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Shutter Island – review

shutter island

After a mind boggling exam, a movie is considered a good relaxant. However, Shutter Island is not the ideal choice if turning off your brain and watching a flick was what you are looking forward to. Shutter Island, another awesome production by one my favorite pairs Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio. It was released early this year. After The Departed in 2006, Martin Scorsese uses Leonardo Di Caprio to take us on a thrill ride on the Shutter Island.

Shutter Island houses Ashcliffe Hospital for criminals who were deemed mentally unstable. Edward Danials (Leonardo Di Caprio) and his partner Chuck Aule(Mark Ruffalo) are US Marshalls on the Island, investigating the disappearance of one of the patients called Rachel Solando. As the investigations proceed, Daniels grows suspicious of the Head Psychiatrist Dr. John Cawley (Ben Kingsley).  The disappearance of the patient, other patient statements, the state of the place and the people who run the place gives rise to conflicting conclusions.

He decides to take things into his own hands. During this period: Chuck disappears, Rachel Solando returns, he meets another patient who lives in the caves and claims to be the real Rachel Solando. From her, he learns of the inhumane ways the hospital had succumbed; all in the name of treating its patients. The lone Lighthouse further adds to the mystery of the Island. According to Rachel Solando, that is where the treatment for the worst of the patients is carried out.

If these layers were not enough to give the viewer a headache, a new layer in the story was forming.

Before Chuck disappears, he sneaks into one of the administration department and learns of a particular Patient No. 67. Throughout their investigation, Ashcliffe was revealed to have only 66 patients. Dr. Cawley denies the presence of a patient 67. Chuck believes there is a patient 67. Daniels is beginning to buy the idea of a Patient 67.

What exactly is happening on Shutter Island? Is there a Patient 67? Who is the real Rachel Solando?

Watch it to find out! Seriously guys, watch it! If you have already seen it, you probably get my drift.

Despite being left with a whacked out mind after the show; I highly recommend it.

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  1. pranjal

    haha i watched this movie during exams :P… it was a new entrant in my college lan those days… this movie is wonderful… for di caprio fans like me- u get see one more masterpiece.

  2. Munish Gupta

    For me, it was too predictable. The moment the question ‘Who is 67’ and number of patients came together, I could predict how this is going to end and that killed it for me. I usually love Scorsese and Di Caprio movies but this one was among one which I didn’t like much.

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