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Phoonk 2 – review


Planning to make a horror movie? Well, there seems to be some  standard ingredients that goes into  horror movies. Let me list them for you.

  • Cat/wolf/dog/crow.
  • Some characters with blank looks.
  • Slow camera movement.
  • Dramatic background music.
  • Quick shadow movements.
  • Slow door movements / or screeching sound of doors or windows.
  • Sudden voice change.
  • Sudden close-up shots.

Mix all this into your script and you are ready to shoot a horror movie. Well, atleast that is what debutant director Milind Gadagkar and his producer Ram Gopal Verma seems to have believed in  while making this movie.

Sudeep along with his wife and kids moves to their newly brought secluded beach facing old house and behind the house is a jungle. So the setting is set for a formulaic story. And then the formula that I mentioned in the start takes over. The ghost of Madhu (the witch-lady who was killed in Phoonk 1) returns as ghost to take revenge. She goes on a killing spree. Blood gushes like water. From servants, friend to relative the ghost killer runs riot. Sudeep’s wife is possessed with the Madhu’s spirit and hunting down her own family. Finally, all is well that dies well.

What more to say about this movie? From start to end it is a disaster. What is wrong Mr.RGV? Anticipated events, poor acting, lousy artificial dialogues – the movie has everything that merits negative marks.

GingerChai Verdict: A horribly made horror movie.

– Reviewd by Lakshmi Rajan. He is the Chief Blogger-Editor of GingerChai. To read other articles of Lakshmi Rajan, Click HERE.

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  2. Sanchit Goyal

    Though I havent seen the movie ( Dont have any plans either to watch RGV’s brand of horror movies) I completely agree with the 1st part of your post.

    Some people ( Read RGV and other directors ) think that if you can scare a person by sudden voice changeover or any other factors mentioned in 1st part of your post then its a great achievement!!

    Even a 10 year kid can scare you using these techniques. Whats the big deal in it? RGV’s brand of horror movies are non-sense and If I am not wrong promotes superstition and I saw in one of his interviews that he seem to be enjoying this fact!

  3. gayatri

    the scariest part of the movie must’ve been when they turned off the lights in the cinema hall 😀

  4. Lazy Pineapple

    hehhe…your review was so much fun…I did have a plan to watch this movie cause I am a horror movie fan. Now am dropping it…sounds pretty lame.

    RGV should see OMEN(Gregory peck) and learn from it….a fantastic thriller in my opinion.

  5. Nikhil

    I am fan of good horror movies, grudge is my favorite as i saw when i was alone in big house and with no lights on in night and on good home theatre 😛 try it out..

    atleast something changed now, earlier only ramsay used to direct Z graded horror movies and the ingredients were:
    1) one masked bhoot
    2) one bath scene in which blood will flow from tap
    3) one woman possessed by bhoot who is seducing all males around 😛
    4) one power from god which can kill that bhoot
    5) one tantrik
    6) one cursed family

    RGV tried to copy many hollywood flicks, he was successful in bhoot (copied that child from grudge) and all t=others we know, RGV ki khaaj 😀

  6. Vasu

    Think RGV should have retired after Shiva. I mean people love his gangster and horror flicks, but his movie style is so damn repetitive, and he thinks that’s cool!

    The only think I like about him is his potshots at K.Johar.


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