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Kites – Review

Kites Poster The much awaited and annoyingly very much delayed movie finally hits flies into the movie halls. My eagerness took a beating twice when I could not attend the Thursday preview and when I took the First show of the Friday; I was told the show is cancelled since there was some issue in releasing the movie in Bangalore. Luckily with police security beefed up, I got the tickets for the noon show. With expectations flying high,  did kites fly miles high too ? Well read on further.

J (Hrithik Roshan) is a dance teacher in Las Vegas who also does marriage of convenience with illegal immigrants who wants permanent citizenship and their by makes extra bucks. He aspires big and like many chasing dreams in Las Vegas awaits his lucky charm. The luck comes in the form of Gina (Kangana Ranaut) daughter of powerful, rich Casanova Bob (Kabir Bedi). She falls in love with J and J decides to pretend to love her and marry her all for the huge wealth she inherits. During the engagement ceremony of Gina’s brother Tony with Natasha (Barbara Mori), he falls in love with her. Natasha happens to be the same Linda, a Spanish speaking Mexican illegal immigrant whom he marries once for convenience for her citizenship. From here follows a story of finding true love and the haunting after-effects.

The movie begins with J falling off from a wagon train with bullet injuries and the workers rescuing him. From there the movie oscillates into flashbacks and J’s search for Linda. Kites does not have any extra-ordinary story, the Hindi/English speaking J and the Spanish speaking Linda reminds of Kamal Hasan and Rati Agnihotri of Ek Duje Ke Liye but what makes Kites still fly is the packaging. There is no unwanted glamorization, slapstick cheap comedy but the movie looks rich. The New Mexican locations are carefully selected and captivate us in the screen with some amazing cinematography by Ayananka Bose.

Much has been talked about the chemistry of Hrithik and Barbar Mori and it is there in the screen for you to see. Hrithik is unbelievably handsome with his Greek God like body and green eyes and Barbara looks lovely, sprightly. Together they compliment well each other.

There are some very enjoyable scene like when Hrithik asks Barbara on the night before her marriage day with Tony, if she really loves Tony and the answer she gives in return. Along with this the movie also has some pretty bollywoodish silly scenes like the Casanova and his son giving a gun to J and egging him to kill a man who cheated in their casino and the shootout in an inn between cops and cow-boy styled thieves. Even the climax shoot out in rain la Max Payne style was not befitting the movie.

GingerChai Verdict: The story is ordinary but the way the Roshans and Anurag basu has presented as a whole package is extraordinary and wonderful. When you watch the movie with the massive hype weighing in your mind, you might be slightly disappointed but Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori holds the movie soar high helped with a good production quality. I would recommend you to watch but shed the baggage of hype and expectations.

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  1. Lazy Pineapple

    hmmm..I will see it just for Hrithik :rotfl: :inlove:

    These days all Movies seem to be lame…I did not like Badmash company…which was liked by quite a few people.

  2. Johnny

    I felt it was too boring and dragging. The car chase and few stunts were good. Hrithik again seems to bank on his body and dance moves. Talking about dance moves.. i found the moves to be outdated choreographer unaware of it…

  3. S.R.Ayyangar

    Beautiful locations,good actors/director/producer/sleek production with stunning photography but, alas all these does not take the movie forward to make it extraordinary. If any body has seen seen Bunty aur babli, Quamat se Quamat tak & Dhoom 2 than this movie does not have anything beyond these movies.

  4. sharat

    Hugely disaapointed….saving grace is the chemistry of lead artists. Most annoying was the sudden interval and abdrupt ending…..what happened to Kangana, kabir Bedi etc…got the feeling that Roshan is looking towards Kites-2 !!! will still watch it as the chemistry of leading artists is amazing

  5. samvedna

    I just couldnt even sit thru the movie..why people go for heroines outside if they can get the one like Barbara mori only..we have much better girls here..wish Kangana wa the heroine.

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