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The Butterfly Effect

Save the earth

Little Tanmay was amazed at the beautiful thing he saw- for the first time.

He was on a field trip.

Though they were warned against crossing the infringement line, his little hands still sought the butterfly.

Time travel expedition from circa 2157 to 1990 had its first casualty.

Tanmay was lost in time forever

ThisΒ  55 fiction format story is written by Mani Padma.

For more about 55 fiction click here

Footnote– Do u want this future for your children? Save earth. Do your bit for the environment.

P.S: inspired from the movie – the butterfly effect

The butterfly theory: A small differences in the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. For more info click here

0 05 June, 2010 55 Fiction June 5, 2010

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She is a Doctor by profession , working in Delhi. Loves traveling, mind games and playing with words… And also the chief-co brewer of GingerChai. She is the chief brewer of some of the interesting categories you see in GingerChai. Follow @manishalsam

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  1. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    I know. Unfortunately we are already well in the realm when simple creatures of the world are disappearing.

  2. pal

    Very creative πŸ™‚ What I did not understand was, if Tanmay has travelled back in time to 1990, then why was there an ‘infringement line’? Anyway, it was an excellent concept with really good narration!

      1. Mani padma

        Thanks Pal. Well infringement line is jus an imaginary concept which demarcates the two time… Ummm…frames i suppose. N any interference may result in fatal consequences.

  3. Alka

    Brilliant in 55 words πŸ™‚ I first came to know about 55F here in GC and mani you have managed max impact in those few words :beauty:

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