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A lot Unsaid


Why do you have to come home so late? Whenever I ask you, you never

answer me straight“, she asked as he entered the house.

Can’t you at least welcome me with a smile or say something nice. You

question my hard work and think of it as some vice” he replied to what she commented,

feeling quite offended.

Oh so now I can’t even ask you about such little things in your life,

treat me with respect after all I am your wife!” tears rolled down her eyes, he looked at her and thought ‘there she goes! One word I say and she cries“.

Her temper flared, he glared.

She wailed, he acted like he never cared.

He said, “I don’t want any food today, had my fill, I’ll just complete

some work now as unlike you I don’t have any time to kill“.

He went to the room to change, his hand reached his pocket. Ah, the

anniversary gift he had got for her today – a picture of them together , enclosed in a golden locket.

She wiped her tears, sitting in the room alone. She had recorded a

song for him as an anniversary gift on her phone.

Two fools in love, foolish enough to not see the love they have for

each other all this while.

Had either of them behaved in a saner way, the end of this story

would’ve brought a smile.


– Written by Gayatri. She is a freelance graphic designer who also loves writing and sketching. Want to read more of her articles ? Click HERE.

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She is a freelance graphic designer who also loves writing and sketching who gave a completely new perspective to blogging with her caricatures and graphics as well as writings .

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  1. Mani padma

    Wow! Vikram Seth in the making? A nice read while i m out here baking. Uh huh! πŸ™‚ really nice. Hey charlie rajan, ur angels are going great guns.

  2. Aditi

    hey I loved your post!!! very cute !!! πŸ™‚
    I am not yet married but i have seen my ma-pa fight that way.. and then my pa wud hand me gift and wud ask me to give to ma..!!! how romantic na!!! I still tease my folks over that!!!
    Ur post made me to recollect all that!!! Thanks!!!

  3. "Purple Heart" Sam

    something that often happens, but very few people can actually put it to words…
    moral of the story is also very important: never leave things unsaid… my motto in life… often i have suffered for this, but i never fail to let the ppl know that they mean to me…

    very short and sweetly narrated… kudos! πŸ™‚

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