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Good,Bad and Ugly – Crime and Punishment

good bad and ugly

The world is a jungle and out there in the wilds only the rules of survival work. The survival of the fittest. – The most primal instinct being the instinct to survive.

Good thing – we are humans and possess a superior intellect to form a universal uniform code of conduct so as to survive in harmony and peace, posing minimum of danger to other humans or to other species.

But the Bad thing – It is this same superior intellect which has resulted in some Notorious characters maneuvering there way out of these rules to become demons in their own right like Chengiz Khan, Hitler,Mussolini to name a few.

Good Thing that I am an Indian, belonging to the biggest democracy in the world. Everyone is heard out here. Everyone can have a say (at least theoretically)

Bad Thing– Everyone! Means everyone! Even those who may have massacred thousands in front of your very eye! Raped and destroyed helpless kids or committed other heinous crimes.

Good thing we have a very fine judiciary system, which examines and tries cases minutely so as to ensure that no one is punished unjustly or no guilty person go unpunished.

Bad thing about it is that the process takes so long (obviously all the fine examination will take time) that by the time punishment is meted out, we tend to forget about it – what crime! Whose punishment! And there is the added concern that witnesses might disappear or the accused may during the course of time.

Good thing we have the benefit of judicial custody of accused to aid in the trial and investigations.

But Bad thing is that they have to be “imprisoned” too or put into the Jail (mind you, the accused has just been accused and not convicted yet and there is some percent of chance that he/ she might be acquitted) along with petty criminals and dreaded gangsters.

Good thing– that they are slightly differentiated from the convicts inside the prison. (In that certain rules may differ)

Bad thing is that same cannot be said about the society outside because when they are finally acquitted, much to their grief they find that the people really do not know much about the difference between accused and convict. For them a jail is a jail is a jail!

But good thing– that society is trying to open up and has embraced many prolific personalities into the mainstream.

Bad thing is that everybody does not have the good fortune of Salman khan, Sanjay Dutt or Rahul mahajan.

But good thing is that our prison system is a correctional. Preventive and punishment unit and not torture chambers as perceived by many. More over we have the benefit of NHRC (national human rights commission) to prevent any unintentional or intentional mishaps.

But bad thing how many corrections? How much prevention of crime? Whose punishment and what type of punishment? And NHRC for the same persons who have themselves violated them???!!!

Good thing we have different punishment slabs for different “crimes” depending on the intensity, situations etc

Bad thing – and a surprising thing is that most times  neither the victim/ victim’s family nor the perpetrators are ultimately happy with the verdicts. I wonder why? I mean someone should have been happy, isn’t it?

A wise person said that you cannot make everyone happy, but the ugly question is “are the right persons happy?”

Good thing that here I can ask any question, comment anything, inspite of my ignorance and still get away with it as this is Democracy and a country of questioning minds.

But the Bad thing, will anyone bother to enlighten me more about all this with their comments???

0 02 June, 2010 India Matters June 2, 2010

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  1. sharat

    bAD thing – Everybody is corrupt – me and you; everybody is after moolah – me, you and everybody associated with Nation building & security.
    Good Thing – there are still some persons – including me & you, who care for the Nation. And becuase of whom the Nation is not collapsing !!!
    And this is the silver lining…

    1. Mani

      Your comment was many times better than the whole write up. Thanks for that optimistic view.

  2. Alka

    Democracy is voted by good people to bring in power bad people to serve ugly politics.

    Ok.I have bit exaggerated here but then the bad thing is the destiny of the nation lies with the same people – We, who most times are not bothered about issues till it strikes them.

  3. Lazy Pineapple

    I feel that in every country good and bad go hand in hand…even in a developed country things remain the same, maybe a little more structured and less corrupt. India is moving towards that path…

    As for making masses happy? that is never going to be possible…remember Ramayan..even Sita had to give Agni Pariksha…

  4. Pranjal

    i agree with LP… all these facets have been, are and will be there… its all about how we optimize them to get the best out for our country. and by the looks of it, i guess we are heading in the right direction… i’ve got a feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel(hope its not a mirage :))

  5. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    “Good thing: that here I can ask any question, comment anything, inspite of my ignorance and still get away with it as this is Democracy and a country of questioning minds.

    But the Bad thing: will anyone bother to enlighten me more about all this with their comments???”

    In my opinion, this (above statement) is an incorrect observation. I feel so because you are voicing your opinions on the internet, which is the refuse ground of the world. There are no credentials required on the internet. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. And the internet is certainly not a democracy.

    1. Mani

      Umm Sir Pumpkin! why don’t you do one thing? Just type – “internet censorship in” the google search bar and wait and see the options that appear. then at leisure just follow them. Oh you can also try Pakistan, Afganistan , etc etc.

      1. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

        That is exactly my point. The internet is uncensored.

        The ‘internet censorship’ in *other* countries that you are alluding to is a result of their insularity — a completely different story.

        1. Mani padma

          So if I had written this, sitting in one of the *other* countries that i have alluded, would it have passed the censorship rules?

        2. Anney

          Sir Pumpkin, Internet is not uncensored….it has controls set up at
          various areas.You are right in saying that you don’t need credentials to put up a thought.
          But,the freedom to speech varies at varoius places and hence, Mani’s comment on democracy is acceptable as she implies it being in India if it were in the UAE, a complaint from the public is more that enough to block the site.
          A censor placed to avoid such topics would automatically hide it from the viewer and hence the freedom of speech and thought is denied.

          1. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

            You might have misconstrued my comment. I am not questioning anyone’s credentials. I realize that this is a blog and we all can post our views on a topic. However that some of the comments here were rather categorically stated and hence drove me to expostulate my views on it.

            I will henceforth refrain from indulging in such dialogue without the use of smileys.

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