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The Couple Contest Winner -1999

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College, a time for the blossoming of youth.  Countless youngsters have come through the mighty gates to meet at college a true love, a good friend, a mentor or a foe. Under the breezy trees of the wide mossy campus they sit with friendship, stolen moments and unspoken words weaving memories before walking out into the world unknown to find their destiny.

From: Sebastian t []
Sent: 26 May 2010 16:52
To: Jenny J
Subject: The Couple Contest Winner -1999

Jenny & Me

Dear Jenny,

It’s been 10 years since we met. How are you? Guess who? Am sure the title gave me away. How is Germany? How is your life there? I remember you saying that life with the folks was lovely until they talked about settling down. You always did hate the mechanical life that they led.

Are you enjoying your work? I heard from your uncle that you are into advertising. You did have flair for putting things in different perspective…it is an amazing talent. Do you still have the album that you made from the pictures you used to snap from college? The stone steps, the lone banyan tree, lovers point and the grounds where we used to sit and discuss the daily news and college gossip? Some how, I find myself drawn to these things. My visits to the college always found me walking up the stone step and to the banyan tree; we spent countless hours talking there. It always seemed like there was magic under those leaves.

Even now, sitting under the banyan reminds me of us. Remember our first argument? We sat for three hours before we went home. You began to argue of Women’s rights and I was adamant on how the Men’s rights were not even looked into. You refused to let me go home until I surrendered. You were such a bully! Girl power you may say…I say BS. We men are treated unfairly. We pay the rent, look after the family, earn the bread and are forced to come home to make chapattis, hold the baby and do grocery shopping to keep you happy!! I can already imagine your response. You will have your PC ready to refute, am I right? You will say that the guys needed to know all those things to be eligible to be called a husband.  I still stand on what I said.

Remember the first time you wore a sari to college. You tripped over it at the stone steps. You would have been sporting two broken front teeth and a displaced shoulder, if I hadn’t caught you! Do I see you smiling? You looked lovely. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You looked truly elegant, in the single gold bangle and a thick strand of plain gold pendent chain. It did wonders to the maroon silk that you wore. Yes, I noticed…you keep forgetting that I have an eye for quality. I wore that atrocious ‘Mundu and Juba’ that you had gifted,  just for you!!  I agree… we did look great as a couple on that day. You took me to the steps twice to say something important before we got interrupted. I wondered often as to what it was.

The steps still remind me of you. The perfume you wore…that sweet fragrance when you sat by my side. Our hands touched by mistake and you blushed. There was something different about the way your hands felt that day. It felt like something I never felt before. There were times when I silently willed my hands to be careless, to touch yours as we walked through the mossy rock road. I don’t know if you ever noticed those stolen moments. I wished you would just slip so that I could hold you one more time. I could sense your presence in a crowded room and could never loose track of you even when we attended thick college parties. There was magic when we were together. I searched your eyes to see if they would tell me of the things that I longed to hear. In the tiny notes and gifts that you sent me on the pretext of occasions, I felt you were trying to tell me something more. Something I couldn’t explain.

I have a picture of us framed at my desk. It was taken after winning The “Couple Contest”.  It brightens my mornings. I look at it everyday thinking of our times together. The other day, I spotted the cardigan that I wore at our college farewell. I can still smell your perfume on it.

When we parted….I wanted to ask if you would miss me. Would you miss ‘US’? Your autograph…. “Can’t forget the magic we shared…” said much more that what you ever said in person. Did you feel the magic I felt when you were near? Did you feel something more? You looked like you had cried when you last hugged me. I wanted to hold on, to ask you ….

Every morning, I smiled thinking that the Sun was lucky to have seen you before he came to see me.   I wished the Moon Good Night, knowing that she would see you sleeping after she left me. You were never far from me.

I heard that your parents were looking out for getting you hitched. I wondered at how you remained unmarried for so long. Was it a failed relationship that kept you untied or a lost love? I guess the conditions for the groom are still in place….must be a fan of Women Liberation, good at cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and baby sitting as you once stated. Did I miss anything?! I must tell you that I took to cooking recently and gave my mother a heart attack thereafter by not cleaning up the mess. So much for cooking!  Baby sitting and baby baths are right up my alley as my little niece is staying with us.  I am sure some of these activities will put me in leagues with the unlucky grooms who lands at your doorstep. Are you blushing or ready to refute?

There is no need to get flustered and write a reply just now. I was just stating the obvious. I know you are smiling. I miss those quirky smiles. I am sure your parents are hounding you. Mine are doing the same here. It’s a picture for Lalitha/ Sarita/ Vineta/ and God alone knows who else is unmarried and at a suitable age. I can’t explain the type of girl I have in mind.

I met her at college. She is special and I know that the gap of 10 years is long, but my heart refused to forget her. I don’t know if she feels the same about me.

Write to me. I will wait for a reply.

Yours lovingly,


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  2. pranjal

    awesome… romance dripping from every word of it!! I don care, i declare Anney the winner in this category for this round even without reading other entries 😛

  3. Lazy Pineapple

    This is wonderful..oh so romantic..
    The hands brushing each other innocently sure did bring back a lot of memories 🙂
    Ahh how wonderful it is to be in Love 🙂

  4. Sir Pumpkin Lonshanks

    “…The first ever unique, elite team blogging event of blog world. ”

    needs to be replace with

    “…The first ever [CITATION NEEDED] unique, elite team blogging event of blog world. “

    1. Anney

      I agree ;)don’t tell my hubby! He thinks love letter are for idiots and from idiots (me included):p

  5. Pins N Ashes

    gave my mother a heart attack thereafter by not cleaning up the mess I’m visualising the scene and I’m in splits :cute:
    difficult to make a man speak so many words at a time 😉
    Sending this to my fellow as a model and demanding a love letter soon 😉

  6. gayatri

    what an awesome piece of writing Anney 🙂 loved this line “Every morning, I smiled thinking that the Sun was lucky to have seen you before he came to see me.”

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