when I’ve already had three, I can’t see how this last one will make me all sick!!

2. Six years old:

Mother: son, come drink milk.

Son: mother, I hate milk… please give me tea instead.

Mother: son, milk will make you strong… don’t you want to get strong? Come on, drink milk.

Son: naaa… I don’t want to… I don’t like it… I want tea!!

Mother:  KID, don’t test my patience!!

Son silently drinks the milk….

3. Ten years old:

Kid: mum can I go out and play?

Mother: no, stay inside! You’ll get a sun stroke in this heat…

Kid (stamping his feet): no, I want to…

Mum: when I say no, it is NO kid.

Kid:   🙁

4. Fourteen years old:

Mum: kid, go and get your hair cut, it’s getting long.

Kid: mum, I want to sport long hair like that rock star

Mum: GO and GET it cut, when you ARE a decent guy, you should LOOK like one.

Kid goes, gets the hair cut and returns to mother.

Mum: WHAT is that?

Kid: that’s my new hairdo mum… it looks cool and look, its small.

Mum frowns…

Kid is exasperated and thinks: oh Gawd… you hate this too!!

5. Eighteen years old:

Boy: dad I need a bike to go to college.

Dad: NO… you guys drive too fast, you’ll meet an accident… use local conveyance to go college.

Boy: but dad, I’ll drive slow….

Dad: NO boy, I know how you’ll drive once you are riding a bike on the road, without any parent supervision.

Boy thinks: Is there like, anything that I say and you’ll approve of? It’s not as if I drive at the speed of light that all my mass will convert to energy!! I love my life too dammit!!

6. Twenty two years old:

Mother: Son, we are organizing a satynarayan pooja at our home, you’ll be the one doing the pooja with the help of pandit.

Son: Na ma, I don’t want to sit at the pooja… I find spending this much money on pooja and stuff ridiculous … and moreover, I can’t sit cross legged continuously for more than an hour. By the way I hate your pandit too… he’s a fraud.

Mother: as he is growing older, this boy has started to think he knows all… as if we don’t know anything blah blah blah…

Son thinks: oh no! Not again….

7. Twenty six years old:

Son: dad I want to marry this girl I like very much.

Dad: No Problem, go ahead.

Son thinks: what? Is he all right? Did he hear me right? Are my ears buzzing?

Dad (continuing from where he left): yes, go ahead… marry this girl, only that she should be same caste, religion etc and should not be of same gotra.

Son: Darn!!

Now generally what happens after twenty six years of age is the boy gets married. And then this cycle repeats itself, right from case one… only that the kid, which was till now on the RHS of the equation, shifts to the LHS.

In each of the above cases, as we can see, the child’s desire is inversely related with the parent’s approval. Bingo! Consistent with the law of parent’s approval.  Now tell me… agree, or not?

PS: we may crack all the jokes we want, but we know how much they mean to us. My salutations to our parents for without their love, life wouldn’t quite be the same enjoyable affair as it is now 😉

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Pranjal is a mechanical engineer by profession from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.

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  1. Kaushal

    Very nice one !!!!!

    Especially the “Twenty two year old” part since I have a very similar experience

  2. Journomuse

    Haha, Pranjal, would this be the story of your life? Interestingly put..For a long time through my teenage years, I would have sworn by your inversely proportional parental law. But age seems to have blunted my opposition..:)

    1. Pranjal

      nah… the complete thing is not the story of my life… few incidences are mine and few are of my brother, friends and cousins whom i’ve been observing keenly :P.

  3. Raj

    hey sir really nic one….

    but where was the failing in xam part and gf part….sidhe marriage…sahi hai commitment ka full too supporter pranjal sir.. 🙂

    1. Pranjal

      abe should have added that, dhyan nahi aya.. aur commitment ghanta, wo kisi aur ka experience likha hai 😛

  4. prabal

    dude….dont u think u r throwing a lot of laws nowadays……relax man…..u r still not 26 yet by the way…. :p

    1. Pranjal

      with none of u guys around to crack PJs with, i’ve decided to spend all my creative energy in forming laws :P…

  5. Vishal Raj

    This is one is nice and real. Whatever you have penned down is universal fact. But things change some time. The cycles break some time. I have been through all the ages that you have mentioned. But definitely I would not let them on my kids. When I have already bore the pain so much, why do I pass them on to my kids. Let them enjoy life to their full extent. So that they don’t ever regret or complaint that they could have been happier had I not restricted them. Nice post.

    1. Pranjal

      haha… thanks vishal. but you know, there is a paradox in this law which i have conveniently forgotten- the domains of the variables stand such that if u grant kids every wish and u have kids like me then u’ll be in trouble :P:P. i’ll write a law on that when i’m a dad :P:P

  6. Shweta Srivastava

    Simply lawful 😉 and I know dear…The last law is what u r currently dealing with 😛

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