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Pasighat travelogue


Pasighat is the oldest town (established in 1911) of the extreme eastern state of the country- Arunachal Pradesh. Situated at the banks of river Siang, this is a fairly small town surrounded with lush green beauty of Himalayan Mountains. The town is not exactly in the mountains… it is actually at the foothills hence the weather is pleasant here both in summer and winter.

How do I reach?

Hmm… interesting question. The nearest airports are at North Lakhimpur (Assam) and Dibrugarh (Assam). But you have many options…

Finger-pointing-icon A 16 hour bus journey directly from Guwahati to Pasighat.

Finger-pointing-icon An 18 hour train journey from Rangia (Assam) to Murkongselek (Assam). Murkongselek is 35 km from Pasighat and you get plenty of local transport from Murkongselek to Pasighat.

Finger-pointing-icon Take a flight to North Lakhimpur (250 km from Pasighat) and from there you get bus and hired taxi services.

Finger-pointing-iconThere are also Helicopter flights from Dibrugarh and Itanagar to Pasighat.

Finger-pointing-icon The Last but the most enjoyable option(my vote!) is to take a flight to Dibrugarh and then a ferry ride upstream on river Brahmputra from  Dibrugarh to Oriam ghat or majherbadi ghat and then you get local conveyance from any of the ghats.

NOTE1: The train journey is the most hopelessly boring option of all… that’d be last in my options list.

NOTE 2: You need an inner line permit (ILP) to enter the state Arunachal Pradesh- they are checked at the check points located on Assam- Arunachal border on every road (yeah, cry irony all you want, but you need a permit to roam around in your own country). You can get an ILP made from the Liaison offices situated in Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong, Dibrugarh, Tezpur, North Lakhimpur and Jorhat.

Icon4Where do I stay?

This is a tricky one. Because tourism is not an industry here, the hotels in Pasighat are pretty ordinary. So if you’d want a little more luxury, your only option is the govt. guest house- Siang Guest House. I’ve read on some websites that accommodation is available on three places- Siang Guest House, Circuit House and Inspection Bungalow. Don’t get misguided by this fact- all the three are the one and same (Ha Ha!). The booking for the room at Siang Guest House is done at DC office.

smiley Ok tell me some more…

You can visit almost any time in the year except for the rainy season and I can assure you that the weather will be among the best in the country.  The Rainy season is a problem because it rains extremely heavy… it rains continuously sometimes even for a month in this season.  Well, even if you plan to visit Pasighat in Rainy season, you won’t be able to make it till here because all the routes are flooded at that time.

As I said earlier, tourism is not established as an industry here. So much that you may not even get a guide to show you around. This may be a drawback of this place but this also is its USP. You get to enjoy the beauty in its Virgin form- unaltered by the inherent hazards of tourism industry like environmental destruction.  Also you see what you like… not what the selectively permeable spectacles of a guide show you.

The place is full of scenic beauty… Go to river Siang or its countless supporting streams any time of day and you get a photographer’s paradise. Arunachal Pradesh is known for its sunrise which is the first sunrise of whole country everyday so make sure you get up early enough to catch it (nearly 4:45 am in summers and 5:30 am in winters). If you are into wildlife, you can visit Daying Ering wildlife sanctuary. The Sanctuary provides domicile for a variety of animal species like leopard, civet cat, leopard cat, sambar, barking deer, Wild boar, Porcupine, Stripped squirrel, Jackal, Python. The sanctuary is also home to a number of endangered birds like the Indian skimmer and spot-billed Pelican. It also hosts quite a few migratory birds.

You can also see the hanging bridge- made up of bamboo it is a marvel of tribal engineering. You can also go to Pangin to see the point where river Siom meets river Siang presenting a spectacular sight. If you have come here in winter, you can also visit Rangin- a place famous for its orange farms.

If you like adventure sports, Pasighat is the place to be. The River Siang is ideally suited for rafting, fishing and angling. Trekking also another very good option to explore that the natural beauty that this place beholds and also to get a closer look at the tribal lifestyle.                                                                          If you are more of an indoor person, you might as well stay in the guest house- enjoying the brilliant climate, sipping the famous Assam tea and romancing with books ;).

Since tourism is yet to find its niche as an industry here, visiting Pasighat will provide you a fresh experience- different from your typical hill station. The calm and serene beauty of this place provides a perfect refuge for an escape from helter –skelter, run here- run there life style. The added bonus of this place is that because it is situated in the foothills, the climate here is gentle and the weather remains pleasant even in winters implicating, you can even visit and enjoy the place in winters.

Below are my humble attempts to capture the natural beauty of this place.

PS: Due acknowledgements to Mani Padma who motivated me enough to write a travelogue, which, I never thought I could write 😉

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    1. Pranjal

      yeah… i know, a few more pictures would have been handy, but i’m here only for a few days owing to the heavy rainfall, i couldn’t step out of my pace to click more :(… so had to manage with what i had!!

        1. arun sharma

          Dear pranjal,

          we have something in common to begin with….NIT Jsr…and Mech Dept….also I did spend almost 10 years of my life at Pasighat….would love to hear from u.U can mail me at :, take care mate

          1. Pranjal

            SIR, Yes Sir!!
            being in line with all the fundas that we were taught at NIT Jsr in first year, should I give u An intro- heads down looking at third button :P:P
            Nice to meet a senior. Always a great pleasure. I’ll mail u sir. pakka

    2. Mani

      Oh! Koi baat nahin. Pram when you go there you will click some more pics of Pasighat and prepare a sequel,what say? 😛

  1. Anonymous

    N-E India is an unexplored virgin tourist spot unlike many other hyped areas of mainland India. I agree with the previous comment more pictures would have added weight to the article.

    1. Pranjal

      i agree, NE India is much more beautiful than other, much fabled tourist destinations of India… but please don’t use the term ‘mainland India’… it gives a sense of alienation…

      1. Shilpa

        🙂 NE India is really beautiful…. no doubt about that 🙂 …
        I never knew about this place…. nice travelogue…

  2. Mani

    Hey ! The article turned out absolutely beautiful. The pics are great. well a few more would have been nice but 13 pics isn’t a bad number.quite impressive.It is in fact a very good initiative on your part to bring out in open this beautiful remote place. The write up is a great run up to the pics and very interestingly informative. And if I have really motivated you to try for this, then for a change I did something right. 🙂

    1. Pramathesh B

      What I meant was that it was disappointing to see that there was no mention of adventure sports or the beautiful hanging bridges in the pictures as had been told in the article. 😛

    2. Pranjal

      thanks mani :)… and yeah u did inspire me.
      and for a change…? that is sure an understatement… you are always right;)

    1. arun sharma

      really sad…..that almost all of NE of India is hardlly talked about…..just becoz they send not more than a dozen MP’s to Delhi……their is a lot of scope for almost everything…above all Tourism

      1. Pranjal

        sir there are many other reasons too… discussing which will certainly open a can of worms. if only people concerned were interested in promoting tourism. those dozen MP could do a fortune. But priorities differ!!


    Really a very impressive piece of work from your side Pranjal….. 🙂
    I think u hav misssed sumthng abt wildlife…….Namdapha…..

    1. Pranjal

      thanks ankur… abe namdhapa national park changlang me hai aur ye maine Pasighat kje bare me likha hai 🙂

  4. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    “yeah, cry irony all you want, but you need a permit to roam around in your own country”

    I know, right?! I had been to Assam a decade ago and I remember there being a curfew and shit! Ravaged stretch of land, all that. :silly:

    1. Pranjal

      you had been unfortunate enough to go there in some troubled period… but you don’t need a permit to go in assam, to enter aruncahal, you do!

  5. Smabitesh Dash

    Oh wow ! Loved the article, it was informative and stirred my curiosity. I had been missing out on this section of ginger chai !

  6. Jay Deep Ghosh

    Thank you for such a nice and perky write up. Indeed it is the world that is missing the goodies of North East India. I had been to these places when I was young and even did the ferry ride over Brahmaputra; and I belong to Assam. It brings in me, really sweet memories of childhood. Thank you.

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